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A dangerous jumped-up little prick

Who? Why Milliband of course (although I agree, the competition for such a title was pretty tough)

This man is steering us to a serious situation and for what? So he can please the rich people he so desparately wants to associate with.
Updated at 13:52 GMT, Wednesday, 27 August 2008 14:52 UK 
UK urges tough response to Russia  
 Mr Miliband said Russia’s declaration inflamed an already tense situation
UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband has called on the EU and Nato to initiate “hard-headed engagement” with Russia in response to its actions in Georgia.

  • Additional: David Miliband also warned Russia not to start a new Cold War.Typical Orwellian speak. It wouldn’t be Russia starting a new cold car, it’s this Miliband excuse as a diplomat who’s itching for one. Evidently, he thinks he’s got something to prove as if he’s gotta show Tony the Terrible that he too can bring about war. What a miserable wanker.

Not only is Milliband a dangerous jumped-up little prick, he’s a dangerous jumpred-up little Zionist prick.

Nobody in the country needs this man mustering the clouds of war. He should be arrested under the prevention of terrorism act, stuck in a straight jacket and put somewhere where his dangerous antics wont mean possible death for millions more people.

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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