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Is Dylan Avery an idiot?

Update: Summary: Dylan Avery isn’t an idiot, but behaved a little bit idiotically (as we all do at times} when he knew he should have been on best behaviour! – update ends.

In the mad dash to leave the fantastic UK a few days ago, I didn’t manage to catch all the junk featured on the BBC’s pantaloon program about WTC7.

What I did see, was bits of the last 15 mins or so.

I saw Dylan Avery say ‘fuck’ about three times in rapid succession. While I have no doubt the editors knife helped foster that image, it didn’t stop the words “what an idiot” from going through my head.

Really, he should have known a lot better.

Dylan Avery

First off, he should really have minded his tongue as he was easily presented as a foul mouthed jerk. Secondly, he should have refused to grant an interview in what was always going to use whatever it could in furtherance of the official conspiracy. Why haven’t people like him and Alex Jones etc realised this yet? Surely they don’t believe the program was going to put forth pros and cons – of either conspiracy theory! Despite their flaws I would be very very hesitant to say “it’s becasue they are gatekeepers”.

Perhaps they think that in 60s of post-edited MSM broadcasting, they can rebuff or convince others they are being officially lied to. If they do so, I hope they re-evaluate that belief.

I also saw Jane Standley. The reporter who magically said WTC7 had collapsed about half an hour before it did. She said she was subject to a hate campaign.

That’s weird! The overwhelming majority of conspiraloon-type comments and articles I read about did nothing of the sort. And I did read a fair amount as to me, WTC7 is the biggest hole in the 9-11 official conspiracy. Rather buffs and critics of it suggested someone had given the BBC a script to read out accidently at the wrong time.

Jane Standley

She and Philip Hayton were in the main portrayed as innocent pawns. But of course, you know… when you’ve got a hit piece to compile and all that.

And then how could I not mention the heavy application of PROOF BY COMPUTER ANIMATION. The latest sacred cow.


By the way, watch out for ginger haired dolls. They are evil and will kill you given the chance.



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