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BBC prepping once more for a cashless future

Electronic money already makes up a significant amount of global ‘money’. Indeed, some sources say the amount eclipses actual (i.e. fiat money).

It looks like the collapse of money as we know it will happen soon within our lifetime. Of course there’s a fair amount of prepping to do on the population in the build up.

Loyal to the rotten UK establishment as ever the lamentable BBC obliges.

BBC prepping once more for a cashless future

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Although totally bogus, fait money – the notes in your pocket today – does still have one virtue. It allows anonymous transactions. Anonymity as applied to individuals is an essential element of a healthy society, and of course this extends to financial  anonymity (within honest norms of course) and when that finally goes, heaven help us from the monster of a government and society that will result.

Financial Scam continues…

Pretty soon I’m going to start numbering these ‘$cam’ posts. Here’s a forecast the BBC are giving…


ALL of the predictions AFTER mid 2009, go up! – they are less negative, meaning the output is still falling but not as quickly as before. Then, most projections (or broadest span of confidence levels) break the zero mark – the level of output starts to increase – output is more than the year before. But it’s a relative value, it’s a comparison with the year before. Given the previous plunge, a % increase on the year before isn’t partcularly anything to sing and dance about.

Lets consider the positive regions. If the return to a +’ve % output isn’t simply based on just pure speculation, then there must be some recognisable economic activity that is known will take place later, forming the data on which the prediction is made.

If so, then therein lies the solution to the crisis! Simply make that economic activity happen NOW. Problem solved, ‘crisis’ over.

Meanwhile the Dow, FTSE etc. continue to shoe their relationship.


Rep. Kanjorski: $550 Billion Disappeared in “Electronic Run On the Banks”

“electronic run” – wow!

Hardcore loons will probably recall what they learnt in retrospect about Donald Bumsfelt.  One day before 9-11, he announced the pentagon ‘missing trillions’.

Strangely enough the part of the peantagon which was investigating these ‘money holes’, was the part that was struck by ??something?? on 9-11.

Cynthia McKinney also drew focus to EXTRA amouts of ‘missing money’, 1 trillion+, because the pentagons computer systems didn’t talk to each other.

Bush and Paulson, now Obama and his Treasury Secretary refuse to tell us exactly where the bailout money is going. 

In the UK, something similar happens. The UK government spends peoples money of a bank who’s had all the prime assets packed off to an off shore firm.

To me, I see the scam has having only one purpose: The declare financial collapse in order to propose a ‘fresh start’ – electronic money as the only way to get out of the rut. It’s likely to go hand in hand with the biometric database.

And if I am wrong about e-money, I’m not wrong about this: The Financial system in use today, MUST experience a crash because of the very nature of Riba that it’s based on, of which usury and paper money are a part.

You need to start asking yourself what plans are you making? Perhaps you think that this crisis doesn’t really matter as at the moment you’re all right. And should e-money come, you’ll play along with it you you’ll be alright. If so, can you spot anything selfish about that?

Worthy articles:  2.3 Trillion Dollar Toilet Seats

Chomsky does Bretton Woods


Chomsky revealed something that I believe he himself falls foul of.  He indicated that journalists had been ‘systemized’ into automatic self-censorship believing they were somehow warriors of truth when in fact they were just stooges playing their bit-part in the wider scheme of things. No doubt Adam Curtis would have a lot to say on this one.

Chomsky shows the same failings in finance:

“Bretton Woods was the system of global financial management set up at the end of the second World War to ensure the interests of capital did not smother wider social concerns in post-war democracies. It was hated by the US neoliberals – the very people who created the banking crisis”  writes Noam Chomsky –

Oh, so Bretton Woods wasn’t to cement the establishment of the new boy US as the leading power in the world, succeeding its previous master: (not so)great Britain, and to prevent a counter-culture outside of government control using gold as a effective means of independent trade, largely free of manipulation. Sounds like terrorism to me!

The following is benign then and the source of my miscomprehension, when Bretton Woods declaration that:

1) Only US dollars were redeemable for gold and

2) Only governments could redeem their dollars for gold

Not only that, but in ’71, the UK knocked on their greatest allies door and Tricky Dicky’s answered it, telling the Brits where to go with their stupid American fiat dollars, thereby instigating a further round of detachment from the gold standard. Wow Noam. I’m so happy you’ve told us the now despised neoliberals hate Bretton Woods and that B/W policy was drawn up from the soothing waters of altruism, totally free of wealthy bankers and industrialists to ensure ‘big money’ didn’t jostle ‘democracy’.

Such advocacy almost makes me think a 21st century Bretton Woods is just what we need. That’s right. Close down the old traditional ‘powerhouse’ economies, get everyone on the fascists dream of biometric DNA database and give us this electronic money. Please – no doubt that will will hailed as bringing ‘stabilization’ and protecting democracy too.

“In a functioning democratic society, a political campaign would address such fundamental issues, looking into root causes and cures, and proposing the means by which people suffering the consequences can take effective control.” – ibid

Ummm. Yeah, but really the issues are simple. The greatest device we have for maintaining stable economics (and virtually prevents multinational megalithic monsters) and that is gold, but B/W took that mechanism away from us, and actually creates Mussolini identified fascism:

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”Mussolini (Round Italian dude)

B/W forced us away from gold, and on to use this pretend money, which can breed or be burnt (‘burnt’ also by excessive breeding) seemingly as rapidly as bacteria. Those are the issues Noam.

Perhaps I’m being unkind to Mr. Chomsky, as immediately after, he raises the issue of risk management. This is one of the key factors which has brought the system into collapse. Risk is minimised using derivative trading, often through hedge funds, but Noam falls flat again, saying it’s a result of the failure of B/W in ’71. No Noam.

Chomsky also links B/W to “the public will” and even “democracy”. Ho ho! It was so democratic only a handful of abstract economists, many already effectively puppets of the US agreed this policy at Bretton Woods, new Hampshire.

“Investors and lenders can “vote” by capital flight, attacks on currencies and other devices offered by financial liberalisation.”source 1.

Again Noam, all this is a symptom of the disease; Bretton Woods or not, so sorry mate, your self-censorship on what exactly macroeconomics is, what it used for and what it will be used for has been visibly displayed.



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