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Subprimes-done, Alt-A’s and Option ARMs to come

I must stop forgetting to go to Matthais Chang’s FutureFastForward website. MC was one of those who foresaw the impending economic collapse specifically w.r.t. Derivatives and Credit Default Swaps (CDS). I was astounded at the level of gambling he documented in his book the Shadow Money Lenders.

Well MC posts a 60 Minutes inclip about another financial Tsunami that could well be at the same signifance of the sub-prime collapse. (P.S. I still don’t believe it was the sub-prime collapse that was the start of all this. The collapse of the US dollar is to usher in Israyhell as the new global financial centre of the world via electronic money of which SDR’s are just the start). Links to video’s at foot of post.

 wave 1: (done already)
subprime about 1 trillion

wave 2: (defaults predicted to commence)
Alt-A’s about 1 trillion
Option ARMs about 500-600 billion

The Second Leg Down - Where It Will Come From and When 10th Sept 09

A second wave of mortgage defaults is about to... 10th Sept 09

And in case you missed it…
The Crisis of Credit Visualized [subprime]

Chris Martenson – The Crash Course – The End of Money – (PBS) 38m05s – Feb 14, 2009

Attended a talk today by Dr Choo Peng Yi about Peak oil. Hope to put a post about it soon. From the talk, I got to hear of Chris Martenson. His site has a series of chapters trying to educate people about the state of the planet, and he does it in reasonably holistic terms (but no religious element – but I guess some people may have previously been turned off from this kind of ‘you must start preparing for bad times‘ kind of messages, if it is discussed in religious terms – which is a pity because it might lead to more people suffering as a result – so perhaps the absence of a religious element here may serve some function – P.S. I don’t have a clue about Chris’s views on religion – but I can definately say he cares grately about his fellow man) .  In addition to the edu-films on his site, on Googling him, I came across the video below which I think may be useful: (38 mins)

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL that Chris says, however I think I’d probably agree with the great majority of what he says, but he talks a great deal of sense. His appeal for community empowerment and unity at the end is IMO, the only way we can minimise what will be a very dangerous period of time in the next few coming years as the end of the age of cheap oil begins to kick in which I think has been compoiunded with the fundamental change in monetary system that the economic collapse has caused.

If socitey does become hostile, from a purely selfish point of view, your chanches of miniminising the danger to yourself comes from a strong community which helps each other. If you horde food and take pot shots at your neighbours you’re going to sign your own death warrant.

If you think I sound crazy, look at it like this. As Chris says in Chapter 20 of his ‘Crash Course’ series on his website, if the societal crash doesn’t happen, whats the worst that happened as a result for you taking som steps

Really, you should have started to think about these issues last year! But there is still time to make the necessary plans. 

Here’s another reasonable video:

The Crisis of Credit Visualized – Part 1 – 7m32s


Credit Crisis Visualized Part 2 – 3m44s

Did global warming cause the economic meltdown?


Because you can bet your bottom dollar (actually, someone already bet your bottom dollar, this is kind of the point) it sure as hell wasn’t the “credit crunch”.

From day one the credit crunch stank. The odour merely intensifies with every unfurling part of the scam.

Bank-roller of the war against the Iraqi people, Garden Broom, said the other day, that borrowing was the right thing to do. Borrow, In a credit crunch Mr Brrroon?

Where is this ‘borrowed money’ coming from? Why is the govt buying commercial companies when it has to borrow so heavily? Where is this money coming from? Why are you doing all you can to bring back to lfe a zombie of a financial system that quite literally eats the brains of increasing large portions of the earths population.

Down with your sham Garrrdun Brroon. Down with you, down with this runt of an eCONomic system.




Update (only a few hours later):

Update at the end of gamb play:




The China syndrome

The urban legend is that if a nuclear reactor got so out of control, the heat would be so great the core would melt its way through the earth all the way to China. It’s a good analogy to the financial meltdown.

The dead cat bounce aint bouncin no more.

Even as the fraudulent purchasing of bank shares was being announced, the stockmarkets were falling…



There are two last tricks up their sleeves.

  1. Confiscation of gold
  2. e-money

And the scummy govt is harpin on about databasing us all, it’s got easier access to out financial records now what with its “bailouts” it has access to the banks. Now what ‘product’ could the government push throught commercial banks. Hummmm…

Moves to extend the period police could hold suspects without charge were defeated in Britain’s House of Lords Monday night. But Tuesday morning the government announced it would rush through emergency legislation to reverse that decision  – source

Why? Whats the big rush?

Oh. By the way, there’s another grave terrr plot brewing…

UK faces major terror plot, warns minister – just hours after Government ditches 42-day detention plansource (do try and stay awake will you)

But the government has been trying to force 42 days through for ages. Their terror planners must have been working on this plot for a long long time alread.

 And the “tellyban” are winning (i.e. Afghani civillians tired of having white scum slaughter their people)

Weah, we need a database with fingerprints, eyescans, gait analysis and DNA to save us. That data will allow e-money too.

The future’s bright. The future’s orange.

Word has it, this is very close to a military bombadment of Iran.

Lets pray that word is wrong.


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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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