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F1 plans of mice and men

The F1 rules were of course meant to make the race more exciting so that people would want to watch the sport, oh, and spend more money on it < an incidental matter you’ll understand.

It failed. Miserably! The race was pants. Afterwards, I was left aching for some excitement.

It made a mockery of the usual lies ‘promotion’ the TV stations dole out to. They won’t do it again – NOT!

The plan – or so it seems to me – was that the tyres would wear give to such a degree that those who excelled in the early stages entered the latter stage nursing bruised tyres. Could the driver eke out a big enough gap (i.e. push and race) in the early stages to cope with challenges (pushing and racing) in the latter stages?

What did we get? Drivers going slowly nursing their tyres throughout to avoid the twilight redundancy. The race was pants. There is little reason to think much will improve. Martin Brundle, my personal favourite commentator (James Allen worked well with Brundle, it’s a pity the BBC didn’t capture him) says ‘Keep the faith‘ although James says “Patience is suddenly a real [race] virtue” However patience is the opposite of F1 racing excitement. The pace of the cars was positively pedestrian.

How then to make the race better i.e. encourage racing and excitement?

1) Allow one engine per race. Yeah it MIGHT be financially costly but only if that option is exercised. A no-hoper team Toro Rosso designing an engine to last 2 or three races when the other richer teams use one per race won’t change the status of the no-hoper. The two engine requirement wasn’t too bad from the last few years racing. An engine for three races is just silly.

2) Have two routes in one section of the track. Eg route one = straight based, route two = curved section. Cars can choose the route that best suits their set up. Of course the distance of these has to enable similar times through them for a car of the same set up. If there’s a lot of traffic through route 1, then a car could try and go through route two to get ahead of the traffic.

3) Give the teams more sets of tyre. Encouraging cars to race full out. Overtaking on the track is better than because of pit stops, but it allows for strategy to have a more significant role.

4) Allow refuelling next season.

5) Allow a choice of fuels – teams pick one fuel after practice.

6) Have sections of track made from different surface (could work in conjunction with the different routes idea – Have 2 surfaces: 1 for the main track and a different surface on each of the routes)

7) Bring back tyre selection, but like the fuel selection idea, allow the teams to choose one manufacturer after practice.

BTW: I wonder why F1, NFL, Olympics, etc… have a green card against the anthropogenic global warming crowd?


Impeccable high-level sources


“From information provided to me by an impeccable high-level source close to the UK police and security services, I understand that over the last two weeks or so, a covert investigation of my private life and background has been undertaken by a group specialising in such things, for reasons and clients as yet unknown. I have had similar but less well-sourced information from France. “

Those are the words of F1’s Max Mosley. Max denies the Nazi connotations and while one can conjure conspiracy upon the political elements behind what’s happening to him, I’d like to draw attention to the fact that there are reports involving different people and different cases in which which members of the police force, the security [sic] and armed services and other civil servants are using that their state appointed postions and inforrnation aquired therein, to conduit information to people of their choice.

But HOW do civil servants know of such things?
What are the connectons involved?
WHY would senior servants know of these things?
What other information do they pass on that comes to them in a professional capacity?


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