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Face transplants – touched-up

This week, the BBC published an article about people getting face transplants… 

BBC article here.


In the article, the BBC said “In the UK we could hear any day that a patient has been chosen to become the world’s first recipient of a full face transplant.

But as the “prince” Harry lobbox showed: the BBC cannot be trusted (well actually the BBC showed LONG ago that it couldn’t be trusted, but most find it hard to come out of denial, but only now that the MSM has said it, suddenly everyone else is saying it. Welcome to the club firends – I just wanna ask you why did it take you so long?)  and today, lwtc247 can reveal his growing suspicions that indeed the BBC may well, once again, be telling us a pile of lobbox…


 Top: Richard Perle and Nasreen Suleaman

Update of the update…

A growing body of evidence suggests that in fact not only has the full face transplant already happened but that in fact Perle’s possible transplant above is in fact the SECOND FULL TRANSPLANT.    :O

All will be revealed later…

Face transplants

Before and after pic.
(although the exact order of which is questionable)

BBC article here.

Hummm…. A good idea? What do you think?

Good advice to all budding plakkie surgeons.:
Get your patient to be to pull a stupid face (mouth open is a classic)
and then take a pic. Convince them from the pic how daft they look,
and just wait for the wonga to flow in.

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