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Juba and friends latest movie. Baghdad Sniper 3

Update, April 29, 2012: “The Iraqi Resistance is still fine”
An interview with Dr. Mohammad Bashir Al-Faidhi, the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq – April 2012 [ 87659 ] –
Questions by Snorre Lindquist

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Very slick and very media savvy, the legitimate Iraqi Resistance releases its latest ‘Juba the sniper’ style video.

Baghdad sniper 3

More USans and Brits need to see this to make them angry at how their governemnt sent the troops over there on a lie and are being picked off so easily. You control the telly, you control people (or more correctly,  enough to matter)

The USUK play a MASSIVE role in censoring footage like this for that very reason. They are also lie about the numbers of casualties as the IR spokesman says. I like to refer to this report as an example of how the US lies about its losses…

Title:  Where have all the young men gone?

About US troops being buried in mass graves to avoid being recorded as a death. What a great way to treat the people you lies to and fight (for that lie) on your behalf, and of course, Reuters cameraman,  Mazen Dana, who discovered a mass grave dug by U.S. troops to conceal the bodies of their fellow comrades killed in Iraqi resistance attacks, and other graves shortly before the US shot and killed him.

The hight casualty rate in Iraq continues. Don’t believe the lies. And of course the casulaty rates of Iraqi’s who hever did a days harm to any USan eclipses all and any casualties of the invading hoards.

Hang Bush, Hang bLiar, Hang Azanr, Hang Little Jonnie Coward for theit filthy crimes.

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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