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Economic Fraud 2

“The exchange rate is one of the main drivers of economic policy, more so even than productivity,” – Brazilian Finance minister Guido Mantega. Source:

“The monetary policy of the United States has a major impact on global liquidity and capital flows and therefore, the liquidity of the U.S. dollar should be kept at a reasonable and stable level.” Chinese President Hu Jintao. Source:

Further confirmation of the games that fiat allows one to play. Use of gold goes a long way to rob the fraudsters of this. If gold allowed such fraud, then they were damn stupid to abandon it.

P.S. dont read the WSJ link. It’s a complete waste of time. I’ll summarise it for you in a few lines “China is so good, China is brill, China is successfull. China is doing good things because they are good. There will be no problems ‘cos China’s just swell. China is great, China rocks. There is no poor. Millions are not slaves. There is no problems. China is fab fab fab. We are fab and so are you.

There. I hope I saved you some time.

How? With what?

“We guarantee your savings”

That is the claim by the Irish government, now the German govt and the British govt before when it propped up Northern Crock.

But how can it guarantee it? The Irish government is now in recession. Its treasury is leaking money. It cannot guarantee it. The Irish government is lying. The German government is lying so is the British government (no surprise there!)

There cannot be any guarntee. It’s a psychological scam!

You might argue the respective governments/ treasuries could print what it needs to cover the guarantee. If it prints more money to give you it will depreciate the value of the currency. So your might get your €40,000 in notes, but in real terms it ain’t worth no €40,000. Not only that, everything else you own will be worth less. You will in effect be funding your own guarantee!

Am I wrong?

Let’s call their bluff.

Pull ALL your hard earned money out of these fraudulent institutions, institutions that have helped kill millions upon millions of people across the world. Institutions that if bailed out, will have gotten away with gambling other people money with impunity, only to be able to draw upon YOUR money if their gambling fails.

Take out your money. If they aren’t lying, there’s no problem – yes?.

If they are lying then you’re money is in serious jeopardy anyway so act to protect it!

On the lobbox of the credit crunch

The latest lobbox from the BBC:

“banks less willing to lend because of the higher cost and reduced availability of credit.”

Tosh! Credit is limitless. It’s not physical where is the finite reserve of it. Credit is pulled out of the hat whenever people take out loans. The Interest made on it depends on credit. That’s the ultra exploitative usury system they created.

“Both secured and unsecured household lending have fallen “due to lenders reducing their risk appetite”, the Bank said.”

So it’s wrong to say debt has never been higher? Ans when was the last time you considered your ‘risk appetite’. What lobbox by the anonymous BBC journo.

“…’expected changes in the cost and availability of funds, would point to lower credit supply’.  The Bank last cut rates at the start of December, reducing them to 5.5% from 5.75%.”

So by cutting rates people arn’t going to take out more loans wich incidently isn’t available. I am reminded of the time when after yet another talentless performance, a certain Johnny Rotten asked the crowd”Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

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