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Oh God! the Nuclear idiots…

 Russia is going ahead with building of  floating nuclear power plant. Gaaaah! Terrible news for the planet and future, as yet unborn, generations of people.

Russia builds floating nuclear power plant c/o Indo-Asian News Service
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Nuclear power is a looming disaster. Even if the reactors do not go out of control an all too significant amount of the nuclear waste output can never be destroyed. High level nuclear waste destroys it’s containment vessel! The cost of nuclear fuel waste management is immeasurable. The cost of electricity generation too is very high.

The answer to dwindling-easily-extractable-oil isn’t to build more nuclear power generation units, it to start to fashion life to a more sustainable level. Thing is, that would cause a massive headache for globalists. Multinationals would find it very difficult to make their gross(sickening) fat profits.

This Floating Nuclear Power Plant (FNPP) has gained the attention of a number of countries, so I fear many of them will be built.

I hope I die before the nuclear pollution becomes too bad. To be affected by nuclear waste will be an utterly miserable life.

To the future generations, I beg your forgiveness.

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