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The atheists and anti-theists poor performance.

I’ve been feverish of late trying to expand my familiarization (and re-visitation) of the church of atheism. I am shocked at what I’m turning up. The theists, mostly Christians, are (generally) positing a scientific line in defence of their world view (and very powerfully I must say) and the hijackers of ‘science’, those who are seeking to covet science, i.e. the atheists,  simply side-step the issues, instead trying to ‘sell’ their world-view by simply bashing the sins of a minority of people of people professing religiosity but who do great crimes. Any attempt to talk about the science issues are pathetically in the atheistic camp.

From the last time I looked at this, it seemed mostly the opposite way around. Now the atheists are loitering in the realm of sociology and social science and are getting trampled upon.

Yes, as a theist I look at things from a theistic viewpoint, but as I’ve said elsewhere, I think this is balanced by the atheists viewing things from their standpoint. But I have tried to be sincere to looking at the atheistic arguments sympathetically.

Here’s some things that the atheists get stumped on.

1) Atheists are at a total loss to explain how the first life form came about. Instead they beguile their audience with micro-evolution of pre-existing life forms and fool you into accepting micro evolution as actually macro-evolution – not that they will point out the difference.

2) The question of how the Universe began.

3) The fine tuning of the Universe, the anthropic principle.

4) The Dawkinite “high probability” of aliens seeding life is TOTALLY lacking evidence.

5) The Multiverse theory does not and CANNOT have any evidence for it.

6) The attempt to set up science as the new religion air-brushes the large number of theistic and deists who engage fully in science.

7) Science – th study of the physical simply CANNOT explain that which is proposed to he beyond physicaliy.

The moral and conscious/mind/information/language/geological/palaeontologically/historical and economic arguments against the atheists are also pushing the atheists into a corner.

I’m seeing that it’s game set and match! It seems its never been a better time to argue for the existence of God.

Alhamdulillah, and these are Christians who are doing it, the Muslims are proportionately deadly silent on the matter.

Anyway, this post is triggered by me uncovering what I think is a lie by Christopher Hitchens in his ‘never’ having had a Christian debate his standpoint from a scriptural stance.

So watch these two videos:

1) Does God Exist? (Frank Turek vs Christopher Hitchens)
September 9, 2008

2) The God Debate: Hitchens vs. D’Souza
April 7, 2010

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