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Holy Moly: Six million American children now take psychiatric behavior modifying medications.

6,000,000 !!!!!

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I came across this shocking story after browsing the PBS site and their occasionally challenging program “Frontline” (only video preview available at the moment)

The Medicated Child

coming Jan. 08, 2008 at 9pm (check local listings)

(60 minutes) With 6 million American children now on behavior modifying medications — some starting as young as two years old — FRONTLINE continues its investigation into the controversial practice of medicating kids. Are the drugs safe? How young can you detect mental illness in a child? Is medication really the answer? As the debate grows more fierce, FRONTLINE confronts psychiatrists, researchers, and big pharma about the risks and benefits of prescription drugs for troubled children.


This is a similiar one to the supposed arsenic contaminated farmlands in india featured on my previous post  a highly paid unawares-stooge? in the same way that the problem shouldn’t be resolved by scientists trying to make some arsenic ‘resistant’ rice but should stop the cause of arsenic poisoning, here, it shouldn’t be 6 million kids taking medicine but the reasons WHY so many kids may need to take such medicine in the first place.

I am DEEPLY suspicious about the drugs companies having conducted a personally satisfying amount of research on them, and actually pharmaceuticals is very closely related to my field of expertise.

My suspicions are that it is very likely the chemicals given to the unborn child, vaccinations, medications etc, the baby, the toddler, and the young kid which are by far the most likely cause which may casue physical damage to the body and hence affect these kids behavior. Coupled to this, along with a diet which contains high amounts of processed food is just going to make matters worse.

Big Pharma wins: It near enough forceably immunize$  young kids

Big Pharma wins: It sells them mecications to treat any damage its immunizations might have caused.


All Hail Big Pharma!

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