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Gold at 42 cents an ounce

I’m a gold bug. I’ve bought it as a means of trying to give my measly savings some security against the obviously totally bogus totally manipulated paper money crap.

Gold had been rising steadily in (manipulated)price in the medium terms for about 10 years. So many ‘alternative’ websites were going on about gold going to $2,000, $3,000, $4,000, enve $5,000, etc an ounce.

Well where are those voices now? Gold reached it’s peak at about #1,900 and ounce now it’s about $1,570. It’s lost about 18% of it’s value. Where are those voices? Those crystal ballers who magically “knew” what price gold would go to.

Where are those voices? Why are they not crying at the fact that gold has lost 18% from it’s high. If it were a sham bank, the ‘alternative’ webosphere would be mocking the said fraudulent institution with glee, preparing the champagne for when the collapse went past the point of criticality.

Come on you Mistic Meg’ers (mistake meg!) when gold went up to $17,00… $1,800 you were going “I told you so”, well you didn’t see this 18% loss did ya?

I’ve been getting a tad tired of the ‘alternative’ webosphere on occasions, and often wonder if it’s not part of a game of ‘bipolarisation’. And the ‘crystal balling’ about gold prices is especially tiresome.

Well I’m tired now, so I’ll call it a day.

P.s. I’m not the slightest bit worried about the gold price, cos I’m only interested in the LONG TERM and savings. If you speculate on gold, well, you just as bas as those crap heads wheeling and dealing in derivatives. Gold at 42 cents an ounce does NOT worry me at all. I have total confidence that gold offers THE greatest safety net for savings protection. If gold really did go to 42 cents  an ounce, I’m fairly certain the fictional money we use today would experiencing far grater problems, e.g. there may only be 5,000,000p in circulation!

P.p.s. I know the value of gold hasn’t really increased or decreased, rahter the fictional value of the dollar has been manipulated relative to  gold. The upward trend of $ against ounce of gold was fully legitimate due to money being debt and the cranking up of the money presses in ‘quantitative easing’ exercises. That “gold has lost value” seems to me to be re-calibrrating or just simple  manipulative suppression. The long term future of gold is absolutly assured. So do yourself a favour don’t give a crap about the “price of gold”. Either going up or down. When you want to protect you earnings, buy gold. Do also with the sincere intention of spending it.

“Gowin down…”


Bernanke’s State of the Economy Speech: 

“You are all Dead Ducks”  

By Mike Whitney, 16/02/08 “ICH

Even veteran Fed-watchers were caught off-guard by Chairman Bernanke’s performance before the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday. Bernanke was expected to make routine comments on the state of the economy but, instead, delivered a 45 minute sermon detailing the afflictions of the foundering financial system. The Senate chamber was stone-silent throughout. The gravity of the situation is finally beginning to sink in. Continue…

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Chimpy and Chumpie.

 ‘Go-win Down’ Sung lyrics that have engrained themselves within me having suffered a cursed loopback by a obsessive Aerosmith fan. Actually I kinda got brainwashed into liking it after a bit, but don’t for heavens sake tell that to the Aerosmith wannabe groupie.

  Anyway, up to 2 trillion, thats 2,000,000,000,000 (two thousand billion, or 2 million million) has now been “lost” ( space don’t stand a mark against the vastness of the Zio-cons pockets) and there is what is called ‘a credit cruch’ which for those new to my wittering and twittering blog is said by those officials who know about this kind of stuff means an end to easy credit. 

Edit:: …forgot a main point… Burrmonkey, sorry, Bernanke today signalled that additional US interest rate cuts were likely. Howeverm lowering the cost of credit when were told there isn’t any easily available credit, just woesn’t square it with me somehow.

But now Burrmonkey, sorry, Bernanke, (which again for those who don’t follow such things heads a scam “bank” which owns a rather fast printing press, instigates scam policies, buy selling scam paper to the US government, which pays interest back to the same scam bank) is now giving official acknowledgement that the ong awaited death of the US economy is coming.


Just a pity decent USans are being caught up in this too.

 Strange how the price of Gold has changed since mid 2001 (when some fruit cakes said Tush, sorry BuSh and his Ziobuddies decided to invade Afghanistan – N.B. months before before 9-11) has gone from about $270 to about $900 an ounce (333% increase – tq Paul !) while the scam propping up the dollar has succeeded in only losing 21% of its value in the same time frame, from $1.66 in 1998 to almost $2 in 2008.  

I wonder who bought all that gold the British sold in 1999, that mass murderer Tony bLiar and accomplice to murder, Gordon Brown decided to sell when gold was ridiculously cheap, a snippet at only $270 an ounce? What of the gold at the WTC that went missing? Why has Fort Knox never been audited?

Anyway… I digress, such is the difficulty in controling the power of the conspiraloonacy force that dwells within me, the US Economy is going tits-up as they say (what does tits-up mean anyway??? – I dare not Google it !). 

All eyes now point towards occupied Palestine, führer, sorry, further towards the fulfilment of the self-willed neo-Nazi Zionist capital – Occupied Jerusalem, as the centre which wields control over Ziocorp global. But I’m just a fruit cake. What do I know?

Viva Palestina – break the siege:

Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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