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Fascist Hazel Blears lets slip her mask once again.

NeoFascist Hazel Blears – a political insult BTW, not a personal one, like so many of her NeoFascist colleagues, unmasks her stupid infantile perceptions, predjuice and sheer biggotry by telling people they should be more willing to challenge ideas that conflict with core British values.


To which I ask Ms. Blears:


What is a core British value?


And if she did manage to identify one, I wonder how she would answer the question that naturally follows from that:


By whose authority is that identification of a “core British value” valid?


Is it the Monarch? Sorry Elizardbeth, I don’t grant you any authority over my life, so Ms. Blears try again. Is it Parliament? Well I have to say I feel no compulsion to recognise the rather toxic pronouncements that come from that place either. There is no way I’m going to lend my support to a body that has for centuries massacred, raped, pillaged and plundered its way across the planet. What’s more is I really don’t think parliament has codified what “core British values” are – Wonder why on earth that is???   So sorry Haze babes, try again.


Perhaps the Magna Carta is the closest thing to try to forge a statement of British values, but then the overpaid murdering scumbag MP’s do a rather splendid job of actually persuing an agenga which is just about as far removed from the principles that the magna carta contains as you can get.


The problem with bigoted swine like Blears (that’s still a political insult) is that when they talk about Britishness, what tardy little ideas they have in their shrivelled brains, is a homogeneous white perception of Britishness which is what PEOPLE LIKE BLEARS WANT this phoney Britishness to be .


That’s right folks, these scumbags are trying to project THEIR IDEALS OF BRITISHNESS upon the likes of you and me – without having the hastle of defining them. It’s really White racism. Lets see if I’m wrong. Let Hazel explain her Britishness and let us do a frequency analysis of whether those concepts impinge upon whites or non-whites. Before you do your analysis, write down on a piece of paper the predicted %.


I know what numbers are written on my paper.


Now it may well be that you support war criminal Ms. Blears. I guess to a large degree that’s your undeniable right. but I don’t and I dare say there are millions of other Brits who don’t support such racism either.


And of course if you read the BBC article (liked to above) it’s not long before you see exactly what Ms. Blears is going about – Its about drum roll….. MUSLIMS.


And actually, it appears as if its the BBC which is taking an anti-Islamic verbal deluge from Ms. Blears and trying to make it look more presentable, by dressing it up into a ‘Britishness issue’. Who’d have thought the BBC would do such a thing?


Blears rabbits on about arranged marriage as if it’s a threat to her perceptions of Britishness. *cough* *cough*. Heard the expression given enough rope… ? Well Hazel, you racist and Islamophobe, arranged marriage in “royal” households is pretty well established, as are in other “upper” tiers of the British “hierarchy”. Not only that, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard tales from the ordinary folk who recounted from times past, that arranged marriages were also not alien to the lives of British people.


So Ms. Blears, because I don’t share your values, am I less British than you? See Ms. Blears? Your behaving like an infantile fool, a stooge determined to further the War OF Terror, pushing as best you can the UK towards an even more Ziocentric alignment. This outburst is just the latest push.


Piece of trash Blears (still being politically insulting!) then says “people were afraid to put up Christmas decorations because they believed they would offend different faiths” – WHAT??? Who is afraid to put up Christmas lights? I’d rather think the people you are seeking to marginalise – largely the Muslims, would support the right of anyone to celebrate Christmas – if they so wished. Tell me Ms. Blearz, what the hell have you been drinking? Come on, reveal the cases where people were afraid to put up Christmas lights? Surely you are not just making up this BS are you Ms. Blearzz?


Of course, it’s cannot be that people for reasons other than fear of Muslims etc. This story must be a figment of my imagination dear Hazel…


Wirral council refuses to pay for Christmas lights. Oh wait a minute, Wirral council. Hummm…. A  NeoLabour/Lib dem coalition headed by NeoLabour party member Steve Foulkes…


and buddy Wirral Council Chief Executive Steve Maddox



who together, head the NeoLabour/Lib dem coalition, a fine set of officials to following what the people want. And giving the people what they want is of course, in keeping with core British tradition.




P.S. Steve Maddox the Chief Executive of Wirral council, holds that title but wasn’t, as far as I can tell, elected by the people of Wirral. Is this kind of anti-democratic posting yet another ‘core British Value’ Ms. Blears you politically stupid sausage.


This story is a figment of my imagine too I guess… Luton “bans people from celebrating Christmas” care of Mr. David George Franks Liberal Democrat of Luton Borough Council…




And it’s safe to say that Journalists who ‘report’ people Mr. Franks did such bizzare acts, supposedly out of fear of offending people, arn’t simply making things up either. Perish the thought. Journalists never do such things! These journalists and even Mr. Franks, could, like Blears, easily prove this as doubtlessly they have a dossier on people who would be offended by the practice of Christmas, and people like the ones getting amention in this post arn’t simply manufacturing a crisis(?) resulting in a certain section of the British society getting the blame for all this i.e….  errrmmmm….. let me see…certainly not advocate of infantacide Melanie Phillips – that’s for sure! 


 Wait a minute, Blears, Foulkes, Maddox, Franks….am I spotting a pattern here of people that “undermining” core British values… Heaven help me, I can’t quite place my finger on it.


Ms. Blears:


I accuse you of being of the ilk that destroy British society. Your parliamentary record speaks volumes…


How Hazel Blears voted on key issues since 2001: 

Has never voted on a transparent Parliament.

Voted moderately for introducing a smoking ban.

Voted strongly for introducing ID cards.

Voted very strongly for introducing foundation hospitals.

Voted strongly for introducing student top-up fees.

Voted very strongly for Labour’s anti-terrorism [sic] laws.

Voted very strongly for the Iraq war.

Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.

Voted very strongly for replacing Trident.


And of course, it is people like you Ms Blears, who attack the desires and principles some ashamedly British people like myself value; such as peace, privacy, anti-corporatism, anti-usury, fairness, kindness, AFTER you wage your bloodlust in countries like Iraq. You want your death spell to go unanswered don’t you Ms. Blears.


Don’t you hear the death screams of the people you voted to murder Ms. Blears?


So do me a favour HAze…


Don’t you dare lecture me, or anyone else come to that, on ‘core British values’ and try to put the blame on Muslims (a growing number of whom are white – does that scare you Ms. Blears, I rather suspect it does) or any other minority group you think has political mileage in attacking.


You are a racist Islamophobic killer Ms. Blears.


Is that Satan throwing another log on the fire? I don’t think he’s doing it for toasted marshmallows.


Further reading: Don’t look now, Hazel Blears, neoLabour MP’s pre-parliamentary career exposed




Don’t look now, Hazel Blears, neoLabour MP’s pre-parliamentary career exposed

Don’t look now, Hazel Blears, neoLabour MP’s pre-parliamentary career revaled… She was a one hit wonder movie star…

Background to this post: Despite scores of better things to do, I was counting the typos’ on my post about Question Time which I posted a couple of days ago, and something suddenly popped into my head. No, SO19 hadn’t decided to pay me a visit, instead, an artistic idea came to mind when I saw my previous art featuring ‘Hazel Beers’.

I scurried elsewhere on the web and created my art. I got second doubts, “that’s just plain mean lw. You can’t attack people just becasue of the way they look.” I said to myself. I deleted my artwork in shame. Soon afterwards, another thing came to mind “Maybe she deserves it?” so I skipped along to and read Ms. Blears’s parliamentary summary. Boy oh boy did she deserve it!

On Question Time Manchester, 25th Sept 2008

Vince Cable MP is one of those rare things in politics, a lawmaker who has a strong grasp of economics. Quite unlike the majority of the other pathetic intellectually inept careerist pole licking goosestepping fascists, alternatively known as MPs.

The old, tired, uninspiring, failure prone, cowarldly, blind, pro-Zionist and corrupt practices by government (and to some extent opposition) is an indelible stain on the whole secular plutocratic political system.

You may possibly at this point be thinking I’m not a huge fan, but there are people within that system I respect. Cable is one as is George Galloway. However becasue they operate within that flawed system, it’s only a matter of time before they say something that makes me wince. I’ve written about one or two such moments involving a particular Mr. George Galloway before, but this time it’s I’ve had a Vince wince.

Vince was on the BBC’s Question Time, 25th Sept 2008 from Manchester and was given the first shot at the most obvious opening question… Re: the Bush administration deciding to use $700,000,000,000 (700 billion) taxpayers money to bail out a number of usurous companies in the US.

Vince said:

We shouldn’t go down the same road… We have a facility already if the banks are short of cash they can go to the Bank of England. We’ve learned from the painful experience of Northern Rock that if a bank . goes down it has to be dealt with decisively either its\a a private sector  solution and it is bought over immediately or it has to be taken into public ownership promptly. that’s the lesson we’ve learned from that.

Oh Vince! Come on mate!!! that’s very disappointing! I’d have thought you’d have the insight and balls to have mentioned the third option… “Let it go to the Wall !” like hundreds of thousands of failed business since trade was regulated. How could that not have gone trough Vince’s mind. I’d imagine it did, but he decided to self-censor himself.

Eerily, Derek Simpson, General Secretary of the Trades Union Unite. {This post won’t focus on the failings of Union leadership} said something but in a sublte way…:

I find this quite fascinating that were going to blame the people, were going to blame the government, were going to listen to explations about what other people would do, when We know full well for example, that the conservatives wanted to dergulatte the finance market even further.

The people thats done this, IMO are people who have manipulated the finance market, become extrmely fabously rich, and walked away making millions,IMO,  while millions of us to pick up the pieces. Thats what’s happened.

What i find fascinating is the bastion of the free market, America, now own half the morgaages in the America and have natinalised the biggest insurance company in the world and there applying socoalism! Which is an amaxing nationalsisation socialism.

but donet be fooled by it becasu what they’s done is they’ve socilaised the risk, not they’s still capaitalised the profiuts. becasu its the people that are paying the debt, not the people hat have caused it in the first place. Of course the governemss going to get the flack becasue what the govt at the moment. that’s the way things are. but they can do things. I understand BArak Obama in Ameica is suggested that  rather than let the housieng market the mort market collapse.  we should peng the interst rate at the bottom at 3% down at the bottom so people can continue to pay and stay in the homes.

…Vince Cable mentioned social housing…

I think sooner or later The politicans and currently it will be the labout government has to come around with a package that protects people from the… [sentence not finished]. Regulation, Everyone talks about regulation. We’ve even got church minister talking about it regulation…

Why should we let the the irresponsible behavious of a few cause/threaten the financial stability of many.

Did you spot it? Look at the Obama bit. Dez also operates within the current financial straight jacket whereby they are still having to pay for their home loan. My proposal is the kind of radical position Dezzy should be pushing. Those homeowners who were conned or ill-advised to take out loans beyond their means, should be GIVEN their house should the company/bank they are contracted to collapse. Why force them to pay? yoy may think I’m being unkind to Dez, because he said he wanted to keep people in their homes, but adding a sprig of garnish to a rotten banana doesn’t improve the underlying taste.

As for the Church being involved in this or ANY OTHER religious institution dipping its sizeable toe into those waters, shame on all of you. You are the very ‘money changers’, the propagators of riba that gave rise to the only ever time Jesus was reported to have shown anger.

And Hazel Beers saying [house]repossession would be the last measure made me shudder, not just becasue she was talking, but because it should ALWAYS have been the priority, but it never was.

Hazel Beers. Minister for something.

Its only now that panic is setting in amongst those who are set to lose money should too many people get turfed out of their house and free of having to repay loans (on the hightest house prices ever) left with now devaluing houses and nobody willing to buy them.


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