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Headaches and Guantanamo


Yesterday I had a terrible headache. I still have the remnants of it today but it’s not painful.

I had precious little sleep the night before and not enough thin-drinks (water or juice as opposed to coffee with sweetened condensed milk or ‘ovaline’ type drinks etc…) during the day. Tired eyes and squinting due to yesterdays intense sunlight along with work being a bit more stressful than usual all added up to a big mental whack!

I had to seek darkness and a total lack of mental stimulation as even consciously thinking hurt. I took 3 tablets , drank a it of water and had about 13 hours sleep.

These days, if I feel the warning signs of a headache coming on I don’t bother to wait for it to develop. I just pop a pill. Unfortunately yesterday, I didn’t make enough effort to go out of my way and get a headache tablet – and I paid the penalty!

I’ve often thought things like: by taking these tablets, have I stopped some kind of natural mechanism that would ordinarily keep a headache bearable? and now that I take tablets, are the headaches getting worse and so on? I often think the answer is yes, but on most occasions the tablets work, and I don’t know how long it would to assess any possible benfefits of ‘cold turkey’ and I don’t really want all the additional pain if these natural mechanisms didn’t exist.



Finally, when the pain subsided a bit, what came to mind was the torture victims in Guantamo bay, held in Camp Delta, a torture camp which allows US military personnel to indulge in their most beloved sadism, torturing them there so the change of legal action is minimised.

Previously tortured, blindfolded, ear-muffed,
breathing restricted, writsts tightly bound – circulation restricted,
forced to kneel on sharp stones – perhaps for hours
Hands unable to touch things, Back aches, leg muscles cramp and deform,
Just another USA at work in Gunatamano bay

These poor people will get headaches and probably due to their unimaginably more stressful conditions, will be far more frequent and possibly worse than mine. If yesterday I was put in a dark room naked, cuffed, cold and with some junk thrash metal ‘music’ blasting away at me for hours on end, after ferociously vomiting I honestly have no idea what would have happened to me. I am pretty sure I’d suffer some form of mental trauma and probably persistent trauma. I’d confess to the shooting of Lincoln, Archduke Ferdinand and for being Guy Fawks financier.


The worlds silence is appalling. People have accepted what’s happening there, many no doubt as a result of the fake War OF Terror drilled into them. (and If your an Uzbek or Iraqi’ that drilling is physical).

Even if there were “Al-Qaeda” – which if yor read about them is very very unlikely, (irrespective of my belief that Al-Qaeda is more phoney than real) then after about 6.5 years daily toture and detention they will have no value what so ever. Better just prosecute them according to the law. But that would deny the torture masters of their ‘pain fix’ wouldn’t it.

When the British detainees were released I said to myself ‘this is a bad day for the others at Guantanamo’ as now the Brits will shut up about the demonic torture going on there every day, and won’t even issue insincere protestations about it. Sadly I was right.




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