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Al Jazeera (English) – some more highs and lows

I like Al Jazeera (English), AJE, a lot. Although generally I don’t watch much TV, AJE rings my bell and gets a a good slice of my small viewing time.

It focuses on Middle East issues and gives neighbouring Central Asia some good attention too. Knowledge of that part of the world is vital to improve ones grasp of la politique globale. It is after all, the area designated by the US as the main theatre of operations in its false War OF Terror, and naturally enough, it probably contains huge amounts of the worlds next easily extracted gas and oil.

AJE does something else, and it’s this which underlies its strength and value as a broadcaster. It zooms down to the individual level, frequently reporting the tales of ordinary people caught up in (or should that be ‘made to suffer in’…) the crap that’s going on around the world today. AJE’s ‘formula’ has my deep admirable.

This kind of Journalism is common to one of my Hero’s, the magnificent John Pilger. In doing so John (and AJE) give a much clearer picture of what is actually happening – the effects of usually oppressive and policies the pathetic elite serving dreadful politicians peddle across most of the globe.

The increasing rejected and questioned UK propaganda machine – the BBC, usually just has their correspondent spinning off the same old tardy pro-ZUSUK line. It largely ignores ‘ground floor’ opinion. And unlike AJE, you’ll be hard pressed to get an accented BBC correspondent, despite AJE proving there is no correlation between journalistic merit and accent {which is the kindest assumption as to why the BBC is quite barren on that front}

BBC ex-Iraq journalist[sic] Paul Wood who didn’t
report the annhilation of the people of
Fallujah becasue he didn’t see it.

However AJE isn’t without it’s faults.

One of the most shocking hit me the other day while I was watching the series of the war against Iraq 5 years on. It is narrated by Hoda Abdel-Hamid. The program the other day looked at the sectarianism that occurred when agents acting for US interests [my opinion] bombed the al-Askari Mosque in Sammara Feb 22 2006. It also touched on previous sky-rocketing US casualties from the use of shaped charged explosives which proved deadly primarily to US heavy armour.

An improvided shaped charge
pic c/o

I’m sure many of you have seen the spectacular footage on the internet of M1A1 tanks being reduced within seconds to a pile of scrap, exposing the obvious lies of invulnerability. But Hoda made a number of assertions that Iran was connected to these weapons, and I am sure she said Iran was also involved in sectarianism. I was shocked!

Hoda Abdel-Hamid. A journalist worthy of the name
who took me by surproze recently!.

You would have to say that there are many sound arguments for Iran doing such things, and they may actually do that. BUT, there is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that Iran was behind these serious allegations.

I haven’t got a clue why Hoda (an AJE journo whose analysis and reports I’ve always given a good reception to) would say this. I can only imagine that there is evidence, but I can’t believe I’ve never come across it. If someone would be so kind…

Other points of soreness are AJE’s non-critical reportage of climate change. On a broader issue, notice how the term “global warming” has fallen out of favour! Oooh that pesky Holocene!. Anyway, AJE in talking about the political spat that developing over Russia’s ownership over a significant area of the Artic, they showed melting ice when saying the artic ice melting will open up new shipping routes and other economic opportunities.

This is almost always done, some visualisation is presented suggesting global warming is a reality (and therefore it’s driven through anthropogenic factors) that it is happening. Whether it be green plants growing on barren land, polar bears standing and leaping off small pieces or ice sheets collapsing and so on.

Help my ice is melting!!! Stop the third word from developing
to help me!

Aaaah new green belt! Quick lets build on it.

They have also fallen from grace over the ‘global food crisis’ scam.

While these things disappoint me, In a weird kind of way, I ‘m glad they don’t do everything that agrees with my opinion. That would be dangerously seductive and would retard my ability to think and analyze.

Still, Hoda’s Iran thing is inexplicable.




Turkey and Iraq – Operation Shekhinah


I disagree it will be by pipeline through Saudi occupied Arabia and Jordan. My prediction is through Turkey and shipped south, but the late great Joe Vialls analysis should not be disregarded.

I am on record as saying Turkey will annexe North Iraq. Over the week, Turkey has said it has withdrawn its troops, but it STILL has manned permanent bases in North Iraq. I am still 100% confident that Turkey will still try and annexe it. That it hasn’t happened this occasion does not make me believe they won’t. Turkey has built a road network in Northern Iraq, quite obviously for major military purposes. It is possible it may try and annexe via a Puppet leader in Northern Iraq, but I suspect it will do so militarily, and this was just a dummy run to test PKK and resistance tactics.

Hoda Abdel Hamid (Al Jazeera English) one of the rare unbiased reporters in the area, reported that Turkey did not attack the area where the PKK are said to have their stronghold. 

The Turkish game still isn’t Over.

It was interesting to watch a Sibel Edmonds based documentarty called Kill the Messenger, in which US/Israeli and Turkey military and nuclear technology alliance was discussed as well as Turkey’s closeness to the Zionists occupying Palestine. “here’s an embed of a Google video of Kill The Messenger.” (thanks to

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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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