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Gay Marraige. Jews, Christians and Muslims are to blame

The spinelessness of people who say they believe in Adamic/Abramhaic monotheism faith are largely to blame if gay marriage comes one the statue books. These religionists have stayed deadly silent for hundreds of years of attacks upon them, allowing the godless power-holders to destroy the religious institution. In more recent years the Muslims who make up a sizable proportion of the UK have been at the sharp end of all this. Muslims believe they follow the BEST and most valid all encompassing religion ever under direct instruction from God himself, yet those people have been so afraid of being (ridiculously) labeled ‘homophobic’ (and incidentally wrongly accused of being ‘anti-Semitic’) or of being ‘intolerant’ that they kept their big mouths shut.

Well I accuse them of being to blame for what is happening against religion as a whole in the UK, and I guess I share in that blame.

The good news is that it’s not too late to realize your errors and start doing what you bloody well should have done long long ago and try to turn around secular godless Britain into one that actually follows God commanded laws and the horrible kween. lying elizardbeth squatting on her throne promised to do at her coronation.

Where are the CoE, Muslims and Jews to support the Catholics? Where?

“Each person has been assigned guardian angles before him and behind him, who watch him by the command of Allah. The fact is that Allah never changes the condition of a people  until they intend to change it themselves. If Allah wants to afflict a people with misfortune, none can ward it off, nor they can find any protector besides Him.” [Muhammad Farooq-i-Azam Malik translation of Ar Ra’d {The Thunder} 13:11]

What’s up George?

Updated Sun 26th Apr 09 – but not all errors repaired yet.


Georgie boy. I’ve been watching you. What went through your mind when you pledged allegiance to the queen?


What went through your mind when you cashed in my £100 donation, when you sued the Telegraph about your alleged Iraqi oil allocations? Nothing went through your mind obviously when you didn’t return the cash in spite of the promise you gave before hand that all contributors would be refunded via the settlement.


And Georgie boy, why do you support what is rather stupidly called ‘Gay rights‘ yet you claim to be a believer in God? And you very rarely talk about gay issues in public. Lucky Peter Tatchell is there to beguile the masses that you are anti-gay. Good for recruiting Muslims. On the gay issue, do you hastily shut your Bible or Qur’an when that issue comes up?  You know better than God is it? Is your finger reflexing onto a wished for red censorship button yet?


How come the Israeli’s let you into Gaza? Unreserved praise to you however for the aid you helped get into Gaza under the Viva Palestina campaign. You’ve got great prositivisms but your negatives need to be addressed too!


This video below brought back some previous thoughts of GG.





 The Dossier also links to a clip where Georgie supposedly poo-poos 9-11 scepticism (but the dossiers link is dead)





This from GG’s talksport radio show… I wrote the bulk of it 16 months ago.


GG and Abdul 28-12-07 talksport  117m:57s

GG: Here’s Abdul in Greenford. Go on Abdul


A: Good evening George.


GG: Good evening to you sir


A: Yeah, em, I’d to disagree with your assertion that BB would have been the best thing for the Pakistani nation.


GG: Go on



for the simple reason it would have meant almost definitely the death sentence for numerous thousands of Pakistanis along the border which was alluded to in Waziristan in the north western frontier area, and the Beluchi area, in Peshawar and numerous other areas of Pakistan. And if I could just go onto explain my reasons for that George:


GG: Yep.


A: Yeah. Ever since Sept 11th happened and eh, the infamous threat that was given to General Musharraf that the Americans would bomb Pakistan back into the stonae age


GG: Yep.


A: They were given Carte blance to do what ever they wanted in Pakistan in respect of Al-Qaeda or Taliban or however you want to describe them


GG: Hummm


A: And uuuh, General Musharaf gave them that permission. They’ve been bombing, they’ve been crossing the border, they’ve killed thousands of thousands upon thousands of civilians. You don’t ever see it on the papers here, but through our own networks in the mosques in numerous places, you will see the collections taking place and you will see the photographs of numerous of Pakistani’s being killed. A lot of your listeners don’t seem to know that there is already western intervention in Pakistan. It’s been going on for many years.


GG: Yeah, I’ve been pointing it out.. I’ve been pointing it out





They’ve been firing artillery, they’ve been using deplete uranium, been using white phosphorous which burns people, burns villages alive. The poorest people in Pakistan which, I don’t want to criticise too much Beneie Bhutto, she’s already passed on and she will be judged as we will all be judged, but anyone who saw the American TV networks in the last few months of this year, will not have been surprised to see BB on every channel; Fox TV, C-SPAN, CNN where she was electioneering and lobbying, telling the American administration and congressmen that Musharraf wasn’t doing enough, even though he was killing thousands of his own people and his own soldiers, she was on there saying “I will do much more”, “I will fight them more”, “I will do this, I will do that”. She was gonna put a sign, target sign, on half the Pakistani population.


GG: Why was she so popular then eauuuh Abdul?


{What a stupid question. How is that question relevant? That if she was popular, then that negates the fact she was baying for even more blood letting and a closening of ties with the Americans. She advocated major leage for herself and relegation of Musharraf – into jus the little league of people killers?

And what of her supporters? Look at Turkey, look that millions of people who love the the Young Turks who massacred the Armenians, or how popular the Christian Jewish Zionists are in the States (40m members!), What of the sizeable Cuban exiles in the States who have bought into US political thinking and hate Castro, or the very significant anti-Chavez elite and middle to upper middle classes in Venezuela. How does their popularism whitewash their crimes and crimes-to-be.}




Abdul: Oh well you say she was popular.


GG: Well 2 million turned out in Karachi for her arrival.


{Pakistan has a population of well over 100million. What then of 2m supporters? Who counted them? 2m people marched in Feb 2003 against the Iraq war from a country of 60m – a far higher proportion than those coming to see BB return to Pakistan. You chat the inferences!


And this 2m Pakistani’s who went to see her. How many of them were the more affluent classes, akin to toffs as GG says, toffs which he said he doesn’t like. Are those 2m Pakistani’s just western wannabe’s? Given BB pan-Pakistanism.?}



Abdul: If she was that popular, why did the Americans circumvent the law of Pakistan and getting the charges of corruption dropped? Why wasn’t it tested in court? You don’t agree with them.


{I am guessing here, but Abdul may be implying that if BB was so popular, it was a reflection on the integrity of her leadership and that of her party, meaning the corruption charges would therefore have been fake and that they would not have been proved true. To a degree, I agree with Abdul. GG said to another caller that BB was so rich she had not need to try and cream off even more money (from a wheat contract he mentioned, – a single occurrence, and with obvious intentions to encourage disdain for the corruption charges) but GG gave a bit of a dodge when the issue of BB’s husband’s corruption charges was mentioned. And using GG’s logic the banksters and toffs he says he doesn’t like being already rich don’t cream off anything. GG isn’t playing devils advocate, he’s letting his friendship with BB cloud his vision. GG’s human.

I can well believe the charges were trumped up. Pakistan suffers from the interference of political meddling in the judiciary.}


GG: That would have nothing to do with popularity. What I am asking you is: If America is so unpopular in Pakistan and I agree with you that it is, and if BB was a slave of the Americans, why did so many people support her? Either the Americans are popular or Beezie was not a slave of the Americans.


Abdul: Yeah, you’re presuming that she won that election.


{Again a good point by Abdul which I took to mean, that we was SO popular that she would have won the elections and that her support wasn’t already fully represented in the 2 million out on the streets of Karachi. I remember when Killer Musharaf took over. While I can remember only speaking to one of my friends about it at the time, and his views may I conceded be way off, but he said that although people were nervous about the new unknown element that had imposed itself in Pakistani life in Pakistan (i.e. Musharraf and a new military state), people were fed up of the country, corruption was fife, he and other Pakistani friends mentioned the 10% problem. Corruption went on and each (or most) people in the economic chain used corrupt practices but simply took a 10% cut of each corrupted path along the way}. The same one guy then said Musharraf may improve the situation and so Musharraf was supported in some kind of apprehensive way} So BB’s rule, although short, wasn’t perhaps seen by many people as good, and therefore her support could have been significantly less than what GG is debating. BUT, Moosey became so bad that it can’t be ignored that her popularity could have spiralled picking up those disappointed with Musharaaf.}


GG: No no no I’m not. I’m talking about the millions that turned out on her arrival, just a few weeks ago. You must have seen it as I did?



Abdul: Uh, what’s that George?


GG: You must have seen it, as I did, the millions who turned out to welcome her.


Abdul: that was not an election George

{Abdul is good!}. That was a turn out to meet her. {Very good!}


GG: WEll, I mean, if she was an American poodle or stooge or agent or worse as your implying, why did so many people turn out to welcome her?


Abdul: I wouldn’t have voted for her.

{Hummm. perhaps not that good – here anyway. Abdul’s vote going elsewhere doesn’t answer the question of the two million(?) that turned out to greet her. Lets forget that people may have just gone there to witness a historical event.


GG: Well, she never did get a chance did she, because somebody killer her. Now I don’t know who killed her, I do know that the regeime of Musharraf has to take responsibility for the conditions, aaah, which were created for her, err, killing her, but there is a difference, there might be a difference Abdul, I’m gonna have to press you on this: there might be a difference between us, I don’t support Osama bin Laden do you?


{ WHAT???? This is a real let down by George. A rather wild non-sequitor, GG is fishing around to some way to try and discredit Abdul. And besides, it is utter speculation that bin Laden is responsible for this. I’m sure Abdul would have been willing to engage in hypothetical’s in a more progressive manner rather than just have a very big loaded question come his way. A hypothetical which could also have included possibilities that the US did it to keep the devil they know in power in Pakistan – or one that was more plyable, or perhaps even Musharraf did it, or one could ask members of her own family? But no. these hypothetical’s won’t allow GG to try and corner his opponent who is doing very well to show that GG’s strength of support for BB is actually badly placed. Very naughty George. Very naughty indeed!}




Abdul: That’s, that’s, thats’ absolutely ridiculous. and preposterous of you to say such a thing.

{Well said mate! Have you noticed something? GG’s skilfully turned the tables from focus on BB and onto you. Not once but twice. The first time was quite mild – on the popularity issue, but this one is to be honest a MASSIVE lunge for the jugular. GG has no reason to try and do this to you at all, other than to defend his belief in BB – a belief that actually would have been seen yet more innocent people being blown to smithereens – which I’m sure turns GG’s stomach when the USUKZ do it. Abdul. You have put your case very well and GG has still said nothing critical of BB’s flirtation with the US and the broader Coalition of the Killing. GG has lost the argument.


Now I like GG because I give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s genuine, and that he says exactly what he believes, even if sometimes he may entertain the odd contradiction, such as strong professed generally Christian religious beliefs but then he supports homosexual relationships. GG also said he dislikes what he calls ‘toffs’ – Isn’t BB a Pakistani toff? But even though I like him, I refuse to shut my eyes to any flaws he has. Here he deserves to be criticised (as he did about his caution when hearing the words Zionist and Conspiracy – which he disappointingly transposed to Jewish and Conspiracy). “No man is an Island” What GG said during his radio shows over the Christmas period and that pretty much spot on. Failure to point out the flaws of those we like is in itself a negativism – look at the way Muslims in Arab countries very much undeservedly elevate their leaders to. Many of which are puppets of the US (which is controlled by the Zionist movement)


GG: WEll I’m asking you.

{George is pursuing the unwarranted attempt at discreditation}


Abdul: I support justice in the world.


GG: Me too, me too. Now, I don’t believe that Osama bin Laden and his supporters have brought anything of good to Pakistan, in fact I think the West putting them there in the first place, was the beginning of the doom of Pakistan,


Abdul: …killed every day by the Americans. she was gonna allow…

{It seems like the beginning of Abduls comment is clipped as GG hadn’t slid the ‘open mic’ control up quick enough.}


GG: {closes off Abdul’s mic again} Abdul, calm down. Do you agree with me that in fact it was the West’s putting of the likes of bin laden into Pakistan and Afghanistan in the first place that was the beginning of the doom of Pakistan.


Abdul: The point is George, she was being shoe-horned into the premiership {lovely uncommon phrase there, and he’s right}


GG: Why don’t you answer that point Abdul, it’s making me suspicious as to why you won’t answer it.


{Gerogy boy, Abdul has obviously seen to some degree that you are setting a trap and looking to harvest your attack. Whereas before he was only shoved into a corner, You are now trying to crush him into it.


With your use of “suspicious” the public now will adopt your challenge and also expect an answer. Failure to do so will in effect, doom Abdul and bring Abduls argument into disrepute – wrongly so it must be said, but that is what the vast majority of listeners would do).


But by answering the question to allay those fears he is also doomed! You see, I suspect GG has sussed Abdul is the a bona fide Muslim and he knows the Abduls honest answer cannot be “No”, because despite the fact that 9-11 methodology and other attacks that killed innocent people were utterly sinful, which bin Laden may OR MAY NOT have done [actually it doesn’t matter whether bin Laden did it or not because the PUBLIC PERCEPTION has already adopted the stance that HE IS involved and GG knows there ain’t gonna be any debate on Osama’s involvement or lack of it in a conspiracy type debate – certainly on this phone call anyway] a Muslim cannot honestly say he does not support the publically perceived (public is important here) philosophy of Osama bin Laden; the fact is this philosophy is essentially Islamic! Do remember please to distinguish between the Islamic principles of that philosophy and any utterly wrong methodology. Hand on heart, all Muslims worthy of the name do actually agree with say, liberation of the Holy lands (Palestine and the Hejaz), the restoration of the Caliphate, the cleansing of Muslim lands from its terrible leaders and anti-God like practices of usury and of course, the removal of oppression for people everywhere etc. If a Muslim were to deny support for that, he is either ignorant of Islam (sadly a bit common these days) or he has thrown a dagger into the core of Islam as well as into his own heart.



Now of course, if he does somehow give any kind answer which appears to be a leaning towards bin Laden then most obviously GG will again be able to discredit Abdul by falsely brandishing Abdul as a supporter of bin Laden, Al Queda and of being a supporter of terrorism, whilst we can bet Abdul wouldn’t have time to refute those accusations and stop GG from massively inflating a misperception into serious aforementioned allegations.



GG continued:  Do you agree with me, that bin Laden and his ilk have brought nothing but disaster to the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan? And that being against them is not some kind of crime. I myself am agains them. Are you against them?


{the diversion from Abduls point – spun into BB would have been the best thing for the Pakistani nation, is almost complete.}


Abdul: Against who George?


GG: Against the bin Ladenites who have brought disaster.


Abdul: What does bin Laden have to do with this? Were talking about Benazir Bhutto and…


GG: Well, no. I’m I’m I’m noting that you don’t want to answer that and praying in aid in you ‘charge sheet’ against her that she was determined to crush the bin Ladenites along the border.


{Note: Abdul spoke of these people as civilians. QUOTE: “they’ve [the Americans] killed thousands of thousands upon thousands of civilians.” He most definitely did NOT describe them as bin Ladenites. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON AT ALL! It was GG who imposed this intended slur to the people on the border, and red herring towards Abdul}


GG continues: I’m saying to you that’s not necessarily a bad thing, after all, the bin Ladinites and the Islamist fundamentalists have brought disaster to Pakistan and Afghanistan. Do you agree with me.


{WOAH! I really reject that interpretation! The imposition of a secular, fiat currency based model was earmarked for Pakistan, while having the razor thin veneer of and Islamic state (c.f. Turkey) Muslims or “Islamists” as GG calls them in this case, (Islamists in this modern age, has been made to be a dirty word by which to defame with which to defame) have in various forms resisted this Godless model. It’s been a disaster from that point of successfully imposing that system George.


Now this is the problem, or rather the ‘failing’ with ALL non-Muslims. They cannot escape from secular thinking. They cannot comprehend the implications of what it means to be a Muslim, the submission and the opening of the mind to Gods supremacy in regards to EVERYTHING. Unless they take that plunge and they/one personally intellectually explores the consequences of that belief, they cannot fully understand Islam. The non-Muslims can have a good knowledge of Islam and it’s practices, they may well have Muslim friends, they even may ‘like’ Islam to varying degrees* and tolerate Islam, but they IMO, they simply cannot understand the nature of a Muslims relationship with God. They will end up falsely believing they understand Muslims and Islam. It’s like trying to comprehend the qualities of an orange having only ever experienced banana’s


Some Muslims too fall into this, because they don’t contemplate and intellectually probe their professed belief in the All Mighty. It is this reason why people of deep religious knowledge, especially the monotheistic religions are closer to Muslims than any other people, even closer I’d say than those Muslims who haven’t undergone the mental exercising of their faith, however, in cases where say, Christian of Jewish believers take on the innovations of man into their religion, then those chinks in their armour result in the secularization of their thinking and hence differences of opinion with Muslims.



Secularists also cannot understand the necessity of Muslims to reject secularism and it is FUNDAMENTALLY anti-Islamic. The secularist will eventually, in his thinking, even if conscious of his secularism, will eventually have his secular subconscious lead to a point of derision with non-secularists, Muslims in this case. The disagreement will likely be irreconcilable (as no doubt would be demonstrable) but doesn’t necessarily have to lead anything too serious. This is also interesting because it suggests that Muslims conscious, by way of his slavery to God can actually program his subconscious. Anyway, I digress.



GG has just displayed the secularists comprehension. Here, it’s false and wrong. His implication is that in the absence of “Islamists” Pakistan would better. As he hasn’t properly defined “Islamists” he’s skating on virtual ice.




The West have brought disaster. there the ones… {mic muted??}


GG: They are – that’s exactly my point. If you’ll listen to me and keep calm {quiet?}, it was the West that brought bin Laden and the fundamentalist virus into Pakistan.

{Fundamentalist, George means to say is terrorist because a fundamentalist Muslim should be the goal of every Muslim. Someone with complete and utter submission and whose whole life is played out in praise of his Creator. Fundamentalist – one who cannot be bought off by the trappings of this world, has also been made to be a dirty word} and into Afghanistan. Do you agree?


Abdul: All the laws…


GG: do you agree with that..


Abdul: were cancelled(?) by the Americans


GG: do you agree with that point Abdul?


Abdul: She should have been in a court. {mic goes to silence}


GG: Abdul! It’s beginning to be really suspicious why you won’t answer that simple point. It was the West that brought the virus of fundamentalism into Pakistan, and it’s been a disaster for everybody. Do you agree with me.

{Now it’s “really” suspicious, GG employs his standard cannon fire, which again GG knows either answer will help him ‘defeat’ Abdul (in the publics eyes anyway) Because once again, Abdul knows what a real fundamentalist and an Islamist is i.e. both totally devoting their lives to what they believe is Islam. (and yes, I know the problem there!)


Abdul: No. There is resistance. {GG cuts his mic}


GG: Abdul, I think we’ve marked you card my dear.


– end –


There you go. GG has totally put Abdul in the narrow set of logical/argumentative pathways of GG’s creation. Pathways which GG knows exactly where they lead to.


Once Abduls said the word “resistance”, GG immediately shot down the path of his logic to dump the caller unceremoniously into the silence from whence he came, away from any eager ears that may have been listening. You see, GG is taking the single word ‘resistance’, and immediately cutting off any possible forthcoming contextualisation of that word by Abdul, to mean that Osama bin Laden, and Al Queda are this resistance. Resistance is legitimate you see – GG knows that, but when he casts it to out to lie with what the public consider terrorists then GG is able to make Abdul look as though he’s supporting terrorism.


GG that was a dreadful display. Abdul completely blew away your support of BB and did well to resist the majority of what you spoke which involved traps. You didn’t discuss a single aspect of what Abdul originally wanted to discuss.


Abdul. congratulations. You are one of the rare people to come out trumps in an argument under the {mic on/off} dominating control of GG. In the process GG show himself and a very ingratiating light.


GG, you mentioned marking peoples cards. from this performance I mark your card as supporting the deaths of civilians as was Abduls point, the deaths of civilians that would have been killed if BB won the election, when fighting what you call Islamists and fundamentalists (likely to just a bunch of believers in Islam and very likely NOT terrorists – certainly those thousands liquidated at the border) AND the poorest people of Pakistan. That is the consequence of your pro-Bhuttoism, even if you would consciously reject such a thing.


I hope if GG ever reads this, he learns from this and takes steps to re-examine his opinion on this matter.







* One man, a earlier caller who was a non-Muslim on the 25th Dec show I think, gave me a huge lump in my throat when he said he tuned into Muslim radio stations and listened to Arabic (I think and presume he meant Qur’an recitals) and he espoused its virtues of listening to saying it was beautiful and calming. I can’t describe easily why that made me so emoitional. But it is beautiful.





P.S. GG. You shouted at a caller on the “non-separate issue” that the people were starving because 60% of Pakistanis budget went to Pakistan Armed forces. Tell me George, what budget allocation did your friend Benazir Bhutto allocate to the Pakistan defence forces. Also if you will, please tell me how Bhuttos stopped Pakistans nuclear defence program in her two stints as PM which lasted approximately four years.?



The same caller also pointed out an error you made earlier when you said it was the army received 60% of Pakistan’s budget, but you completely ignored it. In fact you then went on to restate your error asking the caller not understand the words you were saying when you said “so Pakistan’s defence is a different thing from Pakistan’s army is it?” Yes George. It is different. The British defence budget is not the same as the British army’s budget. from Pakistan’s Army” You gave no acknowledgement that you were wrong. This caller also legitimately asked you “who told you that” in relation to your claim that the army were behind both the depositions of Benezir Bhutto. And then you divert his question and accuse him of trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes.


And yet you immediately go on to issued a self proclamation that you were an “I’m an expert on Pakistan and I have been for almost 30 years” and yet you later ridiculed a elderly caller, a Pakistani too boot, who made a simple mistake regarding two similarly sounding names: Benezir’s husband, Zardari with former President of Pakistan, Largari


The pro-Musharaf caller who you engaged in a tussle with, over the 60% army/defence budget also said ___ Bhutto the father of Benezir Bhutto wo said we will eat grass but we will develpp nuclear weapons.”

So not only Benny did her part in starving the Pakistani people but her father also took it upon himself to determine that people should starve so that his vision and his riches (the question of which you also dodged) should prevail.


You also contradicted yourself over the your statements of exile. You earlier said “she was exiled” but later it became “she went into exile” Her exile was of her own volition. You’re trying to have your cake and eat it George. Being an expert of almost 30 years standing and you say that?  So is it the case that in fact, she wasn’t told to get out of the country And actually, I recall demands and deadlines being made for her return so that she could face those corruption charges, and I’m pretty sure those demands came under Musharrafs dictatorship a number of years ago.


Later you said she went into exile because of the trumped up charges against her. And What of the presidents role? Did he just stand back and let the army file these charges???


You also said it was because of the “trumpeted up political charges” but is corruption not a financial charges? And that it was Nawaz Sharif who admitted that the charges HE brought against her were trumped up. But you said earlier that the army exiled her.


And noted is your complete disregard to the caller that questioned Benny giving her life for Globalization.


George George, George my love, Benny’s spell upon you has made you terribly blind my old son.





Update April 2009. What do you say about all the drone attacks Georgie boy? That’s bin Ladens fault too isn’t it.

I’m watchin ya George and you persistent defending of Zionism when you wrongly call it Judaism and therefore identifying Zionism is a racist acusation. How can a man who proclaims to know so much about Palestine make such a fundamentl error.


P.S. I still want that money back please!






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