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Accomplace to Murder, Ian Bliar resigns. I feel sick. Do you?

Update: The sick continues: Friday 10th Oct 2008: Ken Livingstone told the BBC that Sir Ian was undermined by the media and his record in office did not justify his removal. – source
end of update


Feeling of sickness isn’t becasue he’s going. No, far from it. It’s because of all the crap that engulfs it.


“Gordon Brown went on to pay commend Sir Ian’s leadership at the time of the July 2005 suicide bomb attacks on London’s transport system.” source

Like the tribute “mass murdering SHIT” got (i.e. Tony Bliar) when MP’s (i.e. Murdering Pigs) – the adorants of his brain blitzing activities, stood up and applauded El diablo Gran Bretaña for his “work”, on stepping (being pushed?) down as PM and leader of the neoLabour regime.

His eerily named counterpart Ian Bliar, also a murdering shit, gets similar praise for his work. Oh I”m sure the family and friends of Jean Charles deMenezes would also be gutted that Mini-BLiar is going. How they will miss the tales that JC was a terrorist, that he jumped the barricades (without paying), that he was a cocaine user, etc… 

Let’s all hope collectively, that murdering filth like Tony and Ian Blair don’t spend much more time on this earth to do harm to countless other INNOCENT CIVILIANS.

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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