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Another bloody pyramid.


The BBC’s Frank Gardner said there had been “astonishment”  [at the outcome of the trial] in Whitehall as the evidence was considered to be strong.source

None more than you eh Frankie boy? Anyway, how much does that liason job pay me old china? Tell us, how long did it take you to concoct the cover story for when you got shot in Sauidi? Franks opinion of what is strong and weak evidence is obviously second to none!

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More importantly, first off

Farcical British (in)justice system proclaims guilt on men who didn’t actually do anything……

Enduring politicisation of the law. UK sinks to new depths.

Operation: Enduring politicisation of the law. UK sinks to new depths.

Liquid bombers (who didn’t actually set off any bombs)

Read the story HERE on the governments propaganda machine, the BBC. Now guilty verdicts has been proclaimed {Ed clarification: Guilty verdicts were given for only some of the charges they were accused of. No verdict of guilt was given on other charges}, the tireless and inspiring activists of J7 truth, are scheduled to have some info released to them relating to all this ‘domestic’ terrorism from their FOI requests. Whats the likely hood the info supplied will, like the whole UK ‘domestic’ terrrr threat, be a load of donkeys? It seems the civil servants processing FOI’s do a deliberately good job at not answering the request.


OK, now for the trivial ramblings…

While oversees, I had a wee car crash. As you might expect, I and had to present my drivers licence.

Oh dear!

From my wallet I pulled a very embarrassing piece of tatty paper that had semi-disintegrated over the years and fell even more to bits as I opened it up. I’m sure the policeman thought I was ‘trying it on’, trying to pass something akin to a green tissue off as a driving licence. Thankfully I found just enough scraps with some kind of information on it, for me to jigsaw puzzle it together to make him believe me.

Amazingly, In some countries, even to this day, the Brits are looked upon favourably. When I showed my tatty paper licence, I could tell some of that gloss came off. (Hourray!)

I had to get a new licence. Trouble is, to do it over here, It would have meant I’d have to renew it every year! I don’t want to spend 1/730 of a year messing about trying to entertain officialdom. So I got a DVLA application form from the BPO.

Bloody hell!, no kidding, it was almost as hard to get the licence as it was my passport. And the photo… the stringence required of it made me suspect the photo would be scanned and a simple biomentric pattern determined. Bummer.

Anyway, It finally arrived the other day and it looks crap. (I’ll try and scan an image of it soon – UPDATE: Scan complete. Click here to see image). There are ‘security’ features on it as well as digital signature engraved on it. On my old paper licence all I had to do was sign it with a pen. None of this ID gunk. Virtually nothing to get lost on a CD, laptop in a train or hard drive flogged on e-bay.

One of the security devices is the ubiquitous hologram. And guess what… one of the holograms is a bloody pyramid. not only that, the steering wheel cuts the pyramid to make a capstone! And coming from the steering wheel are sun-rays.


There’s bloody pyramids, stars, suns, lions, dragons, torches and other symbols that keep occuring. Symbology if anything, has been over written about, so I wont bother to try here, but there must have been a reason for someone to put something as un-British and repetitive as a bloody pyramid.

Stick your bloody pyramids. Stick your covert ID biometric database harvesting.

What a great job the ruling class have done in making the UK a truely shit country.

Data leakage won’t stop issue ID fascism.


I refuse to carry a UK ID card. I refuse to have a biometric passport. I Refuse to have my DNA taken.

I know that stance is going to cause me problems in the future and I am definitely not looking forward to it.

The reason why I take this stance is because I am utterly convinced the UK government will use that data for tyrannical means, and of course others WILL manage to get it and also use it for nefarious purposes.

In contrast to the governments stinking lies and spin about ID, it won’t be anything other than a new powerful tool to allow them to toughen their fascist grip over the people and spy on them with ease and impunity; The establishment still don’t get it do they? Their role is supposed to REPRESENT the common citizen,  NOT ‘rule over’ then, dominate them or oppress them. A government of the people for the people. Difficult for elitists to come to terms with that isn’t it? – Power to alter other peoples lives is an awesome aphrodisiac. Loss of it must be avoided.

Anyway, perhaps I shouldn’t get so steamed up about it. After all it’s a nakedly secular system, something I must disagree with, something that will always be doomed, being built upon the flippant and erroneous perceptions of mankind, laced heavily to allow the pursuit of selfish indulgence. That’s secularisms bedrock, but it would be foolish to ignore that there is some well intentioned people and policy that accompanies it. But I do get steamed up about it because secular laws impinge upon me, those I love and those I regard as friends. Not only that, but I energize myself on this topic because it is to detriment of my fellow man whether they realize it or not, and given the practicalities of le heure d’jour, who not make the most of a bad situation? After all, didn’t Joseph (Yusof) – the prophet with the amazing coat, advise the Pharaoh (Fir-a’oun)? Yeah, I’m not Joseph of course but perhaps the lesson can be applied?

But I predict, like in almost ALL other cases, my fellow Brits will just obey the Sheepdog. Perhaps they’ll hold a ‘feel-good’ march and then kowtow afterwards leaving just a handful of highly principled people behind. Certainly, that’s what the historical body of evidence suggests will happen.

I dunno… Sometimes you have to wonder what’s the point in doing it?, not just about this topic, but other related issues too. In the end, if your life to have any meaning whatsoever, you really do have to take a principled stance on some issues. And I am quite happy with the level of research I’ve done into all this to believe that I am in the right camp.

I just hope it will mean something when it all pans out.

I’ll finish on these quick points:

The more ID we have in this world, the more ID related problems we will face and the greater the seriousness of these problems. I want a society where is about the same as the current level ID or perhaps even a lower level than what we have now, because I believe that the liberty from anonymity is more beneficial than any problems that stem from less anonymity.

More ID will not stop terrorism. It will make any terrorists harder to spot.

Why do we need more ID as opposed to the ID level we had previously? Were on a circular esculator here folks!

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