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The Mother of all Conspiracies – The research of Ahmad Mokhzani


My dear friend Ahmad has managed to circumvent the IT problem that was halting this very important interview. Thank you all for your patience. Remember, please hold back any questions you may have, until the interview is concluded.

Multidisciplinary scholar – Ahmad Mokhzani

This article is dedicated to the work of a researcher I met in Salford, June 2006. I have had many comminucations with him and I feel his work is highly worth publishing and discussing. Hopefully here, I can post a set of Q’s and A’s here as a kind of rolling interview.

What follows are links to his web-based work and other sites he reccommends. After that, will be the start of the interview. If you have questions, please wait until the interview has ended. Thank you.

– Introducing Islamic Jurisprudence In Contrast To Other Versions Of Jurisprudence
– Genesis And Development Of Zionism In Relations To The Antichrist. Israel Is Fulfillment Of The Advent Of Christ Of The Fundamentalist Christians, The Twelth Imam And Moshiach Of The Jews. Appearance Of The Antichrist As The Twelth Imam Of Iran, Christ Of The Holy See And Moshiach Of Greater Israel.
– The Community Powerhouse Of The UNU Group Serving The Globe. The UNU Group Is Envisioned To Be The Future Global Business-Revival Leader In Serving The World Nations. We Strive To Reveal The Hidden Truth Behind Various Global Events As Well As To Educate Humanity Towards Knowing Their Creator. We Are Science And Philanthropy Wing Of The UNU Group
– Introducing Islamic History In Contrast To Other Versions Of History
– Reccomendation. Emphasis on Palestine and its Occupiers.
– Reccomendation. “See through the murky waters”
Zionism and Shi’ahism


First off Ahmad, to get the ball rolling I’d like to ask this of you:

1) For the benefit of those who have no knowledge of your research, summarize for us if you will in a paragraph the essence of what you have been studying.

 (old, now defunct) NOTICE:

Hopefully this post will develop and produce a rolling interview – It’s just that Ahmad has some annoying IT problems lately. Having been through some panic problems with data loss myself a few months back I have full sympathy. The link will remain and produce something soon. Thanks for your patience.–

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