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Are you watching BBC? Are you wa-a-ch-hing Bee Bee Cee?

If so, WHY?

Light entertainment, OK forgiveable. News and political analysis? Lordy you’ve got it bad. You know, sometimes after eating your greens you get home and catch your own reflection in the mirror. “Why the hell didn’t someone tell me I had that dark dreen spinach lodged im my teeth. I must have looked like an ass.” Well I am here to tell you just that. If you are watching the BBC Newz (‘newz’ cos it sure aint’ news!) you’ve got not just spinach in your teeth, but you’ve got cat litter on your cheek too, and your flies were down or you tucked your skirt in your undies.

The methodology of the BBC Newz can be sussed out by lifeforms highter than the water nymph genus, with the exception of the leming. If you are a leming, and most people are, or a life form equal or less than that of the water nymph, then get Media Lens’s book “Newspeak” and you will learn something and give the evolutionists a chance to spin out another hipottysis.

I’ll give you the lowdown: They, the Beeb, are pretty consistent in their reporting methodology. It therefore has become established. They incessently refer to themselves as balanced/unbiased and not opinionated (complete lobbox, of course). but you know what happens when a lie is repeated often enough – it works for Nazis {although strangely enough, not that well for bLiar nazi. He must have been horrified when he kept repeating the same old shit and yet a significant body refused to believe it. No woonder Megadeath bLiar had heart flutters. P.S. If he dies before me, I seriously intend to dance on his grave! Who wants to join me? lets make an event out of it – Seriously!}

Very few have enough exposure to show what a sack of spuds the BBC claim really is. So the BBCs lies stick. Its reporting ‘style’ gets entrenched into the mind, beguiling you to the desired effect that you believe the BBC claims of fairness and unopinionated reportage are just that.

Trouble is, their style is opinionated, and very much so! It gives copious positve/supportive opinions, suppositions and grace without any serious or meaningful challenge when, what one may call ‘western orthodoxy’ (i.e. hegemony} is at issue, yet it smears and opinionates you into hostility towards things alien to the aformentnioned orthodoxy. So then, that style is the benchmark (or the norm if you like me have never liked that silly ‘benchmark’ phrase)  which remember is ‘fair and balanced’. When (as rarely happens) that orthodoxy does get a fair challenge, then because it’s out of the established norm and there said to be biased.

See how it works? Look at a few BBC articles about the US and then compare them with Palesine and see if what I am saying doesn’t ring true.

Guess what? here’s the bitter part: YOU are partially to blame! Yes YOU! You who have abdicated individual responsibility to hold the BBC accountable by employment of your own critical faculties and innate sence of honesty and justice to make the BBC really live up to what it claims itself to be. YOU sit there unperterbed while the BBC beams it’s mind warping crap into your head. Like I said, entertainment – ok, who honestly doesn’t need trivial catharsis from time to time. But when it comes to (real)news and current affairs, then boy, you’ve got some ‘splainin to do {as Nancy Sinatra might say}

If you’re life is comfy you probably won’t care about this, as the instinctive humanity is probably entombed by the mindset others have imparted unto you. Are you sniggering? Then my point is made as you are unlikely to have with real honesty, contemplated these words.

OK. I’m gonna stop bashing you now, not because I’m worried about my stats which are doing nicely in the footsteps of the dodo, but because the point has been made and it’s YOU and you alone who bears the responsibility to look at yourself and start asking yourself the difficult and necesary questions – and believe you me, if you are honest in answering those questions, the liberation it should being is, to borrow a phase a highlt repseced Professor said when giving a lecture on solid state ionics talking about his first publication: “better than sex”.

You may not be ready yet to do that so I’ll get back to the point… The BBC.

There is a reason why the BBC is this way. It didn’t just start being this way one crisp spring morning, and actually, the BBC is a general reflection of what can genuinely be described as the corporate mainstream media. That media and the orthodoxy it protects (mentioned earlier) is heavily interlaced with this capatilist insanity that sees 1/6th of the population go hungry each day and is busy toxifying the world. (Not with trivial CO2 – I’m talking about ACTUAL pollution – chemical, pharmaceutical, biological and nuclear waste!  The BBC with all its resources should do what Michael Moores’s Corporate chicken used to do: expose corporate crime! Unless you’ve taken some time out to examine corporate crime, You probably don’t appreciate it’s depth.

Misha Glenny investigates global crime networks

The problem is a toxic rotten fruit coctail of western orthodox politics, the media, corporatite organisted crime, and of course, those at the top of all that pulling (and allowed to pull) those strings. No cigar in guessing who and any particular beliefs they may hold, but for many the line stops at greedy bankers, which is a bit like going for a walk in the Gloucestershire countryside in July’s heavy summer, only to see sticks and mud.

So here, (finally), is some REAL news, the kind of stuff the BBC should spend significant amounts of time bringing to your attention to get you off your chair and demand an end to this peverse capitalism.

You know it makes sence to bury this BBC rubbish and use media that isn’t a corporate whore.

More news worthy of your consideration that you wont find on the BBC…
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BBC conspiring to cause civil war in Iran.

Here’s a partial screenshot of todays (Mon 28th Dec) BBC Middle East page. Note: my previous blogpost pictured yesterdays BBC’s frontpage pic.

Do you notice anything? Look at my post from yesterday and then look again at this one.

It’s the same guy!

So? Well it’s quite possible the BBC is just using smaps taken in one session – the background does look similar, but look at the dudes right hand. In yesterdays pic there is no red patch AND there is no green band either. Where did that red colour come from? The immediate impression is that the red colour is blood. But it seems to me that it’s probably bene painted on. In which case the BBC is showing a misleading picture without any discussion as to what’s going on. The cameraman is pretty keen on this guy so it’s likely the cameraman knows whether the red is real or not (It’s my contention that it’s paint).

what does yesterdays pic and todays pic actually show us? One guy in what seems like a pretty isolated spot. The second pic with the red paint has much higher flames in the background, more smoke AND is of a narrower angle, focusing more on the guy.

Is all this not an act of manipulation? Worse still, it lends itself to the suggestion that the BBC is actually aiding the unrest in Iran in a deliberate context.

Given the disgraceful record of the politicised BBC News and Current affairs departmant and the lack of public awareness of its ”Governers’, I think that last possibility cannot be discounted.

Iron Clay News Headlines…

The recent ‘Iran thing’ has lead to an escalation in rabid anti-Iranian propaganda and fantasies.

Neal (of Iron Clay, has for a couple of years now been naming the date in which ‘the attack’ will happen, and I find his analysis, (but obviously not his dates), holistically more credible than the rest, although I differ from him in the longevity of the Israyhelli state. I’m of the opinion it has yet to declare itself the power centre of the world from the fact it’s global e-money is administered from imposter Israel.

Here’s Neals latest bulletin:  IC 26/09/2009 News Headlines.

 IAEA calls on Israel to sign Non-Proliferation Treaty

For the first time in 18 years, Israel, the United States and the Western powers were unsuccessful at preventing passage of a resolution calling on Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

There has been yapper about the US not allowing Israeli aircraft from over flying Iraqi air space to make the attack on Iran as well.
However Israel is intending to use Saudi airspace for the job.

I’ve also said that France will be involved in the Iran attack … and here it is again

Iran has 3 months to stop uranium enrichment:
“But we are to make it absolutely clear that our window of opportunity will not remain open
indefinitely,” Frattini told a group of reporters on the sidelines of the United Nations General

I’ve also said that US and UK will be involved.
I’ve said that after the attack … which Israel will carry out to begin with mostly on it’s own, because of the civilian carnage and willful destruction the world will finally realise who these people are and turn to attack them.





Freedom of thought and speech on Iran

A researcher friend of mine asked me of the current Iran situation. I passed on my thoughts and I asked him for his.

This is what he said:

There is an authentic hadith that states the antichrist will fight alongside the Kharijites against Muslims. I have authentic proof that todays Shi’ites are decendants of the Kharijites. You can surf I believe Ahmadinejad won by fraud and by hidden hand of the antichrist.

 The landslide victory of Ahmadinejad has been planned carefully by those behind the scene to pave the way for the antichrist to emerge on the iranian scene and later globally. Our prophet (Muhammad s.a.w.)  said that the antichrist will appear in Isfahan, Iran with 70 thousand Jews wearing persian shawls.

I believe many of Mousavi’s supporters are sincere people seeking some freedom and justice albeit being Shi’ites.

Prof Ratford in analyzing predicions of Nostradamus predicted that the antichrist will first take over iran after the occurance of a civil war and assassination of the iranian president loyal to the ayatollah. Ratford stated that Nostradamus came across Muslim scripts, in my view probably hadiths, during his travel to Muslim lands.


My current belief is that the world will be in perpetual pain, turmoil and war. Imam Mahdi(Mehdi) will come from Mecca, the antichrist will  emerge,  sitting in Jerusalem (ethnically cleansed of Palestinians by Zionists with smidgeons of  genocide) eventually declaring himself to be God. The Mahdi will militarily oppose the antichrist. The antichrist will try and hunt down the Mahdi. Then Jesus(Isa) will descend to earth and kill the antichrist. Gog and Magog, previously undefeatable, will perish.  Jesus once again preaches Gods message and leads an Islamic(Islam=the religion of peaceful) world full of Muslims(those who submit to the will of God).

Given that belief, which is fascinating, I’m on the look out for such things. And I know people have long looked at their times and decided the end times were upon them, but I hold that view of now for the reasons listed below:


  1. One can say the world has truly interconnected. In military terms, huge numbers of troops from one side of the world can reach the other side in about a day. Huge powerful equipment can arrive after a month or two from virtually anywhere, ICBM’s can strike anywhere on the planet in less than an hour.
  2. There are US military bases all over the world.
  3. True global power is concentrated in the hands of a few.
  4. The bizarre appearance of the Zionist entity known as Israyhell and the obliteration of peoples consciousness to oppose this.
  5. The global media support the War OF Terror (differences between countries on other issues are fairly trivial).
  6. The global financial system is interconnected (dollar, and perhaps soon SDR’s) with fraudulent money.
  7. The radioactive pollution and other pollution (CO2 is largely irrelevant!) accumulation is far too much and dangerous.
  8. GM food seems unstoppable, and other dangerous genetic developments are being thrown upon the masses.
  9. Western society is increasingly departing from benevolence via Divine scripture.
  10. Western law is bankrupt and up for sale.
  11. Peak oil is a dawning reality.
  12. The earths magnetic field is weakening (may cause terrible suffering when the Sun reaches a peak of activity)
  13. NeoDarwinism is rampant.
  14. Land ownership is not in the hands of the people.
  15. Homosexuality is freely proselytized and increasingly practiced.
  16. Islam is increasingly infected with what is surely riba based financial fraud.
  17. Muslims are silent on the murder, torture and oppression of their fellow Muslims.
  18. Traditional Muslim teaching is under attack to reformists, essentially re-scripters.
  19. The Hijaz is essentially controlled by a USUKZ puppet.
  20. Godlessness and lawlessness is endemic in human society.
  21. Mass “vaccinations” are commonplace.
  22. What I suspect are Human engineered virus’s (even if only misguided attempts to try and make a quick buck)

These issues simply didn’t exist say 100 years ago.

But Iran… Well if the interpretation of my friend is correct i.e. the Iranian element  of the antichrist,  then of course I can’t argue {if he’s correct remember, Jews in persian shawls could mean many things}. However, I must study the interpretation properly however before accepting it as I don’t see the NEED for Iran to play a necessary part in the end times.

The USUKZ is already in a position to herald the arrival of the antichrist. As for thermo nuclear weaponry, to me it increasingly seems like states with nuclear weapons is a ‘badge’ signifying NWO compliancy. US, UK, Russia, France, China, IndiaPak, Israyhell. The purported Pakistani ‘Muslim bomb’ is so laughable and displays an level of ignorance of Pakistani power elite and the history of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons development program that really I’d advise you don’t read this blog ever again. Nuclear weapon proliferation is to maintain the geopolitical status quo in terms of supporting the conditions necessary to bring about the emergence of the antichrist. All countries which have these weapons will NEVER under radical structural/societal change. Only when the antichrist is defeated will these countries have populations ruled by those who submit to God.

Now is the time to attack Melanie Phillips

Update: 4 Oct 2011. Zionist bitch Melanie Phillips wants to kill and mame even more.

Original article:

Do you think that’s a provocative title? Too strong? Illegal perhaps? Why do you think that?

What if I told you the title is almost identical to what Zionist Melanie Phillips herself writes?


Now is the time to attack Iran
By Melanie Phillips

Everyone is waiting. In Israel, they are waiting for the 60th-anniversary celebrations to be over and for President Bush to have visited and returned home. Then, they say, the IDF will make its long-anticipated major incursion into Gaza. Then at last the problem of the ever-intensifying attacks by Hamas will be dealt with.

Across the world, everyone is waiting for the interminable US presidential election to be over. Then, many believe, the paralysis over Iran will end. Then, they think, the prospect of a military strike on Tehran will either swiftly be realised or permanently be laid to rest (depending on who actually wins).

And meanwhile the hallucinatory Middle East appeasement process meanders ever onwards, accompanied by dark rumblings about a secret backstairs sell-out Israel deal being cooked up between Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas and enlivened by the Israel-phobic Jimmy Carter, fresh from paying homage at the tomb of Yasser Arafat, announcing the prospect of peace in our time with Hamas.

But waiting comes with a heavy price tag. It provides alibis for putting off what needs to be done quickly; it results in the slaughter of yet more innocents; and it gives the advantage to the player for whom time is crucial. That player is Iran.

The reason Israel hasn’t done what it needs to do in Gaza is not because of anniversaries or official visits. It is because of Gilad Shalit, the IDF soldier who is now in his twenty-second month of captivity by Hamas.

Israel will not invade Gaza because of fears that Shalit will then be killed. Shalit is being used by Hamas as a hostage to prevent Israel from wiping it out. The result is that other Israelis are being relentlessly attacked and murdered. And the puppeteer pulling Hamas’s strings is Iran.

The West tends to put the various Middle East conflicts into boxes marked “Israel-Palestinian dispute”, “Iraq”, “Lebanon”, “Hamas”, “al Qaida” and “Iranian nuclear threat”. The fact is, however, that all roads lead to Iran.

Iran is simply the centre of strategic gravity in the region and in the war against the free world. It has encircled Israel through Hamas in Gaza and through Hizbollah in Lebanon, where it has also all but snuffed out the Lebanese democracy.

In Iraq, Iran is the central player. The Petraeus surge may have been successful. And the Iraqis recently surprised many by deciding to fight the Iranian-backed supporters of Moqtada al Sadr in Basra, causing Iran to beat a strategic retreat. But the fact is that, in Iraq, Iran has suborned government, insurgent and religious leaders.

As for al Qaida, the idea that Shi’ite Iran would never ally with Sunni terrorists is a lethal illusion. Iran has had working arrangements with al Qaida for years, as it has with other Sunni terror groups in their common cause against the West.

And although the West may not realise it, Iran has spread there too. In Britain and Europe, it has a sleeping army composed of Hizbollah cells and Iranian intelligence which uses western Iranian embassies as explosives stores. If Iran is attacked, Tehran will respond by unleashing Iranian terror in the West.

The prerequisite for stabilising all these hotspots — including “Israel/Palestine” — and dealing with global Islamic terror is regime change in

Tehran. The question is how.

Far, far more should already have been done. There should have been earlier and fiercer economic sanctions along with diplomatic estrangement. It is extraordinary that Britain still has diplomatic relations with Iran while (along with the US) it proscribes the PMOI, the principal opposition movement which is committed to human rights, as a terrorist organisation. The fact is that Iran declared war on the West in 1979 as soon as Ayatollah Khomeini came to power — the last great contribution made by President Jimmy Carter to world peace. Ever since, Iranian militias have been attacking Western interests; ever since, the West has refused to acknowledge this.

People say war against Iran would turn a largely pro-western people against the West. But war need not mean carpet-bombing Tehran. It can and should mean targeted strikes on the regime and its principal interests.

War should always be a last resort. But, as in the 1930s, the West once again has failed to take the appropriate intermediate steps. Such a failure of nerve makes war more likely, not less.

As a result, the choice is not between war and peace. War with Iran is almost certainly inevitable. The choice is between war on our terms or on those laid down by Iran. The longer we wait, the more that choice is loaded against the defeat of this most lethal of all threats to the free world.

Melanie Phillips is a Daily Mail columnist


In fact, my title is far less as it only mentions one person. Zionist supremicist Melanie Phillips wants to attack a WHOLE nation. She wants men, women, children and babies to have their body parts shattered into a thousand people. People who unlike Nazi Phillips don’t have orgasms over the Shoah of the Palestinians.

Oh how Phillips must mourn the passing of Hitler. Perhaps she writes so much crap to fund a time machine and travel back to the days to join her fellow Zionists helped kill their way through Europe. Melanies hero’s are likely to include Zionist Jew General Helmut Wilberg of the Luftwaffe.
Yes I know, it is a Zionist oxymoron.

Melanies first pin-up. Cute ain’t he?
He’s Melanie’s wannabe. A Nazi who killed people.
In fact he loved killing people so much he even killed
Jews too! But that’s OK isn’t it Melanie because those
Jews wern’t Zionist scum like yourself – isn’t that right

“Hitler awarded him the Hohenzollern’s Knight’s Cross with Swords, EKI, and EKII.”

And Melanies secret love…

“Zionist Jew Colonel Walter H. Hollaender of the Wehrmacht, whom Hitler decorated with the Ritterkreuz, German-Cross in Gold, EKI, EKII, and Close Combat Badge. Some if not all of these honors were bestowed in recognition of these senior officers’ considerable skills in killing thousands…”

When death fetish fantasist (the deaths of Muslims death that is) a.k.a. Nazi Phillips says “what needs to be done quickly; it results in the slaughter of yet more innocents” what she is saying is that someinnocent deaths are a price she thinks is worth paying. But of course it’s not HER that will pay it’s innocent Iranians which she believes in her utterly perverse and demented.

So Mel, when are you going to put your name down for the front line? How many family members wanna join in?

Iran has had working arrangements with al Qaida for years” —- Utter LIES.

The choice is between war on our terms or on those laid down by Iran.

You scum.

You trash.

How dare you flaunt your repugnant filthy ZioNazi eugenic fantasy’s.

Iran peaceful – who cares?

I’ve had to edit this post slightly, its message is the same

Not the neoconazis ot their media mouthpieces that’s for sure.

I’ve stated for about 2 years that the tactics used against Iraq are going to be and are being deployed against Iran. It’s a view that has been criticised by a number of respected analysts, but I think the signs are unmistakeable and today the BBC treats us to another example of this, in printng a story called “Iran weapons project ‘continued’” in which it says in an utterly unchallenged, uncritical and unblanmaced way : “material presented to the IAEA in Vienna came from multiple sources and included designs for a nuclear warhead, plus information on how it would perform and how it would fit onto a missile.”

Phew, what a stinker! but it’s similarity to the story I linked to the other day”Saddams Bomb“- report filed Friday, 2 March, 2001, 23:52 GMT ) ” in which warhead designs and so forth were supposedly in the hands of the Iraqi leadership were were undertainkg moved to make it a reality.

 All of which seem to have dropped down the momory hole (certainly w.r.t. the masses), as has the forged Niger yellowcake docs (from Italy) – a mere ‘flash in the pan, yet irrelevant’ to the hollywoodized public appear to be {your only as good as your last movie, as they say}  Not for public contemplation debate and continual sleuthing – so it’s hoped.

A few months ago the US National Intelligence Estimate (download it here h=ttp://  copy the URL then remove the hyphen after the first ‘h’) came out, and ultra extraordinarilly was made public – something that saw little if any comment by those who watch the daily unveiling of western neofascist government watchers and who are normally sharp eyed. It was an ‘fantastic’ pieve of propaganda but the world lapped it up.  Its killer punch was that it implanted in peoples mind that Iran DID have a weapons program but stopped it a few years back. This of course is food for Nazi’s like BuSh say later “oh, wait, they continued it, but it was made to look as if it had stopped.” I read virtually no predictions that it was suggested its role was to set a trap for Iran at the time. After it was published the Zionist slime occupying Palestine called for AlBaredi’s sacking and BuSh along with his zio-slime kept up the rhetoric against Iran.

Don’t write off Stud McCain just yet. Robed smokin (& shootin?) Obama and Clintons ‘scandals’ look rather manufactured. “McCain’s alright he’s only a sexual cheat” they will say. I mention this becasue McCain said he wanted to bomb Iran, and for all the dumbness of the other two I can’t see them taking such a step.

Looks like Romney is going to take up the Ron Paul Mantle. Perhaps Paul should stand as an independent on a Republican agenda? Then I slap myself and start laughing that i entertained the idea it actually matters.

I dare say the Iranians feel this too. May God protect them. 

UPDATE: Doomsday countries with WMD in flagrant breach of NPT criticised by AlBaredi

Simple Case study: The charter mark of quality journalism. Last Updated: Friday, 11 January 2008, 10:56 GMT

 (P.S. I’ve occasionally been putting a few of these time stamps on a couple of posts recently, but following a couple of sentences within the excellent refusal by J7 to take up an offer of being involved the hard hitting, no-stone-unturned “The Conspiracy Files” – Guffaw !!!,    I guess this timestamp serves purely as a curious piece of object d’art – See footnote 2)


US-Iran stand-off not mere propaganda

By Paul Reynolds World affairs correspondent BBC News website 

Aggressive behaviour or routine checking? 

The admission by the US Navy that Iranian speedboats might not have been the source of an apparent threat to attack American ships in the Gulf is a significant move that raises new fears about the chances of unintended clashes in the region.


I used to like Paul Reynolds. He got closer than many to outing murdering scum filth Tony bLiar’s lies about the WMD “dossiers”. But he never did actually ‘turn the corner’. Since then however, he’s gone down in my estimation and this latest report does absolutely nothing to counter that.  

Paul, I find your wording strange, particularly this “Admission that….Might not have…apparent threat“. Does this “might” mean there is still the possibility that the speedboats were actually have been the threat? If so, then what’s the point of the admission?

Let’s explore: With this second statement, the ‘admission’, the US have tried to pull off an unassertive binomial, but it only works if one ignores the initial impact of the first statement. The second statement is a corrective act, which draws attention to the erroneous nature of the first and therefore all but nullifies the first statement. Logically then, the strongest assertion is that the speedboats were in fact NOT the provoking act and we can be confident therefore that the video was an work of propaganda, which was selectively pieced together to focus on the presence of speedboats, scary sounding warning of the warships klaxon being blown at them the supposed attempted communications them and oh, the ambiguous “going to explode” part, which seems like a tid-bit thrown in for good measure to reinforce the preamble. However, for whatever reason, the USans had to make that tid-bit the main focus.

I wonder if Paul’s helpful report gives us an insight into why it now has taken pride of place.

So, Paul, why didn’t you seek clarification from the Pentagon as to exactly what was the main threat actually was, instead of letting the masses who don’t generally scrutinize mass media reports for logic and interconnectivity.

It should not be forgotten also that ‘your’ organization, the BBC – and I doubt it was alone, did absolutely noting but support that primary bout of Yank propaganda by printing it verbatim as fact without raising the slightest questions as to its veracity. You cocked up that time by acting as a Pentagon megaphone, and now once again you unquestioningly bullhorn the follow-up propaganda without even the faintest breeze of objectivity.

Assuming it’s not you personally that is casting this vague “might” into the public arena, then  what about this “apparent threat” issue. An apparent threat to who? I didn’t see or hear any apparent threat. Just because some Muslim hating Yankee Pentagon said there was a threat doesn’t mean there actually was one, does it?

Guess what? A methodology which yields a greater proportion of truth from the Pentagon and similar USUK supporting institutions and that is to invert their statements, and when we do that here, we conclude that in fact there  was no threat; the Pentagon simply manufactured one.

It has worrying similarities with the incident in 1988 when, in the same Strait of Hormuz, the USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian civilian airliner, having failed to monitor the radio traffic properly.

This is a lie and censorship by omission. It had nothing to do with failing to monitor radio traffic properly. What an utterly pathetic statement, and you fail to mention also that the Vincennes was in Iranian waters and they (the US) lied saying they were in international waters. 

The crew of the Vincennes became wrongly convinced that the airliner, an Airbus with 290 people on board, all of whom died, was an Iranian fighter jet.

No they didn’t Paul. You have just entered the grave sin bin of tripey journos. The crew knew exactly what that plane was, and even after they spun their lies about it and admitted they lied, the Captian of that ship, William Rogers, was decorated as a hero for killing 290 innocent people. That is sickening and so is your role as an apologist for that monstrous act.

The Iranian government said that the destruction of the plane was done in full knowledge of what it was.

And was it only Iran that said this Paul? Did no other countries condemn it? Did not other people on the planet condemn it? Or was it just the Iranians as your ‘history’ tries to impress upon us.

‘Scenario fulfilment’

The US government later suggested that one factor at play on the Vincennes was a condition called “scenario fulfilment” in which military personnel are under such pressure that they expect and then execute a particular scenario, as if in an exercise.

Total red herring Paul. There are millions of other soldiers around the world doing their daily job or as you put it ‘under pressure’,  yet news of other armies doing such acts is near zero. I suspect you say ‘under pressure’ as you are searching for people to give sympathy to these ‘stressed workers’ if so, it’s quite obnoxious Paul.

Whether the same expectation was at play in this latest incident is not clear.

So why raise it????? Hey Paul, WHY DID you raise it???? Forgive me for thinking you are trying to plaster on some of that sympathy you just tried to muster for US soldiers many thousands of nautical miles away from the US, interfering in the affairs of other countries.

What is clear is that there are grave doubts about who uttered the warning picked up by the US ships. A deep voice was heard to say: “I am coming at you. You will explode after a few minutes.”

Again I have to say, noted is your lack of criticism of the BBC and other western news organizations that reported it as reliable fact.

The video released by the US implied that the warning was part of a series of transmissions to the ships from the Iranian craft. It turns out that the warning was added onto the video. It was a radio recording made separately. Experts say it could have come from another ship in the area or from a radio transmitter on shore. The channel used by the Iranian vessels to make their inquiries is an open one.

You mean YOUR experts – the experts YOU choose to listen, speak to and report on,  experts that strangely don’t include any Iranians or those who suggest it could have been a fake transmission to deliberately make it look as though the Iranians were hostile and about to initiate the attack. Like the racist cowboy movies you probably watched as a kid and the racist ‘terrorist movies’ we are unfortunately bombarded with these days, they need the pretext of the savage native American,  “Indian” (which the west calls them in a display of their stupidity) or Muslim who shoots first shoots first and the good old cowboy is therefore justified in killing the aggressor, whereas in reality it’s the kill loving USans and their British pax-Zion scum that shoot first and ask questions (or conspire) afterwards and you have just aided that scurrilous perception.

Iranian version

 The Iranians later issued their own video, in which one of their sailors, in a much higher and quite different voice from the one which issued the “warning”, asks the US ships who they are and what course they are on.

No comment Paul as to what heading the US ships were on? I feel that if it was Iranians heading towards Iraq for example, then you’d have given a follow up comment on that.

He gets a dusty reply that the US vessels are in international waters. The Iranian video does not show their boats buzzing close (200m or so) to the Americans. The US said that in any case the Iranian speedboats acted aggressively. Iran’s version is that this was a routine check by its sailors. Beyond the propaganda

Propaganda you are doing nothing to dispel.?

This goes beyond the back and forth of a propaganda battle, in which once again the Iranians show themselves to be masters. It recalls the ease with which they ran rings round the Royal Navy when they captured British sailors and marines off Iraq last year, exposed them to damaging publicity before releasing them with handshakes by their president.

WOAH! OFF IRAQ? Phoarw Paul. The stench is getting unbearable.

The real concern is that a possibly misread radio transmission should be at the heart of this incident, nearly 20 years after the Vincennes disaster.

No Paul you silly billy. The slaughter of 290 people in the Iran air flight wasn’t from a misread of transmissions, and there wasn’t a misreading of transmission here. Red herring again Paul. Sloppy!

 Tensions between Iran and the US have diminished recently following the US National Intelligence Estimate that Iran is not building a nuclear weapon.

Again no comment from Paul as the implications of that NIE that the previous accusations and the accusations by the Zionist occupiers of Palestine made after was therefore an utter lie! BBC journalistic integrity shining bright. And of course opportunities to associate Iran and nuclear bomb must be taken when they arise.

 But there are still serious points of potential conflict between the two, with Iran always determined to exert its influence in what it insists on calling the Persian Gulf and the US maintaining strong naval forces there in international waters and in the waters of its Gulf Arab allies.

No Paul. The conflict is nearly 100% going to be initiated the US lead Coalition of the Killing. Stop making it look as if Iran and the US are itching for a fight together. That’s highly dishonest. I suggest this wording “But the Americans are looking to exploit any circumstance which they feel would justify a first strike on Iran, reassured that their technology will make it very much a one horse race, yet the Iranians show no sign of ceding their International rights to their territorial waters to a nation nowhere near its, nor of those US puppet regimes in the same region”

 Iran is also subject to UN sanctions, having refused the demands of the Security Council to suspend its enrichment of uranium.

Paul… Once again let me help you: “Iran is also subject to illegal but low level UN sanctions, having rejected the demands and threats refused the demands of the Security Council, the same Council that say a collapse of will to impose a third round of sanctions due to Russian and Chinese concerns, who wrongly tried to force Iran to stop its international rights, and was supported by the IAEA at least twice in reporting there was no evidence of an illegal Iranian nuclear weapons programme.”  

Iran, USS Vincennes, American lies, more lies, BBC propaganda, BBC failure to question official statements, Paul Reynolds, unworthy journalism


 FOOTNOTES: *    I fell into a hole when initially composing this article. I didn’t read it in its entirety when I forst composed it. I didn’t fully grasp the threads of thought in the initial paragraphs. Sometimes a reports can be commented successfully paragraph by paragraph, but in this case a complete reading first is more beneficial.  So this is a revised edition of the original article. As there haven’t been any comments yet, it’s OK. Most of it is the same anyway…

2) Quote from: :

Quote: There are several documented examples demonstrating the BBC’s guilt in editing stories on the BBC News web site where phrases implying details about the alleged bomber’s journey, such as, “Passengers on the 0748 Thameslink from Luton to King’s Cross”, have been edited out, yet the ‘last edited’ date and time has, rather disingenuously, not been updated to reflect these amendments. This is in direct contravention of the Press Complaints Commission guidelines which specify, “A significant inaccuracy, mis-leading statement or distortion once recognised must be corrected, promptly and with due prominence, and – where appropriate – an apology published.” Endquote

Exclusive of the year: “Provocative” Iranian weaponry for sale on the internet.

  In a menacing turn of events, similar hardware which seriously threatened the entire US naval fleet in international waters a few days ago has now appeared on a jihadist website for sale – even to children under the age of 14.

Iranians have mastered the technology to produce this IRANIAN WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION which if deployed could reach our shores within 45 months.

The most popular one was the dual-seater dingy-1 which has near unlimited range (depending on crew) and comes, as an ex-Iranian official currently in exile near Crawford Texas informed us, bundled with links to organizations associated with ‘blowing things up”. The dingy-1 is their most prized version and the Iranians are so confident in their technology, they even offer a 30 day replacement warranty. A source in the pentagon says they have received communication that Kims Jong’s Ill, has been secretly trying to procure them, advising recalled diplomats to stash them in their diplomatic baggage.

Prize of the Iranian fleet: the dingy-1

The second one, the dingy-2 is an improved version with much greater range. A picture was obtained by our assistant researcher from MEMRI who we gave £50,000 to, (US $240m – yesterdays values) who then sped off in an unmarked car to meet an unknown personal source deep within the powerful Iranian military. The dingy-2 It is also longer therefore more capable of blockading our oil flowing through our Straits.

The dingy-2. Note: Iranian bearded Revolutionary guard in western disguise not included but is an upgrade option, subject to negotiation.

Lastly there is another model, dongie-1 which our researcher has learnt translates roughly to “A secret nuclear bomb to destroy all Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist’s, number 1” comes in the interior which is revolution red, said by our researcher to symbolize the blood of all Christians Jews and Hindus and Seven Day Adventists besides. It’s rugged design is to allow a firmer beaching / amphibious assault capability.

The dongie-1. Intelligence sources suggest it also encorporates Iranian stealth technology.

Finaly, we exclusively managed to obtain this exclusive picture, by exclusively hiring an exclusive local fisherman to sail in international waters near to the dark menacing ocean of Iran’s claimed territorial waters.

A dingy-1 being deployed in a hostile maneuver against the defenders of freedom.

Sadly, all of our cameras weren’t working that day, but this one frame proves the sizeable Iranian fleet is showing an increased audaciousness which our assistant says, is a flagrant display by the Iranians who are seeking to use this weaponry to further their goal to take over the world unless they are stopped soon.

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