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New Blood.


The title may make you think of the Ziofreaks slaughtering their way through occupied Palestine, and in a way the title is about that, but I am specifically talking about the next generation of knowledgeable human beings who are opposing that Zionist nightmare, no thanks to the worlds puppet communities busy counting their thirty pieces of silver.

One such ‘new blood’ is Akmarr90 (, whose posts on Palestine are inspiring.

Listen, oh ye Christians to thy learned and righteous scholars

The coming of Jesus was one of the most significant events in the history of man. No matter how his teachings may have been ignored, distorted or inverted, the residual fundamentals of Jesus remain. The influence of Jesus manefests itself in clear understandings of the forces which are primarily responsible for shaping the planet today, towards the few who sincerely try to understand Jesus’s message.


Gaza Made Simple For Christians By Ted Pike 2009 (rev.) 9m32s


It wasn’t too long ago that there was a great animosity between Christians and Jews. Understandable perhaps given that according to Christian doctrine, the Jews killed the son of God. In the eyes of a Christian surely that was a very great crime indeed.


Examination of Jewish Rabbinical writings on the matter try to excuse that killing, denouncing Jesus as a magician, a dangerous impostor and they called his mother, the most devout and chaste Mary. So how then can we explain the strange modern Judaeo-Christian alliance?


Christian perspective: Ted Pike – Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance 1h35m23s

Take note of the “Birth Pains” from Sanhedrin 99a in the Talmud referenced at 45m46s. Did you remember Condolseeza Rice’s strange “birth pangs” comment when Israyhell was blitzkreiging Lebanese people in the summer of 2006 (originally said 2007 – sorry)



An Islamic view: Sheikh Imran Hosein – The Strange World of Today 58m31s



Thought for the day – by a ‘radical’ non-Rabbi


Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss & others at
Irans holocaust conference with
Irans (now departed) Manouchehr Mottaki

Hummm… just taking a gander at one of the BBC’s religion pages – 

Going through that page I find this…

 Romain, Rabbi Dr Jonathan… “is frequently asked to comment on news issues on radio and television. 


Rubinstein, Rabbi YY… “He is one the most sought after Jewish speakers in the UK” 

The question is: “Who is asking these Jewish men to speak and why?” and such descriptions are not mentioned about other people on that page?

 I’ve kind of had the same question in relation to Radio 4’s thought for the day, where certainly in the past when I used to listen to it a lot, it featured disproportionately a Rabbi. e.g. Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks or Rabbi Lionel Blue. It’s true many words of wisdom were probably spoken by these men and I’m not against Rabbis (or ordinary Jews) delivering religious messages across the mass media, but It seems strange to me that Jews such as Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss (Jews United Against Zionism) don’t feature or even religious people who take an anti-globalisation / anti-corporation line ANTI ZIONIST line. Who selects there people? What other projections do they get across? Surely it’s unreasonable to ask for balance? 

or maybe it is!

Recent anger inducing headline: ‘Police feared ‘airport stand-off’ about how a war criminal who landed in Britain was allowed to flee so he didn’t have to face his crimes in court. And Jack ‘the cap’ Straw apologised it. EEEEEEYUCK!

Viva Palestina – break the siege:

Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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