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Aung San Suu Kyi – the wolf in lambs clothing?

I don’t like military dictatorships, like the one in Burmah, and either does John Pilger. I like the works of John Pilger very much!

Pilger likes Aung San Suu Kyi (ASSK) and often writes in support of her. However John, like me, doesn’t like the BBC. But today ASSK praised the BBC – and the BBC wasn’t shy to publicise as much.

I remember seeing an interview with ASSK and it triggered alarm bells in my head. ASSK was saying that her vision for Burmah was (I’m paraphrasing) to be a mirror of typical Western countries. That would involve massive Corporatization of Burmah resulting in an already impoverished people be impoverished even more at the expense of the emergent middle and upper wealth class.

I feel John must have missed out on these things (i.e. the warning signs).

Although I am very sorry about ASSK’s personal history, I get the impression if she was allowed to have taken the role of Burmah’s leader, then it would not bring benefit to those who most needed it, but merely a different kind of slavery and oppression.

To praise a horrible propaganda outlet like the BBC is extreme (possibly naive) foolishness and another ominous warning sign as to what lies in store for the people of Burmah.

In the UK we have the same problem. Each political side is just a different cheek on the same arse.

I wonder if Pilger will ever see his friend fall from grace? I have never seen Pilger so ‘happy’ to interview her. His respect for an apparent peoples leader who has opposed a military leviathan may have, or may be, obscuring his vision. At one stage wondered if Pilger would be like this with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, but to his credit, Pilger included a caveat about Hugo Chavez when he warned about leaders holding power for too long, saying time would tell as to whether it’s touch would prove corrupting. I will end by saying thankfully Hugo doesn’t seem to been driven mad by power yet, but I have little option by to adopt the stance that ASSK has already had the touch.

We shall see, and so I fear will be the people of Burmah.

Don’t you mean 99.99%?

Finally American (more accurately: ‘USan’) leadership that I don’t mind: The Occupy Wall St. protests. This weekend has seen a number of similar protests around the world.

No, I won’t attempt to smear them by posting a video of one of their activists reading out their manifesto or demands, after which the crowd, very likely for morale building / unity / solidarity reasons then go ahead and repeat, but I’m sure you can find plenty of places in the ‘alternative’ media/blogosphere that will.

John Pilger, my favourite Journalist, was talking at a demo in London the other day on the 10th Anniversary of the US/NATA global bomb fest, which has perhaps claimed 2,000,000 million innocent lives so far.

John said “Civil disobedience is the only way now”. John is wrong IF it doesn’t include public based austerity measures against the state which is screwing them over. For example:

a) Refusal to pay taxes

b) Refusing to keep their money in banks.

there are more, but those two are perhaps the most potent.

And the good news for a change is that there are reports of this very thing happening…

“NYPD Criminals Arrest Protesters For Trying To Close Their Citibank Accounts “
– Source:

More power to their elbow.

Don’t see the pathetic BBC covering or this, do you? Ho ho ho.

News that demands your attention.

First off, in case you missed it, please watch this short but informative film.
 (& take note of the ‘Information’ i.e.  media element)…

Then we have the ever excellent John Pilger recently on Democracy Now.
(Don’t ask me to claifiy why JP refers to the war in Afghanistan as
a ciil war)

Now see this:

Now read some thing about Julian Assange in hiding from the fascist Pentagon.
(13 June 2010)

Remember what the B&W video at the top said about media freedom? Remember what the US Constitution says about Freedom and Freedom of speech? Did you hear what Pilger said about it.

When will Americans realise they have been hoodwinked!

And now of course many people are predicting the beginning of the war against Iran. (Caveat this has been going on for a number of years now, Personally I don’t think it will happen yet, unless it’s Israyhell that initiates the attack, thereby drawing the United Snakes in – deliberately of course.)


Shock Horror! Peace Prize awared to a real man of Peace

John Pilger - Documentaries that changed the world

I refer to the Sydney Peace Prize awarded to John Pilger. When what seems like a month or two ago I heard he had won it, I was very extremely happy. Not just because he, unlike others or late, thoroughly deserve it, but because it meant he would have to give another speech and I LOVE the words and revelations of Mr. John Pilger. His denouncement of wars, the people and power behind them and the global misery it causes, are an oasis of journalism in an utterly corrupted world of filthy journalistic pretenders.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Take it away John…


Zionism, the Media, Palestine, God, Good and Evil

“I think the BBC is [a] far more political organisation {than other TV media outlets} and far more sensitive to establishment needs, of which Israel is one.” – John Pilger Interview with Alan Hart Re: Palestine Zionism and the Media. An interview made for

Palestine – Alan Hart with John Pilger (part 1)

Palestine – Alan Hart with John Pilger (part 2)

Palestine – Alan Hart with John Pilger (part 3)

My own research leads me to believe Zionism originates from the Khazar, white European non-Semitic(!) “Jews” – which have been said to make over 80% of Jews. (Ted Pike, The other Israel) and is strongly associated with the Talmud (Therefore the first diaspora to Babylon, and even as far back as the rebelliousness against Moses) and the Kabala. I don’t currently believe Zionism sprung forth in Europe in the late 19th Century as many anti-Zionists seem to think.

In other words, I respect to a very high degree, the opinions of works of anti-Zionists, but I don’t necessarily agree with one or two of their opinions on the matter.

My overall belief is that the whole history of man involves a struggle: Do we follow God or do we follow the Devil – that element of fire that literally AND symbolically chose to defy God by not bowing to the creation of man. This struggle will always be part of man. It will and does appear in a number of guises. The creation of Zionism is but one. A significant one yes, but just one nonetheless. Zionism and the Rabbinical distortions by the Talmud (the Talmud claims to supersede ALL other Jewish religious laws) which it is based on, is the result of that evil trying to pull the Jews away from the devotion of God.

As for the Christian church, well there are loads of writings about the deliberate deviation from the teachings of Jesus which have become embedded in Christianity.

As for Muslims, the miserable and utterly pathetic Muslim “Leadership” and the imposition of Riba monetary systems, is the manifestation of that evil trying to destroy Muslims devotion from God, but I have to say, the largest group that are closer to God are the Muslims – not least as their Divine scriptures are untouched by distortion and fabrication – it’s just that many Muslims don’t follow it particularly well)

Thankfully, there are Jews(e.g. Messianic Jews), Christians and Muslims who understand and reject the Satanic plots to pull them away from The One, The Creator. The inherent arrogance of Shaytan blinds him as to the futility of his quest, boyed on by what will only ever be partial success, such is his folly.

New Vomit plus – with added Zionism

I may have been a little bit quick to complaining about me wanting to vomit at the Dutch UN troops not facing justice for allowing over 8,000 men from being rounded up and summarily slaughterd, becasue I’ve just read something that makes me want to vomit again.

It was about the 2008 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism, joint-winner Mohammed Omer. Mohammed is a Palestinian who went to London in June 08 to collect his £5,000 prize. He retuned to Gaza shortly afterwards.

2008 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism, joint-winner Mohammed Omer


Here’s what John Pilger writes about Mohammed’s return from London to Gaza… You can read the full report HERE.

Mohammed had been seized by Shin Bet, Israel’s infamous security organisation. Mohammed was told to turn off his mobile and remove the battery. He asked if he could call his embassy escort and was told forcefully he could not. A man stood over his luggage, picking through his documents. ‘Where’s the money?’ he demanded. Mohammed produced some US dollars. ‘Where is the English pound you have?’

‘I realised,’ said Mohammed, ‘he was after the award stipend for the Martha Gellhorn prize. I told him I didn’t have it with me. ‘You are lying’, he said. I was now surrounded by eight Shin Bet officers, all armed. The man called Avi ordered me to take off my clothes. I had already been through an x-ray machine. I stripped down to my underwear and was told to take off everything. When I refused, Avi put his hand on his gun. I began to cry: ‘Why are you treating me this way? I am a human being.’ He said, ‘This is nothing compared with what you will see now.’ He took his gun out, pressing it to my head and with his full body weight pinning me on my side, he forcibly removed my underwear. He then made me do a concocted sort of dance. Another man, who was laughing, said, ‘Why are you bringing perfumes?’ I replied, ‘They are gifts for the people I love’. He said, ‘Oh, do you have love in your culture?’

‘As they ridiculed me, they took delight most in mocking letters I had received from readers in England. I had now been without food and water and the toilet for 12 hours, and having been made to stand, my legs buckled. I vomited and passed out. All I remember is one of them gouging, scraping and clawing with his nails at the tender flesh beneath my eyes. He scooped my head and dug his fingers in near the auditory nerves between my head and eardrum. The pain became sharper as he dug in two fingers at a time. Another man had his combat boot on my neck, pressing into the hard floor. I lay there for over an hour. The room became a menagerie of pain, sound and terror.’

An ambulance was called and told to take Mohammed to a hospital, but only after he had signed a statement indemnifying the Israelis from his suffering in their custody. The Palestinian medic refused, courageously, and said he would contact the Dutch embassy escort. Alarmed, the Israelis let the ambulance go. The Israeli response has been the familiar line that Mohammed was ’suspected’ of smuggling and ‘lost his balance’ during a ‘fair’ interrogation, Reuters reported yesterday.

More here: Thursday, July 10, 2008
Why the AP Story on Mohammed Omer is LACKING in Journalistic Integrity

Towards understanding and the rejection of ‘the creation of crisis’.

Update: Watch Naomi’s speech (links below). Then read the article (extract supplied) for a better understanding of the pressure applied to Canadas credit rating.

The Terrorists Still at Ground Zero

By Alexander Cockburn, (Posted on ICH, 17/02/08) “Counterpunch

On January 10 Moody’s, in concert with the other main bond rating firm, Standard and Poor’s, gave the United States its top AAA credit rating. The terrorist blackmail threat came in the form of a demand by Moody’s that the U.S. government “reform” Social Security and Medicare: “In the very long term, the rating could come under pressure if reform of Medicare and Social Security is not carried out as these two programs are the largest threats to the long-term financial health of the United States and to the government’s Aaa rating.”


— End of Update —



What we do 5 seconds after thinking about World Poverty

Much is made of the content of PNAC document “Rebuilding Americas Defences”[1] where on page 63 it states: “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” thereby identifying that crisis can bring about change.

In that infamous document, PNAC identify a drawn out development is disadvantageous to the US. The reason being of course that other countries will legitimately gain the technology and military resilience with the passage of time. Hence the usefulness of the catalyst or accelerant to the ‘cause’, the breadth of which require a very big crisis indeed.

  Aside: It’s the opinions of this author that such a crisis was deliberately brought about to allow the occidental fascism we see today. And just about every bone in my body tells me 7-7 is almost the same. 

Come now to a sliced speech posted on the superb spiderednews[2] website, a site for which my respect grows every passing day. It’s by author Naomi Klein[3], speaking at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, a socialist and therefore moral organisation. Yes that’s right, I can make that claim as the conservative or so called neo-liberal (if I understand that term properly) think tanks are a proven failure the world throughout. Naomi has written a book called The Shock Doctrine which I guess covers the same topic.

In her talk, she mentions the rise of people like John Williamson[4] and Milton Friedman[5] – a man for whom rampant capitalism was his god.

Here now is an excerpt I transcribed from Naomi.

“I want to read you a quote from John Williamson, John Williamson, well his claim to fame is simple, he’s the man who invented the ‘Washington consensus’[6]. He thought of that name and also explained what it meant.

He is a, what do you know, he works for a think tank in Washington that is closely aligned to the world bank and the IMF and he has this uncanny knack for verbalising the subconscious of capitalism, that’s why I love him. He said this in 1993, the year of Yeltsins coup. He noticed something in his research which is, that not only did it seem that it was important for there to be crisis in order to impose what he called deep reform, which meant the Washington consensus, but he noticed that the only cases where the Washington Consensus had been imposed were countries that were facing some kind of profound crisis.

So he was musing out loud at one of these gathering where, you know, central bank presidents from Poland and Argentina and ex-finance ministers tend to gather, this is in Washington DC in January 1993, he said “One will have to ask whether it could conceivably make sense to think of deliberately provoking a crisis (textual emphasis assed) so as to remove the political log jam to reform. For example, it has sometimes been suggested in Brazil that it would be worthwhile stoking up a hyper-inflation so as to scare anyone into accepting those changes. Presumably no one with historical foresight would have advocated in the mid 1930’s that Germany or Japan go to war in order to get the benefits of the super-growth that followed their defeat, but could a lesser crisis have served the same function. Is it possible to conceive of a pseudo-crisis that could serve the same positive function without the cost of a real crisis?”

Naomi says later “Here’s the scary news. They’re [the shocks] are not working as well as there used to, so the disasters that they’re taking advantage of are getting bigger”

On the upside she says, “shock is a temporary state, by its very nature…shock wears off” identifying Latin America as being some of the first to come out of shock some 35 years ago.

Crisis manipulation is not new, but it may appear to be so, especially to those young of year and because the study of meaningful history in school suffered a horrific assault from which it has never really recovered. However, thanks to the internet, this disgraceful distortion of history looks every subsequent day to be increasingly useless.

But the most important part of Naomi says, is that of crisis synthesis and then subsequent manipulation.

Praiseworthy her speech may be, I don’t think Naomi goes far enough. Naomi’s spotlighting of the public recognition of John Williamson’s ‘Washington consensus’ {note wikipedia dates it 4 years earlier to 1989}[6] and she did touch upon Milton Friedman and his empowerment by Nixon in being granted a free hand in Chile’s darkest period embodied by the anti-Allende coup on 11th Sept 1973, but the synthesis is much wider and much older.

Both in his book “Confessions of an Economic Him’ and in interviews[7], John Perkins identifies a number of methods to make a country bow in servitude to the United States. The methods are primarily economic thereby synthesizing economic crisis.

Steven Kinzer[8] identifies another whereby the US government created an economic crisis by blocking Hawaiian sugar exports the US thereby encouraging the USan elite sugar plantation “owners” to overthrow the Hawaiian monarchy allowing for the country to be absolved in the US. Or the massacre of striking workers protesting against US company United Fruit in 1920’s Colombia[9].

John Pilger has documented the impact of neo-Liberalism on Central and South America over the last 60 years or so in addition to Chile and feature in his numerous writings on the subject as well as his movie documentary ‘The War on Democracy’[10].

A number of political commentators have done well to highlight the 1953 overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iran lead by Mohammed Mosaddeq.

Stage managed crisis and crisis manipulation has been going on for years and thankfully now, mainly due again to the internet lead information new-age, more and more people are bringing such horrors to light with varying degrees of independence to each other.

And it is encouraging that given the extent and funding and power of what I would call this evil element (and those behind it), that when exposed to just a crumb of the truth, then the human spirit can still turn towards goodness and hope, and I believe that spirit lies within us all.

This disgusting elite serving oppression upon mankind and its hegemony must be exposed and opposed. We must share this knowledge, unite together and reject this immense suffering. This involves writing, dialogue as well as actions and boycotts.

Let’s make this a better world.

Key words and shrapnel:

Naomi Klein, The Washington consensus, Neoliberalism, non-Keynesian economics, Milton Friedman, The Chicago Boys, Shock therapy, Bernard Lewis, neoConservatives. John Williamson (the Washington consensus), PNAC, Steven Kinzer, John Pilger, Adam Curtis, John Pilger, hegemony, globalisation, enslavement

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see also

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