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Today was interesting. I embarked upon a science based progression of logical steps warning beforehand the initial variables may have to be revised later. As it happened, the initial criteria did indeed lead to a dead-end but the initial criteria were very plausible as was the ‘supporting’ evidence pretty much up until the dead-end occurred. I got the plausibility of the route imprisoned some minds, unable revise the basis for heading down that road to begin with.

The human mind has a tendency to adopt something it finds appealing to the cognitive senses but then begins to filter (sometimes unjustly as happened today) other information that could lead to the altering or abandonment of the initial construct.

Before I waffle any more, Conspiracy researchers are not immune from this, despite their rather inflated boasts of being in possession of open minds and so on. One example of this is the sign of Diablo – the devils sign.

Google(image) “Diablo hand sign”. Quickly you will see a number of rather horrible people pictured giving this sign. Try telling a conspiracy researcher that this is meaningless and you’ll probably get some stick. Insist that it’s a coincidence and might find that it’s not too long before you are being advised to ‘wake up’ or something.

Point then to this however and you hopefully you’ll be met by a silence. Then watch the excuses start to pour out, demonstrating the resistance the human mind has to change its opinions.

Sadly it seems this ‘phenomenon’ is equally as stong in conspiracy researchers and non-conspiracy researchers alike and

P.S. I’ve even seen Sheikh Imran Hosein’s hand adopt the Diablo shape when giving a talk in Singapore. Somehow I don’t think that I.H. is a frequenter of Bohemian grove.

My wise father told me a long time ago ‘people look for info to reinforce their prejudices’. My father was right.

I’ll begin to finish this post off by saying ‘sleeping people’ and ‘awake people’ { conspiracy researchers among them} fall foul of the same trap, and that trap is bipolarisation. Chances are, your mind is infested with bipolarisation and it’s probably manipulated that way.

I’ll end now by saying at times I really dislike the fact that I have to rely on “news” of whats going on out there by having to read about it rather than experience it first hand, because it feels at times that the vast majority of news or alternative news is simply two sides o f the same coin. Someone is either going to try and manipulate me into what one may call the mainstream conformity and other will be simply pushing the ‘alternative view’ {many of which I myself have adopted} so I feel set up.

While the ‘conformity’ side is wholly repulsive, the bipolar twin sometimes looks pretty horrible too. The conformist Trueman show is miserable and the alterative Truman show is sometimes little better.

And so ends another personal message to be collected by the data harvesters. Phase 3 contains someone saying something like “The new world order won’t be forced upon anybody, instead we will all be queuing up or it” Yeah, and there’s probably two ques, and unfortunately I think I’m in one of them.

What levels of trust do you grant to people. Why?


Life is pointing me to this: “You should not put absolute trust in someone unless you are willing to experience dissappointment”

As a monotheist you can guess where my absolute trust resides, but for now, I’m talking about this physical prison we currently live in. Prison you say? Well it sure ain’t no damn paradise – unless of course you block out knowledge of the atrocious lives 3,000,000,000 people, half the population!, who somehow manage to endure on a daily basis until such time when they can bear it no more. Well, either you block out knowledge of that or you heart is made of stone.

Leaders, be they people of courage and/or intellect, or of a political nature, are often given absolute trust. The more ‘followers’ that leader has, the more infatuous that trust is and therfore becomes unrequirted to a greater extent. After all, when was the last time you heard a leader listening and acting upon the concerns of one of his supporters. It is a humanism that the more support one has, the more likely one is to ignore the voice of an individual supporter.

Empirically, one deduces the trust easily becomes blind and that is dangerous. It allows for the continual emergence of butchers like Tony bLiar, Bush, Howard and Aznar to slaughter with impunity.

The same arguement holds for religious leaders too (and I can’t be bothered to list the cross section of ‘religions’ held by such leaders, to encourage you to think my scorn is balanced). It’s my opinion that ALL religious leaders are tainted in some way or another. To these the economists analogy… Put two economists in a room to answer a question and you’ll end up with three different answers. A respected American Imam once said “Islam is perfect, Muslims are not”. C’est vrai absolument!

This undoubting trust endures for a long periods and it breeds zealotry.

If we are honest with ourselves, we can consciously identify at least one thing we zealous about. Steadfast belief in something has its virtues, but ALL humans are flawed. Even the prophets have exhibited humanistic flaws albeit they were most likely free from sin.

So if you find yourself in strong empathy with someone you admire, please realise that eventually they will say something wrong, and you should be prepared to distance yourself from that, or you have failed in this case to adhere to your responsibility to act as a congitive human being.

Many people realise this, but FAR more don’t!

I say this becasue of a number of reports featuring Howard Zinn, or to use my ascribed pet name for him: “the mighty Zinn” {singalong:}

Howard Zinn is a legend in the making – an accomplished historical author and social political activist) freind of Noam Chomsky. But Zinn (like Chomsky) aren’t bothered an are dismissive about 9-11; the catalysing event that will likely send shockwaves around the planet for decades if not centuries to come.
Such repected men are displaying utter idiocy in ignoring it, in fact Zinn should know far better as being a historian I’m sure he’s well aware of the phrase “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. Zinn and Chomsky seem to be displaying ‘conspiracies exist but not in out lifetime’ syndrome, and these otherwise giants of men, are being accused of gatekeeperism.

They may well be, but if they are, it seems to me they are self-employed gatekeepers – a facet of human behavior Chomsky himself identifies about the Journalistic ‘profession’. But it is so hard to see ones criticisms in oneself isn’t it.  Click HERE to see how ones mind can lead to the self censorship of acknowldgement, concerning the deaths of over 2 million Cambodians.  

Trouble is, the Zealots of Zinn and Chomsky are likely to seal off their critical faculties
to facts and the over whelming balance of probabilities, simply becasue they leap to their defence when others find Zinn and Chomsky’s declarations on the matter extremely intellectually bankrupt.

At the same time, 9-11’ers are drawing upon their own zealotry against Zinn and Chomsky, casting them as oppositin rather than people who should be enaged and encouraged to discuss the issue in a proper intellectual and reasoned fashion and not to try and dismiss 9-11 with dismissive “terse quips or undignified, ugly self-thought high-brow ridicule other supposed intelligent people can’t seem to help dishing out whenever substantiated counter opinion is offered their way.


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