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Praise be to the Luddites

The Luddittes were a group of people who, whether they fully knew it or not, were visionaries of the human consequences of mechanization. The Luddites are generally associated with the early 1800’s, in the middle of the industrial revolution, whereupon they destroyed factory based mechanized processes particularly those found in textile mills.  They probably did so for primarily selfish reasons – they didn’t want to be out of a job.

The industrial revolution was in essence the result of development in the understanding of science, in particular energy and the ability to exploitation that energy along with the discovery/realization of abundant, easily extracted energy sources – coal and oil.

But it is a great pity they failed. I feel this because I believe the mechanization/automation we have today has overall, lead to a much worse human society than would have been the case. I have no crystal ball, but I do know mechanization and automation have lead to a military capability that would be extremely difficult to equal or surpass otherwise.

As so the the modern age.

My workplace recently introduced a finger(print) scanner to ‘clock-in’. I am going to refuse to use it. Hence I’m a neoLuddite. I’m not sure what the consequences will be, and I am very sure my reasons will carry no weight whatsoever. But I am extremely tired of unthinking {that is simply meant as a statement of truth. In no way should be be taken as an insult, because it is certainly NOT said for the purposes of insulting} people just following the ‘flow’ of society which I am sure WILL only have negative consequences to later generations. History shows mankind – does it not? – that if there is ‘something’ that can be used to gain an advantage over people, then there are some who will seek to capture/acquire/possess/monopolize that ‘something’

That ‘something’ is electronic data.

And don’t even for a second dare parrot out the “If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear”. That’s exactly the kind of unthinking regurgitation-without-thought of someone else’s incorrect and hollow catchphrase which annoys me so much. Personally speaking, whether I have something to hide or not, I simply don’t want anything of my life to be available for others to view – other than what I want them to see, and I don’t want ANY information about me to be viewable and manipulable by any other person. Sadly there is info about me already out there, but I don’t want to exacerbate the problem.

Besides, the human trait of ‘ dignity‘ alone dictates that privacy is essential to humans.

For some years now, I have been of the opinion that the more electronic data we have, the less privacy we will have and the more that data will be used by the evil powers that be – that means governments folks! The idiots in society believe the answer is greater cyber security, e.g. data encryption. I totally disagree. The NATURE of electronic information makes it inherently insecure. The answer to e-information theft and fraud is to have LESS of it, a Luddite concept if you will.

I am not going to have my fingerprint data stuck on some crappy machine that even a little kid could download, or for some spooky individuals to try and frame me with something should the desire take them. Neither do I want someone using that information to try and defraud me.

What brought all this on? The BBC/BBZ article about a part of Britain’s “intelligence” network sponsoring a prize for what it calls “Cyber Security”. The winner is quoted as saying

“We’re going into an age of cyberwarfare… it’s very important that there are experts out there that can keep people safe” – Jonathan Millican UK Cyber Security Champion

Source: (remove the three tilda’s in www)

Come on, that BS. GCHQ doesn’t give a rats arse about keeping people safe. Thy expect me to believe the very godless scum that keeps almost half the population on less than $10 a day and 1 billion people hungry each day are to be trusted to keep the people safe????? How utterly ridiculous. Well, maybe not that ridiculous – it actually does want to keep some people safe: the people safe who threaten the safety of most ordinary people on the planet. The kind of scum that gets a thrill out of killing innocent Afghan people while sponges off the people and one day may be the King of Britain.

I predict like the Luddites of old that I too will fail, but I’d rather resist and fail than to jellyfish out and fail.

Darling, let’s not have sex together.

From about 13 years old up to about 18/19 I grew up a a fairly godless society. By that, I mean God didn’t play any significant role (if any) in influencing how I lead my life.


From about 18/19 to about 20/21, I was exposed to a habitat where Islam and Hinduism was more visual. Duing that time, I watched an almost 100 episode serialisation of the Hindu Maharabarat. The story was great and very interesting to me but really only from the point of view of ‘politics’ and ‘interpersonal relationships’ less so the religio philosophical part. I wasn’t really aware of the differences between Hinduism and Islam, but at 21 I was begining to passively come to know of those differences.


Then I left that habitat and went to a different ‘godless’ place. I was maturing and my self-destructing streak, ahtough still strongly present was beginning to lessen.


Throughout that time (13-21), amongst the small circles of friends i mingled in (some of the earlier ones prided themselves in believing they were somehow ‘different’ from the rest of society – often but not exclusively Goths/rockers/indy kind of friends) I felt a pressure to lose my virginity.


As a mature person now, looking back at it in an honest fashion, that pressure was mostly self-generated. I felt I had to show that I wasn’t such a bad person primarily from a physical perspective but also to a self-perception mental ‘this is me and what I have chosen to be’ perspective.


 Most of the pressure wasn’t peer generated, but some of it was.


From being very young. about 10 years old, I had a few ‘scary’ moments when matters related to sex and sexual physiology were being discussed. Being in a group of friends the occasional question/statement loaded with ‘kids sex slang words’ came my wy. Sometimes I didn’t really know what they meant, or how to begin talking about it, having never discussed anything like that before. Result: they mildly ridiculed me, but at the time, it was terrible, like the whole world was laughing. I really didn’t like it. I was sensitive to ridicule.


Going back further, I remember sitting in school (about 6 years old) and the class was singing a song. There was a persons name in the song and it matched mine. Because of that connection, the song ‘became’ about me! The song was a kinf of ‘joke’ song, and I thought people were laughing at me. That experience set the groundwork for my sensitivity to riducule. So, when I faced ridicule due the ‘sexual discussion’ matters from older and more cruel peers, I felt quite bad.


This embarassing (leading to ridicule) ‘I don’t know’ (or stumbling to be able to talk about it properly – keading to ridicule) reply I gave, came up again later in life in my teenage years, quite rarely, yes, but they were moments I would dread..


So I had the “poor self confidence factor” as well as the questions of ‘could anyone love me / am I nice enough to be loved?‘, and to some degree ‘why can’t I have this apparently beautiful relationship with a beautiful girl that I can see other people have?‘ buzzing around in my head, as well as some peer pressure.


I really wanted to lose my virginity.


Now I’m old, I know the self-confidence and peer pressure thing should not have been an issue. However at the time, it very definately was. The desire to lose my virginity was a significant part of ‘growing up’ and so often I felt bad because of it.


A couple of years ago I watched a program about USan kids who took a pledge to uphold their virginity and wore a ring to symbolise and advertise that pledge. They were open about wanting to retain their virginity.


Why oh why oh why couldn’t I have been like that when I was young. Virginity was something I perceived as shameful and brought mild contempt upon me from a small number of my peers.


Now I realise one difference. It was that those USan kids were incorporating God via Christianity (don’t know which type) into their lives which gave them the strength of self belief and helped them avoid the personal turmoil I experienced, as well as lifting them to an admirable stance of morality absent from my life at the time.




I think those kids are fantastic.


Side note:

When “teenager”, here was me previously and arrogantly thinking I, along with some friends, was somehow different from ‘normal society’, liberated from being ‘square’, better in some way. Yet I was deluding myself. I ridiculed my school mates for being ‘normal’ when here was me, thinking I should be ‘sleeping around’ too – doing hoping to do the thing that my culture was starting to become standard practice. How ‘different’ huh? Not only that, but when at school hypocritically cast out mild ridicule upon some of my classmates when I myself didn’t welcome such a thing. The nastiness I showed to my classmates is my responsibility It would be dishonest to blame someone/something else, but to step down the path I went along, was quite easy, partly fuelled by my own jealousy of those people whose lives were ‘normal’ when mine was not (partly, but not entirely by my own making).


As time passed I was getting older(durr!) and maturing so I was naturally changing anyway. The lack of self confidence, although still an issue, wasn’t allowed to affect me that much. I was unconsciously beginning to fit into ‘normal society’ but I did consciously decide to make some alterations in my life to cut out some of those things which were harming me.


This was when I was about 21. Over the next few years, in fits and starts, I began taking significant steps in my intellectual growth. Soon after I came across Islam which I started to learn about.


On reading a part of the Qur’an about Isa (Jesus) a.s. Qur’an I had the feeling this IS Divine Revelation and I read about the prophet Muhammad(saw). Eventually I concluded Islam is the wisdom to lead a successful life.


I am now very self-aware, very honest with myself, and highly self-confident. In part this is due to my analysis of my past life but also my religious belief. If only my eyes were opened from an internal and external perspective then my youth would not have been so wasted. But I am here today because of my past and I regards life now and in most cases the society and people around me as a beautiful gift. Alhamdulillahi rabbilallameen..


Why am I writing about all this? Because I saw something that had some similarities with my life, different parts of it are being played out by a mother and her handicapped son.


I shouldn’t be writing this now, I have FAR too much work to do, but I felt the need to write this, perhaps as a continuous process of self-healing, albeit effectively not needed and extinct, but also as an appeal to those facing the same issues to realise: it’s an illusion, there is an escape pod. This world is noting you don’t have to give up your virginity in what I’d call, perhaps unkindly,  ‘a western’ fashion.


The story is here:

Mother wants sex for Down’s son at


When I have more time, I will comment about it as well as highlight and criticise the terrible stance of the mother. Also related to the issue, is the Dutch mother featuring in a post I made on my original lwtc247 blog in Oct 2007: 


Virginity is valuable and has been regarded as so for thousands of years among many societies and cultures. Maintaining virginity avoids much social unrest. Don’t let the godless society con you into losing that.

Information OVERLOAD !!!

 Edited for typo’s etc…

I can’t keep up. No, not ‘it’ up (although…)

I mean up with the unfolding disaster that is this sick and tired old world. News dear boy, news.

1) Turkey Invading North Iraq for annexation so Israel has an oil supply for when it collapses the US. 
2) UK Admits rendition when it i.e. Jack ‘the cap’ Straw previously LIED his filthy arse off saying the UK didn’t do such things.
3) Northern Rock – UK Government comitts quadruple robbery in its citizens.
4) Gold prices at record levels and oil too.
5) 9-11 LIE exposed  —  A G A I N — via. Barbera Olson (again errrm and again)
6) US approves wiretapping reterospectively – Bush said without wiretapping it would help the “terrorists” but then threatened to scrap the bill if it wasn’t reterospective and absolve the telecons companies from prosecution. hummm.
7) Yet more UK lies this time about the UK dodgy Dossier (of piece of sh1t as it is known in fruitcake circles)
8 )  Castro stepping down – He’s glad for it, but let’s hope the resistance of the Cuban people doesn’t fade.
9) George Galloway championing Barak Obama even though Obama said he would bomb Pakistan. !!
10) IAEA ‘Iran’ report coming out (Iran AGAIN has no weapons program – US ignores it AGAIN)
11) Zionist slithering smilemould occupying Palestine assassinating people in Lebanon and itching for war and killing more people in Gaza.
12) USUK continue to take measures to increase the civillian body counts in Iraq and Afghanisan.
13) Absolutely ridiculous “villiage of Kosovo” tries to break free of Serbia, against International law, yet Russia and China just sit by watching – dumb as usual (sorry to say) UPDATE: Russia threatends force – I think insincerely, but it is a serious development all the same. EU and US think they can make internation law on the hoof (no change there then!).
14) BIG ERROR CORRECTED HERE: Increasing number of reports that do much to suggest the demonisation of Serbia was FALSE and that the western attack on Yugoslavia was subject to great swathes of lies and propaganda.
15) Sibel Edmonds increasing her exposure to the public/Media showing the US,Turkish and Israely relationship in Nuclear technolgy (Sibel Edmonds – The U.S-Turkey-Israeli Allience(6 min) See here:
16) Iran oil bourse starting (maybe – again)

No. I can’t cope…

For the times, they are a changin. – Update

I wrote the original article below on Jan 24th 2008.
Since then the FED has reducted its interest rate to 3%
encouraging even more people to borrow money, i.e. credit
which the FED says had crunched.

Smell something fishy?

POI: Gold went to $931 on 30th Jan (now at $907.9 1-Feb) 

Credit Crunch / Northern Rock etc, =
Bad loans (lobbox),
Lack of credit (lobbox and guffaw),
Lack of cash (yeah right, hence M3 flushed!)
Lack of cheap credit (guffaw).

What do we see?
ECB pumping HUGE quantities of cash into the system.
Fed making historical borrowing rate cuts!!!
Share values fluctuating wildly on a frequent basis
Gold jumping to $909/oz despite huge share gains.
Food prices of staples increasing sharply.
China has a meat supply problem
US debt never been higher.

Thoughtful of the US “authorities” to have all those camps ready, looks like there going to be receiving some guests soon.


I’m glad someone agrees, and thanks to SpideredNews for bringing this to my attention:
— sorry I’m a wordpress technoclutz. I don’t know how to embed YouTube here, so you have to DIY —

Mike Gasior – “Fed Up” – on the Fed – late Jan 08.flv

Mike Gasior discusses the actions being taken by the Federal Reserve and U.S. Government in response to the weakening economy and volatile financial markets. Mike thinks they’ve all lost their mind and everything they are doing is dead wrong and explains why.

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