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Oi Tony, if you topped yourself you would have done some good in your ruinous life.

When Blair dies, I’m, going to try to dance of his grave. I will celebrate the day of his death and many more millions will breathe a sigh of relief that this hideous liar will no longer be able to kill.

I do hope that he’s not buried in the grounds of the Knesset ‘cos then, my little planned dance (and a little corpse mutilation ;) ) might be a wee bit difficult.

In the mean time, while ‘ol forked-tongue killer is alive, I’ll give you a promise – ready to click ‘save’ spooks?…: If I have the opportunity to punch the living daylights out of him, I WILL.


Anyway the murdering old toad just wont shut the hell up, neither will he just vanish from sight. Not only has lie meister general bLiar been trying to drum up support for war against the Iranian people, he been going on about the threat of radical Islam, to which someone pointed out something like:  ‘its strange how threat of death and destruction (via supposed Islamic radicalization) far outweighs Bliar’s actual death and destruction.’

The guy’s a pathological liar, and he just couldn’t refrain himself could he, saying he ‘cried for Iraq’s victims’. BOLLOCKS. I will NEVER believe that.

Look in the eyes of a killer:

I see a mask. A mask that is continually suffocating his conscience, knowing that if he ever relinquish its grip, the resulting torrent of emotions and endless monumental guilt would never allow this man to do anything other than kill himself.

Killer Bliar is due to appear (God, it’s as of he a movie star and no doubt his mask advises he think of himself in that way) at Waterstones Piccadilly, London, next Wednesday, 8th September. He said of the Metropolitan Police (who are going to ‘look after his security) that they were

“fabulous and they will do whatever we ask them to do” but they shouldn’t be asked to commit resources unnecessarily.

How dare this man be able to use the command a police force in this way (a police force headed by man years by another total scumbucket Ian Blair who oversaw the 7-7 terrorist bombings in London 7th July 2005). And it it TOTALLY unnecessary for them to protect a known international tyrant and leader of mass infanticide.

The fleck of excrement, Bliar in case you just started reading the post at this paragraph,  also said

“The book is selling fantastically. There are people – particularly now the BNP apparently say they want to get in on the action – you end up just causing a lot of hassle for people and cost when there are better things for the police to do and it’s not as if we need to do it.”

Typical bLiar. He simply cannot comprehend that people can oppose the real live ‘snuff video’ alternatively known as his prime ministership. He equates decent human beings not guilty of murder to the BNP. Absolutely astounding.

What a detestable piece of crap this blair thing is.

Oh how I look forward to dancing on his grave.


Tony Blair must die. – Lenin’s Tomb

Great short article well worthy of a read:

The Crook and Payroll Years

I think fondly of my parents when I recall watching the program called “The Rock and Roll Years“; a mix of music, politics, entertainment and news headelines from yesteryear – a time when there seemed to be more hope. I would listen and enjoy the now familiar music as my partents would make an occasional short comment about the times then, some event or perhaps on some one-hit-wonder musician.

I think, in my eyes the world seemed better place then, simply becasue I was a lot more ignorant of it. Afterall, the chain of madmen like Kissinger still unravelled following McNamara and so on, helping slaughter millions of citizens throughout Indochina.

Today the location of the slaughter and the faces responsible for it has changed. Little else.

If I had the ability, time and modern musical awareness to do it, I’d fashion a set of programs called the Crook and Payroll Years, following the same formula as the original which inspired it, relating t the modern ear. It would be great to have spinning newspaper headlines come to a halt reading “Blair: I have secret proof of weapons” as Sundays Observer write on June 1 2003.

Little did his mum and dad know that the shit would end up slaughtering millions.

I’m sure there is a few blood-chilling songs that came out in 2003 which could accompany the visuals of the contemporary madman killer.

Any suggestions???

25 Jun 2007 – 03:06:10 So, killer Bliar wants to convert to catholicism?


I wrote that headline and post 6 months ago. And finally the multi-million killer did it.

Well bLiar you mass murdering sh.. Your spin, lies, deceipt, and cunnuing doesn’t wash.
You think that pretending to be a Catholic will fool us again? Are you once again displaying your sickening arrogance and lies in pretending to believe in God so that your fellow man will forgive you?
You ignorance, evil acts of murder and gross crimes and defiance of the Pope and utter opposite beliefs to Catholicism dont wash (the blood off your hands).  

If I outlive you, I’m going to dance on your grave you piece of scum, if I don’t, I want to haunt you, If I can’t I want to testify against you as you stand temebling in absolute fear as stand before judgement of God (that you likely don’t believe in).

Forgive me father for I have sinned.
by lwtc247 @ 25. Jun 2007 – 03:06:10
So, killer Bliar wants to convert to catholicism?

Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been 54 years since my errrm… actually this is my first confession.

Continue my son. Tell me what have you done to displease the Lord.

Well, I broke my election pledges and ended up charging students for their education, then we broke the…

Father are you still there?

What? oh. Who? Errm yes, my son, I haven’t fallen asleep, I mean I’m still listening. Please continue.

Well, you know, then I agreed to support the PNAC plan, becasue, you know, we needed our cut too. So we did 9-11, well, when I say “us”, primarily, obviouly I mean, the Americans, so we did 9-11 to put the PNAC plan into action. It went swimmingly early on but then we got a bit worried. They just wouldn’t stop with their demands for an enquiry. It was quite extraordinary really, only a few people able to raise a few questions deduced by what we did on that day, and they wouldn’t shup up, no matter how George tried to make them look like they were sympathetic to the terrorists. They were able to force the enquiry, and reject Kissinger. But it is also strange that despite more and more people knowing we did it, we still managed to avoid facing the music. George certainly owes one back to Zelikow. Well, OK, I mean I’ve got an international arrest warrant against me at the moment, but we quite safe on the little archepelligo I bought from my kickback from BaE and Al-Bandar. Tim, I told you about Tim didn’t I, Tim Osman that is, he’s there too! Although, got to be a bit careful sipping those coconuts of course, what with that old kidney problem. But I’d like to say the anthrax Idea wasn’t my bidding. In fact we were worried that Dr. Zack would start sending letters to us, becasue you know noone else at Fort Detrick knew what Philip was doing at the time, so father, not guilty on that one.

Yes, Still here Tony.

Then of course, Iraq. We decided to hit Iraq and so had to fix the intelligence around the policy. We had to get our unit in Italy to forge those documents about the Niger uranium. We made a number of cockups, like when in the demonisation phase, we started going on about Halabjah, but then people spoke out that it was our chemical weapons that Saddam was using, people also publically spoke out against the way we buried criticism of Saddam at them time, and that he was our friend then. And I said it still wasn’t too late for Saddam a day or so before we invaded. And that Scott Ritter. What a Bast.. errrm, what a difficult person he was, what with actually ensuring Iraq was disamed. And Blix of course, trying to be impartial. Well, overall thanks to Ali, we did a good job of fearing the country into believing they were 45 minutes from doom, Well, sorry, auto PM mode there, I forgot I have to be honest. I mean we managed to avoid having the document from becoming completely useless when Ali and Scarlet magicked and spun together disinformation and cherry picked nonsese from a students thesis. But we managed to avoid any derailment of the plan thanks to Butler and Hutton, which reminds me, we killed Kelly too.

Then of course the 52 we killed on 7-7. You know, It’s quite amazing how we repeated almost all the same cock-ups that the Americans did on 9-11, but the timing was great, what with sipping champagne with Geldof on my Yacht off Tuscany, conning people into believing we were helping African “debt cancellation” while offsetting it against aid, hah hah hah *cough* sorry Father. Well we managed to get a foot in the door of approving their governments, and blow down the door for our companies to eventually be able to charge the earth for their utilities. And being doing 7-7 when the G8 members were in Scotland. That was a classic.

Then allowing the Israelies to kill over 1000 Lebanonese…

Errrm… Tony? Actually God is all knowing. I think after conduiting through me for -pause- 8 and a half hours, that God doesn’t need to hear any more.

Oh, has it really been that long?


So Father, what must I do for forgiveness?

I don’t think it’s practical to issue a number of hail Mary’s. Errrm… I know you’ve received millions of pounds and are trying to earn more from your memoires, the US dinner speach circuit and the like, so if perhaps you were to donate all the personal profit you made from your actions as ten years as primeminister, and devoted your life to God and always end your prayers asking for forgiveness, then perhaps God will forgive you my son.

Golly Farther. -pause- Tell you what, how’s about a K or a P instead?

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