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Jokes about dead people or events involving the death of people.

Yes I’m guilty, as recent blog posts (used to) tell. Generally I feel a range of emotions from dislike to strong disgust, when jokes are made about people passing away or events involving the death of people. The tsunami jokes I felt were sick. But over the last few days I didn’t feel the same way about Michael Jackson. Perhaps ‘cos somehow I’m prone to believing he wasn’t on the whole a nice person. The child abuse allegations are already mentioned a million times, but he seemed to revel in people ‘worshiping’ him – certainly he didn’t discourage it.

Millions of people around the world got well suckered into consumerism and distraction from things that really matter and Jacksons affair with the media went as far as doing something as utterly stupid as dangling ‘his’ baby boy over a hotel balcony.

Back to jokes…

15 mins ago I was going to put up a MJ joke here that made me laugh. But in composing this post, I’ve realised it was wrong in respect of my own moral standard to make fun of his death.

So Instead, I’ll put some neutral jokes instead.

A friend of mine in the parachute regiment has been stationed in Switzerland for the last 2 years. He has recently married a local girl who can wash up with 1 hand, cook with the other, dust with a foot while massaging his shoulders. She opens a beer with her teeth – she’s a Swiss army wife!

An Welshmen, Irishman and a Scotsman are mugging an Englishman. The Englishman puts up one hell of a fight, but eventually get pinned down by the Scotsman and Irishman. The Welshman goes through the Englishmans pocket finding only 40p. “You put that that fight over just 40p” said the Welshman. “No” said the Englishman, “I thought you were after the the £500 hidden in my shoe”.



At last, proof of global warming!

I’m also deleting this post. On reflection, it’s not my place to make light of certain things. Sorry for any offence caused.

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