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Mohamed Merah Video (It’s NOT here).

In a weird kind of way, I was hoping that on the Mohamed Merah killings, some ‘conspiracy’ stuff debunking the official story about it would have surfaced, because it’s frankly nearly impossible to feel at ease knowing someone shot and killed little innocent children with an utterly perverse and disgustingly wrong perspective that Islam granted him authority to take innocent life like that.

Well the nasty little shit seems dead now. Good riddance to shitty rubbish. The little souls Merah decide to extract will get their right for the Divine to dispense True Justice.

I’m saying this because it looks like Merah DID indeed kill those kids. I have no reason to believe that EVERYONE who has seen the video and report what it contains is lying. Just as Zionist violence unleashed upon the Palestinians is evil, so to were Merah’s acts, although the likelihood there’s a lot of spin about him is I think practically a certainty.

Shame on you for blackening Islam. We are a better world on your departure.



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