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How may ‘jobs’ has mass murderer and sadist Tony bLiar got?

Crikey blimey!

Surfin’ a few science sites today, I came across this at the BBC’z site:


So let me get this straight. The lying, murderering sadistic nasty piece of errmm scum is…

1) The ME peace envoy (who brings no peace whatsoever)
2) The global climate envoy (who does nothing for the ‘climate’ other than false-flagging his way to climates of FEAR)
3) A lecturer of faith at Yale (but knows nothing of faith or the commandments)

Wadda guy!

I want to dance on the grave of mass murderer Tony bLiar.


Tom Levitt NeoLabour MP – Profile of a parliamentary liar

Tom Levitt NeoLabour MP – Profile of a parliamentary liar.

MP’s are not allowed to call each other ‘liar’ in the chamber simply because many of the talent-less morally-hollow sell-outs most of them are, tell so many lies, they would be less efficient and more crap then they currently are.

MP’s who think they are “clever” don’t lie but spin, but of course spin, like lies, still stinks and reveals spinners for the dirty intellectual perverts they are. It is rare that they lie outright. Not so about the MP for High Peak, a region whose territory is about 30 miles east of Manchester.

This liars name is Tom Levitt.

As you can see below his LIES relate to Iraq, a subject which yields a bonanza of easily seen NeoLabour and their blue coloured twin Tory lies. I came across his putrid LIES in 2004 on his website subsection. / Toms views / Iraq Q&A Updated 21 July 2004. He has since tried to smother his LIES but Tom… I and others have gotcha! Your lies to justify the slaughter what was always going to be hundreds of thousands of granddad’s, grandmothers, mums, dads and kids.

 “Over 2,300 schools have been rebuilt or re-equipped. Over 200 hospitals have been refurbished, with many delivering sophisticated additional services they had not previously provided. Cinemas, courts, markets, shops are all functioning. The Universities continued almost without disruption even during the war. Electricity and water supplies are, in most places, better than before… electricity demand is far higher than it used to be. This is because of a boom in the sale of white goods thanks to the strength of the new currency, 40% stronger than the old dinar. The new Iraqi police force is developing well 

Other lies Tom tells:

A page updated 21st March 2005, Tom wrote:“the restoration of Iraq’s own security forces, its currency, its infrastructure and its trade unions; an improved standard of living…” 

And this:

Others have also reaped the benefit of what happened in Iraq: in recent months there have been elections in Afghanistan; the prospect of real progress on Palestine with Sharon being forced into coalition with the ‘doves’; the ‘velvet revolution’ leading to Syrian wihdrawal [sic] from Lebanon and women getting the vote for the first time in at least three Arab states. There have been elections promised, local and/or national, in several others Arab states including Saudi Arabia. All of this, along with our commitment to fight world poverty, symbolises a real commitment to counter the causes of global terrorism in a sustainable way.” We will repay Iraq by leaving behind an open, democratic and free society there.”

 He also said this on a “FAQ” pageThe military action in the spring of 2003 was measured and proportional. It did not lead to thousands of dead on both sides” 

Tom poses a statement on the “FAQ” page saying: “Saddam had no connections with Al Queda” to which Tom replies: “Maybe not directly… Saddam had no connections with Al Queda… Even though there was not a good relationship between Saddam and bin Laden that does not mean they were not operating in the same murky world.” 

Toms wisdom also says “The evidence available to the UN over many years was that Iraq was a possible future source of WMD technology for terrorist groups, including Al Queda.”  

FAQ: “Isn’t this just about America getting its hands on Iraqi oil?”. Tom says “Absolutely not… oil has – for the first time in a generation – produced revenue which is entirely directed to rebuilding public services in Iraq..” 

Another FAQ statement says “But there is anarchy in Iraq – you have failed” and Tom replies “No. A few towns and a very few extreme clerics and insurgents are campaigning against the coalition’s presence, by inciting attacks and condemning USA in speeches. Of course this is unfortunate, but it is not typical of most people and most towns in Iraq.” You can see numerous logical flaws in the statements above, some single statements containing more than one lie, but here I’d like to point something out. Tom says ‘ a few towns’ initially and that ‘extreme clerics’ and ‘campaign’. The angry bereaved sick and hungry people of Iraq don’t need some cleric ‘campaigning’, but then Tom says ‘its not untypical of most people and towns” FAQ statement: “Torture and humiliation of prisoners is not acceptable”

”I absolutely agree. The US soldiers responsible, at whatever level, have been found and punished.” 

I made a record of some his July 2004 lies (archived) and MPAC did too, which I have used here.

To end I’d like to say, Tom, you’re a weasel word, filthy liar. You’ve got the blood of countless innocents upon your hands, I hope the screams of those you euphorically killed, NEVER let you conscience be in peace in this life and the next.

You’ve also broken international law in relation to war and genocide. See here and here (and its subsections) and here for details of the law you have broken. The Devil awaits you Mr. Levitt and he’s probably bluntening his trident right now in eager anticipation.

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