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Introducing Pulse (media)

I get bored on the net sometimes and I’m lacking  imagination/creativity to find new good sites.

Today I stumbled across this: (News and current affaris) which is my new friend. I like the links they give too.

Pulse host this video: GRITtv: Interview with Chris Hedges (1/2)

GRITtv: Interview with Chris Hedges (2/2) 

And also this one, which everyone SHOULD know of.
More suffering, humiliation, theft inflictied by Zionist scum on the Palestinians:

Pulse rocks!As –

I’m sick of certain types of “change”


Software changes being one VERY sore point with me, but generally speaking change always brings criticism.

Some smart git once went on about pleasing some/all of the people all/some of the time. A different brainy person said about change “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” but change for changes sake is utter pants! Yes pants! Big super jumbo sized weird apatures unexplainable bands of elastic hazelwood coloured granny pantaloons!

So whats changed? The BBC website.

The BBC site was rather good at allowing one to rapidly get the lowdown on the latest neo-occidental propaganda campaigns all over the world, chiefly through its main page.

Now they have ‘changed it’ (screenshot below) (126k full image)

If you take a gander at it, you may agree with me that it appears to have lost half it’s content!

Instead of a number of interesting propaganda articles, you only get a few. I’m operating in 1024×768 (standard I guess) and I can only see 6 major headlines supplemented by eye-drawing images, and one of them is a bloody “football” headline.

Due to the comparative lack of things to look at on loading the frontpage, ones eyes cannot help but be more ‘persuaded’ towards the ‘main story’. In this case it’s “Anxious wait for Zimbabwe results”. LOL, out of a population of 6bln, 33% in total of them in India and China, nothing happened there or anywhere else in the world come to mention it, that was more important than waiting for the Zimbabwe results – amazing isn’t it.

This will of course mean that the BBC will find it easier to ‘push’ a story as important when in actual fact it may be realistically trivial. The case above being a good example. The BBC quest to push what it redards as important news is strengthened. BBC crititics know very well that the BBC deliberately does this, so I feel no shame in thinking that the ‘changes’ made to its “new layout” are intentional. Certainly that they happened randomly isn’t a sustainable POV.

I have taken a shine now to an alternative meaning of the well practiced expression “Could you spare me some change” as spoken by the desparetely poor people sitting on the cold stone ground outside Manchester Piccadilly train station in NeoLabours desparately more harsh society.

The date hasn’t escaped me but this change ain’t no joke.

Information OVERLOAD !!!

 Edited for typo’s etc…

I can’t keep up. No, not ‘it’ up (although…)

I mean up with the unfolding disaster that is this sick and tired old world. News dear boy, news.

1) Turkey Invading North Iraq for annexation so Israel has an oil supply for when it collapses the US. 
2) UK Admits rendition when it i.e. Jack ‘the cap’ Straw previously LIED his filthy arse off saying the UK didn’t do such things.
3) Northern Rock – UK Government comitts quadruple robbery in its citizens.
4) Gold prices at record levels and oil too.
5) 9-11 LIE exposed  —  A G A I N — via. Barbera Olson (again errrm and again)
6) US approves wiretapping reterospectively – Bush said without wiretapping it would help the “terrorists” but then threatened to scrap the bill if it wasn’t reterospective and absolve the telecons companies from prosecution. hummm.
7) Yet more UK lies this time about the UK dodgy Dossier (of piece of sh1t as it is known in fruitcake circles)
8 )  Castro stepping down – He’s glad for it, but let’s hope the resistance of the Cuban people doesn’t fade.
9) George Galloway championing Barak Obama even though Obama said he would bomb Pakistan. !!
10) IAEA ‘Iran’ report coming out (Iran AGAIN has no weapons program – US ignores it AGAIN)
11) Zionist slithering smilemould occupying Palestine assassinating people in Lebanon and itching for war and killing more people in Gaza.
12) USUK continue to take measures to increase the civillian body counts in Iraq and Afghanisan.
13) Absolutely ridiculous “villiage of Kosovo” tries to break free of Serbia, against International law, yet Russia and China just sit by watching – dumb as usual (sorry to say) UPDATE: Russia threatends force – I think insincerely, but it is a serious development all the same. EU and US think they can make internation law on the hoof (no change there then!).
14) BIG ERROR CORRECTED HERE: Increasing number of reports that do much to suggest the demonisation of Serbia was FALSE and that the western attack on Yugoslavia was subject to great swathes of lies and propaganda.
15) Sibel Edmonds increasing her exposure to the public/Media showing the US,Turkish and Israely relationship in Nuclear technolgy (Sibel Edmonds – The U.S-Turkey-Israeli Allience(6 min) See here:
16) Iran oil bourse starting (maybe – again)

No. I can’t cope…

Viva Palestina – break the siege:

Viva Palestina - break the siege

This blog supports victims of western aggression

This blog supports victims of western aggression

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