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Operation Gladio, Adamo Bove, Italy, Isalm and the CIA

Keeping up the theme of Italy and the nasty operations, such as Operation Gladio, conducted within its borders against the good people of Italy, let’s not forget this.

 Top Italian telecom security official…

Top Italian telecom security official involved in Abu Omar rendition case commits suicide in Naples. Adamo Bove’s expertise was mobile telecom surveillance. “According to testimony by Bove’s ex-colleagues in Milan, it was Adamo Bove who helped the Milan magistrates identify and reconstruct the mobile phone traffic during the kidnapping of Abu Omar in Milan on February 17, 2003. It was this crucial investigative work that led to arrest warrants for 26 American agents and many of their Italian accomplices.” More. Corriere’s Guido Olimpio notes that Bove’s Greek telecom security official counterpart also was found dead recently, in a case that was covered by the WSJ and the Observer. More here. These cases are about not just domestic surveillance, but the intersection of Washington’s war on terror with secret factions inside companies and countries involved with domestic surveillance, and secrecy, it would seem, is at a premium.



People & PowerItaly Gate – 01 Aug 07 – Part 1–yknbGS_qY )

People & PowerItaly Gate – 01 Aug 07- Part 2
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What conspiracy huh?


BBC sterilized Operation Gladio and massacre of 85 people

Operation Gladio is a very powerful example of how the state uses terror against it’s own civillians, civillians of friendly states and innocent people in general.

I implore you to read up on it and seriously reflect on its implications. Then read this lobbox:

 Yeah I’m trying to project some negativism on it, ‘cos what else does it deserve for ignoring the 1980 Bologne bomb that killed 85 people and wounded more than 200. 


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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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