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Selfishness – the human condition

Channel 4 News - The nomadic people of the eastern deserts accuse the Ethiopian government of deliberately starving people to death.

Channel 4 News - The nomadic people of the eastern deserts accuse the Ethiopian government of deliberately starving people to death.


The third world has lived with imposed economic doom for years, while occidentals put their saving in schemes that ultimately suckthe flesh off the bones of millions in Indo-China, Africa and South America.

The westerner drives around in their petrol guzzling cars and plan to stop developing countries trying, even at low modest levels, to ease the suffering of its people.

People scream for mortgage relief when people like outside Manila, Cairo, Jakarta, Delhi, Rio, Kinshasa, North Korea and Gaza live on rubbish dumps and eat food from sacks of domestic rubbish.

Westener moans about how their train of flight was delayed for two hours while some have to walk for 6 hours a day fetching water just to survive.

The westerners stuff their faces with food and alcohol then spill out into the streets, pissing wherever their stupor leads them, then they vomit in the street while thousands of miles away women eat twigs hopeing it may relieve her barren breast so her dying baby may have another feed.

Now the clamour and perversity of the western financial system occupies their minds to the exclusion of real enduring suffering and death across the world.

Oh how painful that they lose £60,000 and are left with only £25,000 sayings in their collapsed bank which forces billions into a life worth that of cockroach. Pity them that now they have to pay 30% tax instead of 20% tax. How tragic for the westerners.

Many of the unthinking greedy selfish narcissistic westerners deserve the pain that’s coming. Taste the thing you have given apathetic silent approval about for so long. Will you learn from it? Are you joking?

Westy is going to scramble around for a fix to restore something similar to what he had before, which will see no real change for the poor.

Where is your humanity?


Oxfam condemns lethargic reaction
to global food crisis –
Billions of vital funds missing
(24 Sept 08)

Millions face starvation in Ethiopia source

Please, if you don’t do already, I beg of you to make regular donations to Oxfam (even a fiver per month) or some other organisation that helps relieve peoples suffering and pulls them away from the brink of death.

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Viva Palestina – break the siege:

Viva Palestina - break the siege

This blog supports victims of western aggression

This blog supports victims of western aggression

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