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I can smell poo

And it’s coming from Craig Murray’s site!

No, not because it’s Craig making that smell, but because some of the things that are happening to him as outlined on his site absolutely stink!

I am refering to this ghastly UK puppetry pantomime of once “big bad” self labeled Muslims who didn’t actually do anything ‘radical’ – although they protest they were some kind of fundamanetal brigade (lol) and give the impression they could have killed us all in our beds. – A case of De’ja poo, non?

Anyway, Craig pointed something like that out (read his site for details, consider my description a teaser), in more eloquent words of course, and amazingly the Quillium foundation decided to use UK taxpayers money to try and sue Mr. Murray which if successful, is crafted in such a way as to reword the actors in the Quillium Foundation (very appropriate description I may add) will stand to pocket the swag, but not the foundation itself. Ho Ho! Christmas is coming and the goode is getting fat, please put millions of penny’s in Ed’ cap…

Add onto this that the directors of the Quillium Foundation, QF, or QuiFf {whichever you prefer} get something like £80,000 a year, well, it just bogggles the mind. << that figure is open to correction.

The Quillium foundation is in my opinion something akin to what one occasionally steps in.

I urge all people of reason and respect to treat the QuiFf like it should be treated, scraped off in ernest and disposed of carefully in a recpticle disposed to handle biological waste.

If you have taken the leap of bravery to stand beside men of valour dignity and courage such as Craig Murray (and personally I have significant political differences with Mr. Murray – but at times like this such things are irrelevant) then you might like to spread the word about the rather horrible lawyer’s acting with gusto against Mr. Murray and encourage others to desist from using that firm for any kind of business whatsoever. Think of them as the newspaper that now surrounds that stuff languishing in the aforementoned biological hazzard bin. Here’s there details (copy and pasted from the tail endings of their letter as posted on Craigs site):

Clarke Willmott LLP

Rachael Gregory
Clarke Willmott LLP
1 Georges Square
Bath Street Bristol BS1 6BA
fax: 0845 209 2519


To follow is some things Craig would like people to mirror for now… Take it away Craig:

Update (10/Oct/2010): Their threat didn’t materialise so I’ve deleting the replicative info (it has cused me annoyance when searching for items on my blog). See Craigs blog if you want to read his post.

Quilliam Foundation

Ed Hussein – lookin’ the least
smarmy I’ve ever seen him,
golden boy of the
Government/Bliarwatch /Rachel North
backed Quilliam Foundation.

This Quilliam Foundation thing. It’s pants. A clear attempt by the British establishment to assert control over the thoughts of Muslims. This kind of thing has been seen many times before – the Brits were the ones that gave birth the that bastard thieving and genocidal child called Israel, the Brits destroyed the Caliphate (for all its human based flaws), the Brits supplied its bastard with essential nuclear isotopes so it could build an arsenal of nukes. It supports the genocide against the Palestinians. It’s hell bent on winning the final crusade.

It will fail, but will cause untold misery in the attempt.

The pantaloon Quilliam Foundation is just the latest persistent attempt by the Brits to doing what they do best. Just as they created the supposedly Messiah Mirza Ghulam Ahmad “Ahmadiyya Muslim’s” (oops, he died already and never fulfilled his prophecy, never mind) to eat away at Islam. If there’s the possibility of trying to fragment Muslims, the Brits will try it. Often this works simply by lavishing “high class” London prostitutes and fountains of champagne on certain “leaders” but their quiver contains many arrows.

The Quilliam Foundation wants Muslims in the west to adopt pluralism. What an idiotic objective. It gives the impression that Muslims are not pluralistic. Muslims are, but they dont have to wear binikis and vomit in the streets after a pub crawl. Neither do they have to abandon the philosophy of Islam despite what QF or the UK state want them to. These thicko idiots comprising of the UK state want to be able to slaughter Muslims world wide and pilfer what ever they happen to live on top of without repercussion. That’s why they declare xyz as terrorists and incessantly demonize them in the press. They know that if they don’t want to face reprisals, they shouldn’t go around massacring people. It’s really that simple; action and reaction and all that!

Aaaah Ed Hussein. Occasionally in my life, I’ve formed judgements of people too rapidly and realised later that my assessment was incorrect. But after coming across ex-HT (lol) member Ed Hussein on the Doha Debates, I very rapidly decided “I really don’t like you, you puppet”. And why is it that I see Tony Bliar every time I look at Ed Hussein’s face?

 Azzam Timimi, a man I deeply repsect, says of QF: “The group is populated in part by ex-Hizb’ut Tahrir. They say have the same line as the Neocon movement in the UK. They are pro-Iraq war, anti-Hamas, pro-Israel. They are trying to justify what the Government are doing.” 

Dr. Azzam Timimi –
one of the few rare
public figures worthy
of respect.

It’s draws into question exactly what ‘kind’ of Muslims they were who joined HT in the first place.

I also like the dismissal opinionated by “Muslim radical” or “Firebrand solicitor” Anjem Choudry, as the Daily Mail calls him {p.s. DM spells his last name as Choudary}, about this Cheese and Wine Quilliam Foundation, but sadly I’ve lost the exact quote.

Anjem choudry.
Pic by way of (LOL!)

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