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I have just followed up a link to a Rachel North ‘exposed’ website. The link was posted on StefZ’s website and points here:

There is text there taken from a blog post I made about Rachel North.

One bit that I instantly recognised was this

Jon then talks to Rachel North. Rachel recounts of her experience in the bomb train (Piccadilly line) which she boarded at Finsbury park. Rachel says “I felt this huge {pause} POWER smashing me to the floor.”

Ooooh Rachel that was close. Were the words ‘heat blast’ or ‘fireball’ on the tip of your tongue then? Rachel, do be careful. Remember, there’s a conspiracy to ignore.

But wait, what’s this? Rachel says “The air was thick with smoke” Hummm. Interesting. SMOKE. Something’s burning right? What causes smoke? Heat or fire, for example incendiaries – incendiary explosives. Why and I talking about fireballs, smoke and incendiaries? Well, because TATP, the supposed explosive used, doesn’t give off flames or significant heat when it explodes. Oh dear Rachel…. I’m not saying your lying,

It comes from my post entitled:


“Mad yelling wild eyed loons.”

by lwtc247 @ 18. Jun 2007 – 05:38:42

on my blog.

I want to say: I have nothing to do with that rachel-north-liar-and-charletane blog at all. Even if the author/s of rachel-north-liar-and-charletane share exactly the same opinions as me, or otherwise, I don’t want people using what I write of think about her, to be spun into some kind of critique that my words not meant for.

My views on RN are perfectly clear. I am not ashamed for thinking what I do about her. I have written how I feel about her and directly to her (waiting now to hear back from her saying she’s never ever commnicated with me – as she does) But I don’t like the way my comments are used on that website. I am also perfectly willing to junk my opinion of her should I come across information which shows my current belief about her to be wrong. {been waiting a long long time!}

If my comments were referenced to my website and it was clear my commentary was my own opinion at the time of writing, then fine… but it doesn’t.

It gives the impression I am a co-author or contributor or in some way connected to that site which I am not.

There. The record is put straight.

Here’s a comment I just sent them:

You have lifed text from my website about Rachel North (e.g. when she talks with Jon Ronson about the explosion on ‘her’ carraige) and woven them into your website as if it is your own work.

Whether or not I share the same opinion Re: Rachel North as you do. I do not want you to use my stuff unreferenced and in this fashion.

Please quote me and make sure you state what I write is my personal opinion about Rachel.

<a href=””>lwtc247</a>

21:19 BST (my computer time) 05-July-08

The torch and pitchfork Northsquad: “Blairwatch”, go off on a bender

Crikey! What a tremendous collection of fallacious accusations, spin and blatant lies. Where? Why non-Blair watching “Blairwatch” of course.

Having checked out the latest from our very own shrieking Mushroom, Rachel North, I followed a Blairwatch link I previously had posted on my site, but hadn’t the time to read. I refer to

Rachel had already reverted back to calling one person a Nazi, someone she presents as representative of all people who seek the truth (ergo she is a Nazi) or those who ask questions about 7/7 (and 9-11) and are not satisfied with the facile and fraudulent answers/explanations offered.

It is hardly surprising then that someone who has done absolute wonders in uncovering lies and acts of suppression, Bridget Dunne, (see also the J7 site here)   responded to the “YOU ARE ALL NAZI SYMPATHISERS” or “HITLER APOLOGISTS” or the classic …drum roll…. “HOLOCAUST DENIERS” *symbol crash* and they did so on the blairwatch site.

Sensing blood, they let rip on the lies and accusations ad homeni. They are becoming well versed in the practice. A new crusade against anyone who doesn’t swallow their pathetic line of conventionality, mainstream media and government explanation.

So be warned. Go to non-Bliar watching-“Blairwatch” and question something regarding the official line involving terrorist acts on whitey’s soil, and boom… You are a conspiraloon, therefore a NAZI, therefore a HOLOCAUST DENIER!

It is strange how they are hounding Bridget and J7. They are hell-bent on trying to trying to throw the yellow star of a “Holocaust Denier” upon J7 skeptics. Are Blairwatch trying to be the UK’s ADL? One can be forgiven for thinking so; their methodology is running in parallel.

Well no, actually it isn’t strange at all I suppose. You see, as far as I can tell, J7 want ALL unanswered and significant questions regarding the J7 murder spree to be properly investigated in a public Inquiry, while “Blairwatch” seem loathe to that, which sees the chance that jsut possibly such an inquiry may find 4 Muslims may NOT have done it, were duped into doing it, were set up to do it and that the elements of the government lying and possibly for the interests clique, or whatever combination you choose to speculate upon.

In the mind of Blairwatchers, only one explanation suffices. That 4 brown skinned Muslims did it and that there are more brown skin Muslims planning the same.

Blairwatch????? anticonformist-watch more like.


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