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Russia, Ashkenazum, Kabbalah, Boney M

I’ve been reading about the connections between Ashkenazi Jews and Russia and boy oh boy, what a soup of Kabbalistic twists and Talmudic turns it contains. It sparked a post on “-isms”, the draught of which I hope to finish then post soon.

A few years ago a very respected researcher expressed his opinion that originally, Russia was to be what the US was today. I had never heard such a thing before and it made quite an impact on me although I never quite took it further. Reading about Russian history, it is swamped with Khazar “Jews”. Interesting to see how the residual -isms in the West are still clung onto as bipolar ‘alternatives’ to so called Western Democracy.

This post in turn has been inspired by this Boney M video:

 When I was a kid this song was kind of weird to me. I don’t think I can express properly why this is the case, but it was something unique, rather unusual, and stuck in my mind as being one of those odd songs from my childhood.  Now that I’m older and I actually understand the lyrics of a song actually mean something, and not just there to ‘help’ the song,  in conjunction to my reading of Russian history with the Jewish context, this song is still fascinating. It reads like a book of Jewish history.

This Kabbala stuff. It’s bizarre and quite alien / abstract in its whole aura.

Yeah, I was right I couldn’t express it properly.

N(w)o end to Russiaphiles infatuation

Bipolarisation is a terrible affliction. It is a method of control avidly practiced in many countries around the world.

Here you go stupid ordinary person, here’s your two choices. Which one do you want? – When of course BOTH choices are just different colours of the same rotten flavour.

Screw your false “your either with us or with the terrorists” bipolar choices.


UPDATE: This is the kind of thing I’m talking about: 

“FSB just Liquidated Top 3 CIA / MI6 Operatives in Dagestan… well done boys!” – source 

There is a pervese mind behind this. “Your assassinations are bad, our assassinations are good”. The rule of law must be applied to the ZUSUK (Zionists, US and UK) but the Russian authorities can kill who they like without evidence, without due process, without doubt that they may be wrong. IT’S DISGUSTING. Bipolariation is a disease and those affected by it make me sick. Hypocrits. But they are too stupified by their own disease to understand that their glee at summary (in)justice supports the assassination of people like Jean Charles deMenezes.


By the same token, those Russiaphiles for who EVERYTHING about Russia is so good, e.g. Russian weapons(and their consequential sale), Russian leaders(who have killed millions, oppressed millions, or blitzkreiged cities such as Grozny and with the soft flesh inhabitants there in), Russian software (I’ve never known software as crippling to my PC as Kaspersky), G7, Russian Food(Ask Anthony Bordaine about his Moscow stay), Russian submarines, Russian nuclear power stations(inc the alarming floating power stations), Russian FALSE FLAGS(ask the lucky and observant people of Ryazan), Russian stock markets (gambling of course), Russian Banks(hey giz us a bit of usury will ya comrade), Russian architecture, Russian assassination(of Journalists), Russian intelligence agreements(with Israyhell), Russian state approved media, Russian befriendment of murderous tyrants(Karimov in Uzbekistan), Russian failure to safeguard against industrial pollution, Russian Nuclear weapons, Russian chemical and biological research (e.g. smallpox virus), Vacuum bombs ….. see no negativity in ANY action Russia does, only the crimes of the West must matter comrade.

Now at this point the idiots in their Vlad underpants (or Vladipants TM) will be seething at reading all this.

Good – you bipolar idiots. That you can’t disconnect the frightening actions of the ‘leaders’ (leaders of politics, banking and Industry) and ordinary citizen people, the former of who are responsible for ALL these things, then you don’t deserve catharsis. Blow your lids.

What the straw that broke this camels hump (other than the above) well… try this for size. Russia allows US supplies transit.


NPT Eat your heart out.

Russia has a very interesting history. Significant proportions of it has seen it’s people endure great suffering and hardship, not to mention having to suffer that concrete obsessed bleak Soviet ‘architecture’. Like many countries, its people are quite different from its ruling class.

In the contemporary era, Russia has had to live with truly horrible propaganda by the likes of mass murdering psychotic liars such as Donald Rumsfeld, Robert McNamara and others. But because of it’s people and the things its been through, it has a weird place in my heart, possibly along the lines of ‘my enemies enemy is my friend’ like of line.

But its genocide in Chechnya is unforgivable. Running close behind, is the Ryazan/hexagen/apartment bombings false flag issue as well as Its passiveness over the Iraq war and its intelligence cooperation agreement Putin signed when he visited the Zionist occupiers of Palestine shortly after the murderous Beslan massacre. {i.e. Zionist infiltrators in the FSB and government will pass Russian secrets to Israyhell and Zionist agents in Mossad will pass bogus intelligence sprinkled with half truths [for believability’s sake] to Russia}

Sadly Now Russia has embarked upon yet another ingratiating act that of once again showing that the NPT, as far as Russia is concerned, isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Yes, that’s right, Russia breaches the NPT.  (presstv). I don’t give a flying monkey’s if the US UK or France etc… breached it first, breached it more severely or put pressure on Russia to breach it. Russia like the others before it is in defiance of Article VI and the spirit of the NPT contained in the preamble. As such in this case Russia’s actions deserves some attention and criticism.

You have to admit it’s getting better, it’s getting better all the time

So goes one of the lines from the worlds best Album. The Beatles album: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, an album which often features highly in numerous “best ever” albums.

Beatles magic.

Music trivia aside, what exactly is getting better?

The wording from the ministry of propaganda – the BBC of course.


1) Original:  (before being “updated”)
US forces to deliver Georgia aid

The crisis erupted late on 7 August when Georgian forces bombarded South Ossetia to restore Tbilisi’s control over the region.

2) After being updated:
Page last updated at 23:25 GMT, Wednesday, 13 August 2008 00:25 UK
US forces to deliver Georgia aid

The crisis erupted late on 7 August when Georgian forces bombarded South Ossetia to restore Tbilisi’s control over the region, where the majority of people hold Russian passports.


3) Now, (new story / different page)…
Page last updated at 22:05 GMT, Monday, 25 August 2008 23:05 UK
Russian MPs back Georgia’s rebels

Moscow launched a counter-attack after Tbilisi tried to retake South Ossetia by military force.

UPDATE: 4) Now, (other new story)…
Page last updated at 13:26 GMT, Thursday, 28 August 2008 14:26 UK
EU considers sanctions on Russia

Earlier this month Georgia tried to retake the Russian-backed separatist region of South Ossetia by force after a series of clashes.

Russian forces subsequently launched a counter-attack and the conflict ended with the ejection of Georgian troops from both South Ossetia and Abkhazia and an EU-brokered ceasefire.

 Further update: 5) Comparison: (The Iranian based news agancy
Mon, 08 Sep 2008 14:53:48 GMT
Russia explores other options on Iran

The conflict, which began with Georgia’s military offensive into the de-facto region to reclaim it by force, resulted in the loss of 2,000 lives and the displacement of 40,000 people.

So it is getting better, but could be better still! Have I detected a shift from outright lies becasue many of the intelligent public didn’t swallow the BBC (and other corporate media) crap by default? The clear attempts by the BBC to lie and unnecessary demomize Russia have failed miserably and now the BBC is trying to pull itself back (and failing) from its plummeting path of irrelevance and rejection by the worlds thinking people.

Not that the BBC wont repeat the same vile propaganda when the next opportunity arises of course.

Information which liberates the mind


It is a tribute to the internet that so many in the West were able to understand exactly what happened between Georgia and Russian in South Ossetia which as Iain MacWhirter, writing in the UK Hereld says:

…the unstable and unreliable Georgian leader, Mikhail Saakashvili, who launched a cowardly, brutal assault on the South Ossetian town of Tskhinvali under the cover of the opening night of the Olympic Games – Iain MacWhirter



To which Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s ambassador to NATO, corobborates in the IHT:

Saakashvili gave an order to wipe Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia, from the face of earth.

The Georgian air force and artillery struck the sleeping town at midnight. More than 1,500 civilians perished in the very first hours of the shelling. At the same time, Georgian special forces shot 10 Russian peacekeepers who didn’t expect such a betrayal from their Georgian colleagues.

The Kremlin attempted to reach Saakashvili, who was hiding, by phone. All this time the Russian Joint Staff forbid the surviving peacekeepers to open return fire. Finally our patience was exhausted. The Russian forces came to help Tskhinvali and its civilian population. – Dmitry Rogozin




And if the conspiracy theories are wrong that Russia is actually in cahoots with China and the EU and whatnot for some elite group, then you should scratch your heard and ask why the hell are Bush and Merkel trying to rush through Georgia’s membership of NATO, which will probably see Saakashvili try another round of genocide and ethnic cleansing hoping NATO will be obliged to go to war on Georgia’s behalf when the Russians make a rightful response.

DO YOU oh citizens of western Europe want the bones of your loved ones to face being transformed into heat and light for the sake of a western puppet tyrant (is there any other type) called Saakashvili?

Hummmm…. How about  NO!

You can’t handle the truth (so we’ll lie to you)

Britain britain britain. A nice land, full of people with potential to do good.

Pity their establishment cons them from fulflling that potential.

Utter tosh. I don’t drink Jim Beam, but I don’t drink vodka either. However when I see complete shite (for that’s what it is) like this, I ain’t gonna stand by and let the slop go by unheckled.

Good bombing.

The BBC is excelling itself in recent days in what can only be called utter shite.

The crisis erupted late on 7 August when Georgian forces bombarded South Ossetia to restore Tbilisi’s control over the region. – Source

How about this…

Georgian forces initiated shelling of civillians and Russian peacekeepers in the province of South Ossetia, which in late 2006 saw over 90% of its population vote for independence from Georgia. The Georgian shelling took place just hours after Georgia agreed to a ceasefire with Russia after previous confrontations.

But oh no. Georgian bombing is good, Russian repsonses are bad.

Oh those bad bad Russians.

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