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Ryan Dawson on Alex Jones

I’ve seen numerous splits in the truther movement. It seems to me, that more often than not, it’ll be “Israel” that is the greatest divisor.

Here’s Ryan speaking great wisdom on the matter.

Ryan Dawson. War by Deception by sections and bonus features

War by Deception (sept 2010 rework) by sections
Chapter 1 Conspiracy Deniers vs Kooks ignore the extremes Covert ops are normal.
Chapter 2 Iran Contra comparison, 911 hypothesis
Chapter 3 Mass Media lies
Chapter 4 PNAC, Zionist origins for war hype This is the dry part of the film going over documentation, sorry I don’t have any giant owls or spooky symbolism to spice it up, but what I do have is reality, real people, real documented propaganda and real consequences.
Chapter 5 The Lemming Effect Neocons selling nuclear secrets, spies, lies, and Israeli ties
Chapter 6 Where was the cabal on 911?
Chapter 7 Anthrax and USreal Connecting Iraq and Al Qaeda to anthrax neither sent
Chapter 8 “Al Qaeda” Hijackers, are not what you’re told
Chapter 9 Disclaimer distancing from the 911 kook movement and Jones town sensationalism
Chapter 10 The 911 Commission/cover up
Chapter 11/12, 911 truck bombs and bombers caught Israelis released. WTC 7 and 911 damage control
Chapter 12/13 WTC 7 and the 911 damage control
The MIC How they waste your money[/size]
And what their long term plan is.
*The Bush and Schmitz families an orgy of global organized crime and weird sex scandals
* How They Fuck you 101
* DOD the revolving door
* Climate cultist don’t want you to see
* Iraq prewar lies chalk board flow chart
* Dear Richard Perle Fuck you (he even gets flicked off by a 1 year old)
* Obama same shit new ass hole
* Palestine RIP
* Blackmail… Congress possibly more backwards than the Vatican.

Anything not linked is loading. Chapter 10 is an extra. You can watch the film without it.
More information has recently come out about the 911 commission so what I am doing is making an extra chapter to go over the commission members first and then the bogus report separately. So check back for it.

This site is against war, Zionism, (or any other form of racism), profiteering, and all forms of government corruption, mass media deception, and cover ups. This is not a site to flail on about space aliens-illuminati-masonic-deathcult-jewish-catholic-lizard-lucifarian-jesuit-queen-barvarian-etc bull hockey. Take that junk somewhere else.
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“It doesn’t matter who we are underneath. It is what we do that defines us.” Batman Image

“If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it or see it.
Would Israel still blame it on Iran?”-Ry Dawson

Google version of War by Deception (Magic Bunnies)
Pass HR 1207 and S604 audit the Fed

Ryan Dawson (still) Rocks

Ry’s website has been been quiet recently. Turns out he’s been working on a new 17 (YouTube)part documentary of his ‘War by Deception’ classic.

My mouth’s watering.

Update: Here’s a previous version that Ryan made in 2008: War by Deception.

Here’s a clip from the (new) War by Deception. (to be released 9th Sept 2010)

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Ryan Dawson – rys2sense ROCKS

Ryan Dawson (rys2sense) thinks religion is stupid, commonly calls it a fairy tale and compares to leprechauns. But you know what? that’s his right and I defend that right. I think he’s UTTERLY WRONG, is making a HUGE MISTAKE, and will eventually have to PAY A PRICE for it, but that is for him to deal with.

So why do I say he rocks? Because he’s HONEST and he’s BRAVE. I like people with those attributes. I want to be close to them. Although I think he opposes the thing I believe in, as strongly as I believe it, he is actually a comrade of Monotheism. Jerusalem in times past when under Islamic Administration of Salahuddin (Saladin to the Christians) was a shining beacon of mans civility and respect. The different cultures and faiths, and I’m sure people of no faith, lived in peace, harmony, tolerance and respect.

To some degree, the strongly anti-Zionist Jews who live in Iran also enjoy this security to this very day (despite BBC attempts to lie about it). In fact, you may have wondered why there are Jews in Muslim nations at all? like Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, why did Palestinian farmers and land owners lend Jews in WW2 land to help them sustain themselves in dignity? [Read ‘Going Solo’ by Roald Dahl] it’s because the Muslims once again extended Islamic humanity, to deliver them from oppression. The Jews did, and still do, very well in Muslim countries because Muslims know IT”s NOT THE JEWS that are a problem, Its the ZIONISTS.

What am I talking about? Well, it’s kind of how I think of Ryan. He’s the type of guy, and he’s not alone, who I am sure is an ally to the Muslims and not just them… but to every decent human being that wants peace and abhors this dreadful state the planet is in today with its false flag state sponsored terrorism, phoney and fraudulent money/banking system and the momma of all… the Zionist Overlords.

Here then is a few videos of Ryans work: (plz excuse the occasional sweear word – it is infrequent, and when you watch the video, I’m sure you’ll inderstand it’s use)

The ADL cries Anti-Semite to scare people away from talking about Israel:

ADL II more about the ADL and their smear tactics: 

 Why the Sudden Bizarre “Censorship” of Anti-Zionists?:

How they bleep you:

Economic crisis explained (Zionist neocon bankers): – I LIKE THIS ONE

911 Commission:


you tube   rys2sense

P.S. We have lost the war, but we can and should still recruit new upstanding people to keep the embers of resistance glowing for just that little bit longer. Morality and humanity demand it. It is IMMENSELY important to educate people how the world is run today. You must know your enemy to be able to stand clear of him. But the flame will go out and it’s dimming rapidly as I type , because like ALL things that have come to pass, it’s preordained, some aspects of which have been revealed. But when that ember finally stops, then the last Imam, Imam Mehdi, will be victorious when the prophet Jesus returns once more and the bringer of darkness will be destroyed. The light of truth and justice will dwarf that of the embers and burning coals before it.

I’ll be back in about 2 weeks time. lwtc247

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