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Nuclear cloud spreads over earth.


So Pig state finally managed to spread the radioactive nuclear components in satellite – USA 193, catalog number 29651, international designation 06-057A.

Pigs will be pigs!

The Rorsat-class reconnaissance satellites contained a nuclear reactor as a power source. It was later shown that 16 of 31 Rorsats had been leaking potentially radioactive coolant into space, creating a trail of droplets in orbit. [1]

 Mars Rover contained Plutonium (one millionth of a gram will kill a human). NASA’s Environmental Impact Statement for the Mars Exploration Rover-2003 Project says, “the overall chance of an accident occurring” for each launch “is about 1 in 30” and “the overall chance of any accident that releases radioactive materials to the environment is about 1 in 230.” People “offsite in the downwind direction…could inhale small quantities of radionuclide’s,” says NASA’s statement. An area as far as 60 kilometers from the launch site could be impacted, says NASA. [2]

Uranium fallout from the nuclear-powered satellites and volcanic eruptions. J. Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chem.:
Increased Uranium concentration is rain due to volcano and 1983 fall of the nuclear-powered satellite Cosmos-1402, respectively.[3]
– Yes, as early as 1983 radionuclide’s were used in satellites.! More importantly perhaps is that it also contained plutonium.[4]

 Two basic types of nuclear power supply have been used in space nuclear
reactors and radioisotope sources. In a space nuclear reactor system, the energy source is the heat generated by the controlled fission of uranium. …In an isotope power supply, the heat is produced by the natural decay of a radioisotope, which in all US-launched systems is plutonium-238.[5]








[8] Saddams bomb:

P.S. Remember the BBC report (the website is read my millions worldwide) which carried the title “Why the spy satellite won’t fall on your head“[7] – addressed to its million+ readers it is obviously saying to all these millions there is no risk, but after the USS Lake Eire fired its missiles the BBC reports this “the missile needs to pierce the bus-sized satellite’s fuel tank, containing more than 450kg (1,000lbs) of toxic hydrazine, which would otherwise be expected to survive re-entry. ” Hydrazine is very unstable. [6]

If hydrazine is capable of surviving to pose a health risk, it MUST be in a container, so it could have fallen on your heard you stupid “newz” organisation.

Shouldn’t the BBC be challenging the authorities at the very beginning, e.g. demanding to know the totality of the satellites nuclear components, What the official risks were, what will be the environmental pollution aspect of all this and then keep following it up if there were serious environmental concerns afterwards? YES of course it bloody well should. Instead what does it do? Tells a stream of lies which help the powers that be and then post event shrugs its shoulders and says ‘oh well’

Think I’m being too harsh on the BBC? then read the BBC’s filthy propaganda speil and conspiracy and establishment lies report on how Saddam detonated a nuclear bomb in secret. (Saddams Bomb – report filed Friday, 2 March, 2001, 23:52 GMT )

Saddam Hussein.
He detonated a secret nuclear bomb
you know. OH YES HE DID! – The BBC says so.

oink bloody oink!


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