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tough on the causes of crime?

That, along with ‘education education education’ was one of the catchphrase uttered by filth meister general – Mass Murderer Tony bLiar. And epople, as they do, bought it big time.

It turned out to be a load of crap, just like everything else that murdering scumbag did. Don’t even have the cheek to mention the minimum wage unless you can demonstrate that long term, all factors included, it has actually benefited the terminally poor.

And so onto the issue of knives and stabbings – the latest issue the mainstream media demand we focus upon (to aid escape from fatigue of thinking about the 1,236,604 Iraqi dead {7-7-08 estimate})


Onwards then to the main story…..


Body armour for public over knife fears

Knife crime

Teachers, health workers, clergymen and frightened members of the public are buying body armour to protect themselves against Britain’s growing epidemic of knife crime.

There has been a surge in sales of anti-stab vests, with fearful council staff, NHS employees and even shop workers asking for protection.

Both the health service and the Local Government Association said they left it up to individual hospitals and councils to decide whether to issue the vests. 

 But an LGA spokesman insisted: ‘The safety of our workers is absolutely paramount.’

A health department spokeswoman confirmed that some ambulance services had already introduced the vests. The surge in orders follows a spate of knife crime which has claimed the lives of 18 teenagers in London alone this year.

It has also been partly attributed to the Corporate Manslaughter Act – introduced in April – under which employers can be prosecuted for failing to adequately protect staff.

Policing minister Tony McNulty admitted yesterday that carrying knives was getting into teenagers’ ‘collective DNA’.

Peter Warren, managing director of the Body Armour Company, said he sold 10,000 vests last year and orders had increased by half in the past six months.

His most popular item is a Home Office-approved vest, worn under clothing, which costs from £300.

He added: ‘A lot of kids are going to schools with knives now. If you’re a teacher and you’re separating a fight, you want some protection.

‘Over the last six months, it has been gathering pace and I have been getting a lot of phone calls from frightened members of the public.’

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Lets (as we should) examine this.

There is virtually NO blame on the politicians. Lets take it from 1979. We have had 2 parties rule for nearly 30 years with just two people taking up about 21 years of that 30 year period. The almost 30 year period is long enough to cover a lot of the ages of those doing these stabbings and carrying knives.

Fact is, both of these miserable political parties are responsible for the way the country has progressed socially since about. THEY are largely responsible for what we see today. Why are people not accusing them of such? If the direction of society was in general thought of as having become better, the politicians would be sputtering all the time of how it was they which were behind this success, just as Brown/bLiar and Thatcher (in her own way) took credit for what they believed was economic improvement, but then Brown/bLiar blamed the rest of the world for the ‘downturn’. Forget for a minute how the FSA and government in general allowed banks to practice fractional reserve banking and then in conventional thought, gamble all your money away in crazy schemes at YOUR expense and for THEIR profit, and how the government bailed out these private businesses in a number of ways to the tune of about £100 billion.

Forget also how those once again evil ‘Saudi’s’ force up the price of ‘our’ oil (actually theirs), when its largely speculators in places like the City of London and the government which taxes fuel to about 70% . Once again, it’s not the government that’s to blame.  Oh no. Don’t don’t even start down the path that says the UK and US government prop up that regeine in Arabia in the first place.

{P.S. Lets feel sorry for queen Elizardbeth. Isn’t it timely the old bat shares our financial pain. Lets not sac Buck palace then.}

 Right, back to knives…

In exactly the same way that the problem of knives (actually only a problem if people initiate knive use in disputes/attacks etc) becomes worse and harder to solve when kids think if THEY carry a knife it will offer them some protection, then so will the governments apparent ‘solution’ to knife use by offering body armour. Now knife users will ‘gain a combatitive advantage’ if both parties are armed with knives but only one wears body armour.

The problem will harden. Its like the arms race but on an individual level. One ‘advancement’ fosters a countermeasure and so the problem spirals, leading to the kind of annihilation potential we see today.

But of course our wise intelligent and fantastic politicans and civil servants such as those in the LGA thought about this and didn’t engage in knee-jerk endangering reactionism. They never do that.

And does anyone else find that verbal diohrea fortress of intellectualism Tony McNulty’s comments:

“carrying knives was getting into teenagers’ ‘collective DNA’.”
– Tony McNulty

highly spooky? I do for a number of reasons.


TODAY 3 years ago a terrorist attack took place which killed at least 52 lives. If mass murdering scum Tony bLiar hadn’t lied and spun his nasty little ass off to engage in a war that’s killed over 1 million Iraqi people, it would probably never of happened. It was YOU Mr. Bliar no matter what the real version of events were on that day, YOU bear direct responsibility for their deaths and all the others you slaughter overseas.

Prepare for Hell Thatcher, Major, Bliar and Brown, for there, you will see real action on the causes of crime.


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