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No shot Sherlock! – Georgia/Russia

While the leadership of Georgia, under cover of the opening of the 2008 Olympic games, was busy iniating war against civillians, mentally astute people around the world sussed out pretty early that it was the doings of the Georgian leader Sackasswilly and he comitted a number of crimes against humanity in the process.

The BBC and British government at the time were unquestionably in favour of the criminal Georgian government and that bag of talking pus filled skin bag, David Milliband, went full steam shead towards conflict with Russia, while he should have praised Russia’s legitimate response and the caution it took to minimise civillian casualties and infrastructure.

Independent media crews exposed a few of the lie that Russia initiating this conflict, lies which were slapped around the corporate mainstream media (MSM) like honey on a rosting pig.

Still, despite all this and evidence of Sackasswilly’s crimes, the BBC still spun a pro-Georgia line.

Today the BBC finally does what others have been saying for some time, albeit being dragged kicking and screaming by other media organisations/outlets – that Georgia did infact commit war crimes. But even then the slime can’t help but put pro-Georgian spin on it.

“Georgia’s attempt to re-conquer the territory”source. Emphasis mine.

As if Russia had invaded or conqured South Ossetia. Any only now that the BBC admits what happened will it’s employees and other avid BBC believers accept a clearer picture of what happened.

The BBC newz department and the sick-heads that run it are a disgraceful part of the BBC.

It should be scrapped.

Today wouldn’t be soon enough.

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