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Fire made WTC7 collapse

Update 29-Sept-08: Thanks to “not Anonymous”, 28 September 2008 17:50, on StefZ’s Famous for 15 Megapixels blog ( for this amazingly concurrent video…

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That is why insurance companies charge a premium for fire insurance on steel structured buildings.

It is why the use of steel in construction, before any were commissioned, were banned by the authorities as every single test conducted on the use of steel as a construction material in the event of fire, proved it was unsafe.

And that’s why plans to build (illegal) steel based buildings, didn’t need to include provisions for any issues relating to localised structural failure.

It’s why building codes and National Standards Institutions formulated new policy on the use of steel in construction, widening the scope of its ban.

It’s why all buildings (illegally) made of steel which have caught fire, did actually collapse, but conspiracy theorists photo-shopped photos of the buildings, created doctored video footage and with killed inferno witnesses or drugged them in order make them believe that the building stood upright.

It’s why the architect of the emergency operations bunker in WTC7 bunker must have been a schoolboy with a shine for tech drawing as he didn’t realise the inappropriate nature of using an (illegal) steel structured building to make that bunker .

It’s why the peer reviewed literature states repeatedly steels unsuitability.

It’s why building currently under planning or actual physical construction no longer use (illegal) steel.

It’s why steel is never employed in situations were metal is in contact with fire.

It’s why the debris of WTC1,2 and 7 did not exceed the temperature of burning kerosene and other combustible materials, furnishings and servicing offices and so forth.

It’s why sites like this are not synthesised propaganda in showing steel is, in effect, like putty in ones hands.


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