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On the Stephen Lawrence murder trial – post sentencing

The BBC says:

“A totally innocent 18 year old youth on the threshold of a promising life was brutally cut down in the street in front of eye witnesses by a racist thuggish gang,” he told Dobson and Norris.

“You were both members of that gang. I have no doubt at all that you fully subscribed to its views and attitudes.”

He said the assault was “a brief but co-ordinated attack, a racist taunt, a charge and a swallowing up of Stephen Lawrence”.

“I’m sure that you knew one of your group was armed with a knife that night,” the judge said. “The evidence does not prove you had the knife, but the holder had it with your approval.”

Mr Justice Treacy said the encounter was not premeditated but Dobson and Norris had been prepared to attack if the opportunity arose.

The evidence does not prove thy had the knife, but the holder had it with your approval…. So there is no evidence these people killed Stephen Lawrence, yet they are sentenced for murder. That just doesn’t make sense. And the judge cannot assert that the knife wielder did hold it with the approval of Dobson and Norris (although one suspects they probably did).

Given the lack of evidence, shouldn’t Dobson and Norris be standing trial for difference charges other than murder? It matters not that they are probably vile scum, what matters is the law is carried properly.

I can’t believe that Dobson and Norris will have any appeal turned down (unless those considering the appeal act politically).

Dobson and Norris are surely victims of a perversion of justice.
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Justice for Stephen Lawrence and wider implications

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Salam All.

Will the killing of Stephen Lawrence (1993) finally see some justice getting done? If the track record is anything to go by, then I think we’d have to answer ‘No’, but we shall see.

The particular things I’d like to point out here, are that despite the problem of the police force being institutionally racist, a rare and welcome declaration, (which obscurely enough some senior members of the police force rejected), they are still racist, in fact, now, I think they are much worse, as my ex- work colleague Ahmer Rafiq (1996) would testify and a number of others like Jean Charles deMenezez – if they hadn’t had their brains blown out all over the floor of a London underground Tube train that is.

So, even when a clear first step has been identified which could act as a catalyst for reform, nothing became of it.

This should not surprise us because like the polices institutionalised racism, they are institutionally despotic too and that will ALWAYS remain;  their apparent heavy membership within satanic freemasonry (2000) and continued allowed non-declaration testifies to that. And to believe declaration of masonry to other possibly Freemasons, is a ‘check and balance’ against secrety and cabals, is a joke, isn’t it? Police Complaints Authority anyone? IAEA,  etc etc.

So the justice of sorting out ‘the filth’ (a word I believe was more frequently used to refer to the London Metropolitan Police more than others forces) remains unfulfilled.

As to double jeopardy, DJ, (the prohibition of having to stand trial again for the same trial having previously been found ‘not guilty’) these few early ‘post- DJ scrapping re-trials’ are an INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS precedent.  To me, it seem inevitable that this (and so called ‘hate laws’) will come back to haunt the most vulnerable people in the UK, while appearing to support them. To my untrained legal mind, I think this legal principle must not be allowed to be fudged, even though it may mean that Stephens alledged killers may get off free. The LONG term and anthropomorphic dimension might outweigh one particular case – don’t they?

That sounds horrible, I know. But I am only thinking of the increasingly tyrannical law enforcement(/on the spot creation) branch that seem hell-bent on repeatedly stitching up more and people in the future as the societal structure of the UK continues to collapse.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to place someone’s DNA somewhere, or as we see nowadays not even bothering with that – just making fantasy stories, a la 7.7.2005 narrative,   if you didn’t manage to stitch them up properly the first time.

It’s an awful line in the sand to draw, but for now, that’s my current feeling.

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