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Is anyone recording this – NR’s announcements ?

I had been relatively quiet about NR’s calamity, not just becasue the blogging community were doing quite a few superb pieces on it (e.g. see Stef and all the top commentaters/contributors on his famous for 15 megapixles site) but also becasue it seemed like it was only massively overpaid suits that would be the main losers in all this {the majority of the sensible folk taking their money before NR liquidators did!}

But now I believe as indicated in the previous post that ordinary people are going to have to pay for NR’s greed, magical and hyperbolic financial practices (and it must be said: NR’s investors – yes indeed!)

So if NR collapses, will the NR’s statement(s) it makes on it’s website and in other mediums (snapshot below) come true or not?


If not, then if you have recorded these claims, can the people making those claims inc. the government/BoE  be sued for fraud and deception?

lwtc247’s mad! What sub-prime hoax?

Manipoly –  A Popular game played in the global economy by the elite.

Mounting losses as $1 trillion in sub-prime mortgages goes bad[1]

Assuming US average House price = $307736 from early 2007 figures[2] (6% annual increase rise from 2003 figure [3]) And assuming morguage repayment costs double the purchase price therefore : $ 615472, then 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) US dollars covers 1,624,769 loans.

Are you tellimg me 1,624,769 loans were issued?-  not just loans but sub-prime loans?
And that ALL of them failed? – None of them were re-structured?
The bank repossessed all the houses? The Bank couldn’t resell any of them?
Sub prime lenders were given loands for AVERAGE house prices?
All tenents are evicted? (as would happen if the debt wasn’t restructured)

Audit the US (P.S. The EU has failed its finacial audit for the 13th time running)

Someone is wallowing in a lotta wonga!


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