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Subliminal sex

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^^ Nothing new to seasoned loons, but I decided to take a closer look at the ‘Little Mermaid” poster. Here’s a big version I found on the web.

Having watched the YouTube video above, perhaps you can see what I think I’ve spotted…

A clue perhaps:

Update: Thats not all…

I remember a few months back I went to see Toy Story 3. I was surprized to see some unusual pre-cartoon before the movie started. It was called ‘Day and Night’. After watching it I was quite disgusted as it was obviously pushing ideas into the heads of the kids that came to watch a movie – not this piece of crap to a captivated anticipating audience.

The guilty scumsuckers making this poison:



Loon alert: BBC subliminal pro-Palin/McCain hypothesis.


Fellow loons have probably noticed the BBC has a specific logo for the unfurling economic meltdown scam.


When I first saw it, I thought it looked like blood trails splattering across the world. But today they have a zoom-in on their “business” page. {Actually now I’ve seen to two side by side, they are actually different, but there consistent in the ‘theme’}






Aaaah. So the trails of blood were just blood coloured graphs. Any loon worthy of the title will always look ‘around’ such logos and charts for the usual deceptions that successfully program 90% of the people 90% of the time.


Hummm… Africa had a massive dip in the trend line, as does South America. Europe ‘middles out’. North America has the greatest uptrend. Hummm.. So maybe if the logo is engineered, then perhaps it’s to reinforce the myth that the US is the ‘leader’ – or perhaps not.


But then something else struck me. The greatest part of the spike is Alaska. Not only that but Alaska features strangely enough TWICE on the image.


Alaska is famous for

1) Snow, bears, trout and being cold.

2) Showing how easily the Russians could be bought off

3) More snow

4) The Exxon Valdese


which are in their own little ways important to some degree, but now one thing instantly jumps to mind when the word Alaska appears and that is…


5) Sarah Palin.


The hypothesis then, is, if the image is not put together randomly, then it is a subliminal message that Uncle Sam rulez ok, and Sarah Palin is is the best thing since errrm, George Formby.


— end of loon alert —


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