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George Monbiot gains promotion into premier league

War criminal and killer, the particularly nasty neocon,
scumbag supreme John Bolton

I’ve scaled back overall web activities recently due to work commitments and coming week won’t be much better as I’m heading off home to Manchester. Farewell Asia major, hello errrm Asia minor lol.

As a result, I’ve didn’t have time to read up on this little ditty…

Alleging War Crimes, George Monbiot Attempts Citizen’s Arrest on Former UN Ambassador John Bolton.

George ‘lionheart’ Monbiot.

George you darling. Well done. Your activism is inspiring. Next time someone tries this we need a big posse to stop the offender from evading arrest and justice.

I’ve been critical of Gergie baby in the past, and his ‘explanations’ of 9-11 are baseless, but efforts like this, even if as critics may say was just a stunt, should deserve our respect.



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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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