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Nuclear Energy lecture – call for input.



Dear readers.

I’m going to give a lecture/presentation to a group of University academics (scientists amongst them) in a few months time with a title approximating to..

“Nuclear Energy – the case against”

I’m quite lucky in the sense that the regular readers and contributors of this blog (as well as some casual passers by) are intelligent and I usually have a great deal of time for what they have to say. As such, I ask if anyone has any comments/arguements/dilemmas they would like to bring to my attention, either PRO or ANTI nuclear energy, then please do so.

I already have a stack of material {ed}- really, the internet is an beatable resource for a topic such as this (just as it is for computing) and contains far more information on nuclear issues that most libraries.

The breakdown of my lecture is going to look something like this:

A) Condensed guide to nuclear science.

B) Issus:
i. How the pro-lobby put their case
ii. Modern Life & the energy need – turn it on its head?
iii. History of Nuclear Accidents
iv. By-products:
     – Depleted Uranium
     – Radioactive waste (inc. Plutonium) and legacy
v. Cost efficiency of nuclear energy


I’ll leave on this note:

16 March 1979 The China Syndrome (movie)
28 March 1979: “Three Mile Island” Nuclear Accident

Mr Power isn’t the only one with hairs standing on the back of his neck: With reference to the above dates, watch this trailer…

Last few seconds: “Soon, you will know. The China Syndrome” – 12 days later as it turned out!

This report about the THORP plant at Sellafield, and its 2005 high level radioactive leakage discovery also reveals similar problems that occured in The China Syndrome c.f.  the stuck dial.

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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