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Update on the political kidnapping of Dr. Fredrick Toben on British soil


Update on the political kidnapping of Dr. Fredrick Toben on British soil – 
Ingrid Rimland – Z Gram October 5, 2008 
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And latest from the BBC:
MP backing for ‘Holocaust denier’  – BBC title.
No doubt Mr. Toben’s scribing: “MP backing for arrest of Researcher of propaganda.”
Note: Sat Oct 4th 2008, BBC Radio 4 Today programme, Lib Dem MP Chris Huhne says the arrest should not have happened. He discusses this view with Joshua Rozenberg (former BBC correspondent)of the Daily Telegraph. Radio slot lasted a few minutes.

Tobens arrest:

“The arrest was made while Toben was in transit, flying from the United States to Dubai with a stopover in London” – source

Now, if you were fortunate enough not to have had BSErger stuffed in your mouth by Tory John Gummer, you might be able to remember this…

Israeli Ex-General Evades London Arrest on War-Crimes Charge (source)
Report compiled by Moshé Machover
Published: 18/09/05

On 11 September 2005, Hickman & Rose —a law firm based in Islignton, London and specializing in human-rights cases—and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) issued the following joint statement

Israeli war crimes suspect evades British justice after UK(!) court issues warrant

An Israeli war crimes suspect today turned tail to avoid arrest by British police officers under an arrest warrant issued by Bow Street Magistrates’ Court (!!)

Major General (retired) Doron Almog today spent some time ‘airside’ at Heathrow airport before taking a return flight to Israel. 
  – exclamation marks my emphasis


  • Israeli general escaped arrest at Heathrow ‘because police feared gunfight’ – timesonline
  • Heathrow airport, September 2005. An Israeli general accused of war crimes flies in. Waiting for him is a team of Met police officers. Would they dare to arrest him and risk provoking an international incident? – The Independent
  • Israeli evades arrest at Heathrow over army war crime allegations [Retired general tipped off after judge issues warrant, Ex-commander accused of demolishing Gaza homes] – The Guardian
  • Amnesty International deplores failure to arrest Israeli war crimes suspect –
  • British police failed to arrest Israeli war criminal –


Supposedly, it’s good when Justice is blind. What then when Justice has been blinded?

old lwtc247 link

Heaven help you –

Then they came for the Revisionists

First they came for the Monotheists
They slaughtered many and perverted our teachings, but alhamdulillah, we survive to this day.

Then they came for the resources.
Their ships heavy laden with gold and slaves, leaving behind plagues and musketeers to shoot those who resisted.

Then they came for the Republicans
They killed millions but we taught the monarchs a powerful lesson, we could crush them should they abuse our grace.

Then they came for the Revisionists
With toxic slurs designed to maintain the homogeneity of false accounts which supports their agenda.

But they failing, for we now know of their lies, their wickedness, and there is still some out there who will still speak out for me.

An Australian man, Dr. Gerald Fredrick Toben , is Arrested at London Heathrow because of a EU warrant in which Germany prosecutes people for thought crimes.  Deborah Lipstadt discounted the Jewish-skin lampshades and Jewish-fat soap lies, although strangely nobody ever traced the source of those lies. I believe she also challenges the 6m figure, like many other researchers and Jews do too. But the rules of the game don’t apply to some, merely to others. How can German fascist laws pertaining to thought crimes be allowed to exercised upon people in the UK?



Just to spite the Orwellien fascists, Here is Tobins website:

Here’s some others:
Norman Finklestein (who believes the historical record of the holocaust):

Press TV report:

Holocaust revisionist seized in London
Thu, 02 Oct 2008 05:42:07 GMT

Dr. Gerald Frederick Toben

An Australian Holocaust revisionist has been arrested in London for posting online materials denying mass killings of Jews in World War II.

Gerald Frederick Toben, a founder and director of the Holocaust denial Adelaide Institute, was arrested at Heathrow Airport, Australia’s ABC Radio reported.

The 64-year-old former school teacher was refused bail in London’s Westminster Magistrate’s court and is to appear again on Friday for an extradition hearing.

Toben, who is wanted by the District Court in Mannheim, Germany, was arrested under a European Union arrest warrant over publishing material on the internet of “an anti-Semitic and/or revisionist nature.”

Remanded in custody until the Friday’s session, he condemned his trial as an insult and “a done deal between Britain and Germany.”

Questioning the Holocaust is an offense in Germany where the deniers could face a jail term of up to five years.

Toben objected to the terms of the warrant and called an extradition order against Schengen agreement.

“This is an abuse of process. This is a legal ambush. It’s not British law where the individual still has freedoms,” he told the court.

“The Schengen agreement protected me. Britain has not the Holocaust denier laws that Germany has so they are slipping [this offence] in as a race hatred and cyber crime,” he added.

In 1999, Toben was sentenced to seven months in jail in Germany when he was seized en route from the US to Dubai. He has also served an 11-month sentence in Austria for his comments on what the Jewish society holds as gospel truth.

In 2006, Toben was a speaker at a two-day conference in Tehran which questioned the claims of Nazis’ war crimes in the Second World War and was also attended by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Born in Germany in June 1944, Toben is a PhD holder from the University of Stuttgart and has authored eight books.


If the information in those or some of those antiZion sites is wrong, then good, glad you’ve found errors, now challenge them and prove them wrong. But screw you if you just throw people in jail for daring to think and speek differently. Why should anyone swallow the unfounded stories that are used to whitewash the Hideous theft and genocide of the Palestinian people. And if some of the people who write that stuff are Nazi sympathisers or whatever, that in no way nullifies what they write or any facts they pay publish. Your thought crime fascism doesn’t wash sonny jim.













Fascism monthly August 08 edition

{Ed: typo corrected and link added 1-sept-08}
On Gordo’s “assassination” plot……
pppfffffffffffffffffffffff !

Brothers Abbas Iqbal and Ilyas Iqbal, both of Percival Street in Blackburn, are both charged with possession of an article in circumstances which give rise to a reasonable suspicion that possession is for a purpose connected with the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism.source

What a reality inversion.

Ishaq Kanmi, of Cromwell Street, faces additional charges of belonging or professing to belong to al Qaeda – ibid

So which is it then? Is he a member? Does he have a receipt and a membership card? Did he send off his postal order for a tenner, OR, seemingly like a number of other UK Muslims, is he guilty of the thought crime and of ‘talking big’ to playing along with some kind of fantasy?

Wonder if he was on commission?
At we’re offering a 10% discount this month on membership, and 15% discount for families!!! You will also be added automatically into the draw for a new dual-fuel car and a food voucher for two. These prizes can be swapped for dinner with king Abdullah II of Jordan and a full size cardboard cut-out of Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali. So don’t delay, join today.

Of course the MOD promoting its death porn allover the place on YouTube etc. isn’t promoting state sponsored terrorism. None of the tens of millions of people the Brits have killed are illitimate {Ed: typo corrected corrected}  killings, because the Brits say so. Being the foundes of concentration camps and scorched earth policies in the Boer wars for example or the mass starvation of tens of millions of Indians are spot on old chap. Those uncivilised darkies deserve death anyway, put them out of their misery. Isn’t that right?

And don’t be worried about the MOD’s death porn, showing British state funded killers operating in other peoples countries and not in the main, defending and operating on UK territory.

Stills of death porn. Des Browne’s foreplay…

Dig those markings man!

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