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Zion Attacks !!!

But not if you read the disgraceful reporting on the BBC.

To the BBC which claims impartiality/neutrality, as uncannily does “fair and balanced” FOX News, the Zionist macabre love of killing Palestinians is only ever mentioned in terms of Palestinian “militants” killed or “Israeli strikes”  – and here we get to the crux – in retaliation to rocket fire.

Over the lst few days especially, the BBC has always made it out as though Zionist Israel only responds to violence by the Palestinians as first aggressors. Claims that are of course ridiculous.

Hugh Tisdale - They stole my land, burnt my olive trees...

Zionists are always the defenders, never the seeders of death and destruction.

Aah, the fabled Zionist reality inversion strikes again.

It is incredible that the BBC’s pro Zionist bias has been exposed very well over the last decade or so yet it has provided no change at all and the BBC cum BBZ continues to pump out the utter lies and distortions again and again.

I remember some time back George Galloway said words to the effect of: If an Iraqi whose family had been killed by bliar’s lies retaliated and tried to kill Bliar or his family, then it would be justified.

Similarly, I think one could make a case for legitimacy of a victim of the BBC’s propaganda to attack the BBC given its contributory role in the gross oppression and suffering of various peoples across the world, including Palestinians, Arabs and Persians – especially Muslims ones in particular or even Russians.

In fact that logic was used by Clinton and bLiar when NATO attacked a TV station in the former Yugoslavia.

Oh how I look forward to the passing of the BBC Newz (“Newz” because it certainly ain’t ‘News’). But it will always go on, won’t it? Because it’s purpose is to serve the nauseating pro-Zionist British establishment, britain is the mother of Zionist entity known as Israel.

Listen, oh ye Christians to thy learned and righteous scholars

The coming of Jesus was one of the most significant events in the history of man. No matter how his teachings may have been ignored, distorted or inverted, the residual fundamentals of Jesus remain. The influence of Jesus manefests itself in clear understandings of the forces which are primarily responsible for shaping the planet today, towards the few who sincerely try to understand Jesus’s message.


Gaza Made Simple For Christians By Ted Pike 2009 (rev.) 9m32s


It wasn’t too long ago that there was a great animosity between Christians and Jews. Understandable perhaps given that according to Christian doctrine, the Jews killed the son of God. In the eyes of a Christian surely that was a very great crime indeed.


Examination of Jewish Rabbinical writings on the matter try to excuse that killing, denouncing Jesus as a magician, a dangerous impostor and they called his mother, the most devout and chaste Mary. So how then can we explain the strange modern Judaeo-Christian alliance?


Christian perspective: Ted Pike – Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance 1h35m23s

Take note of the “Birth Pains” from Sanhedrin 99a in the Talmud referenced at 45m46s. Did you remember Condolseeza Rice’s strange “birth pangs” comment when Israyhell was blitzkreiging Lebanese people in the summer of 2006 (originally said 2007 – sorry)



An Islamic view: Sheikh Imran Hosein – The Strange World of Today 58m31s



The destruction of Lebanon 2006 was Hizbullahs fault!


Oh yes it was!

What? You mean you don’t believe me? Well, I’m just reporting what honest Tom Levitt MP has described[1]!! So shame on you. Tom says: “The actions by Hizbullah that led to the outbreak of the conflict” under comedy concerned title : “Speaking Out: Tom Levitt” and he’s a NeoLabour MP! so he’s right and your all wrong.

Happy now?

OK. So now hopefully you’ve changed your mind. Good.

But woah! Now perhaps you swing the other way? –  and feel anger at Tom overplaying it, with a whopping 448 words (including aforementioned title) equating to a bloated 0.37 words per Lebanese death[2]. Or maybe your angry that Toms report only mirrors the ADL’s filthy propaganda report[3] by about 98%. Or perhaps that Tom went OTT in saying Israyhells response was “wholly disproportionate” – when we should be thankful he didn’t say “it was illegal!”. Good grief(!) that doesn’t bear thinking about!

To make you feel better then, Tom’s “Speaking Out” doesn’t really speak out about the fact plans for the army of Zion to invade Lebanon were drafted before the ‘kidnapped soldiers’, nor does he say owt about BuSh and bLiar’s deliberate stalling to give their Zionist buddies more opportunities to shatter the flash and bones of Lebanese people supplied with US and UK ordinance, and take heart that Israyhell is only responsible forthe political rise of Hizbullah in Lebanon in the last six months and the instability the country now faces. ” and not it’s responsible for the destruction and mass death that met Lebanon in the summer of 2006 by way of the Israyhelli kiss.

Finally, lets thank Jeh-va that Tom makes no mention of criminal proceedings against the aggressor nor of reparations.





A highly paid unawares stooge?

Two days ago I was at an International technology related seminar. For some reason, the planned keynote speaker wasn’t available but somehow, fortunately (?) someone else called Dr. Tan (??), stood in.

Dear lord it was a painful 30 minutes or so.

Just quickly: One thing I’m quite good at, is reading people. I don’t mean in the Mistic Meg (or more accurately, Mistake Meg) fashion, but rather ‘sussing’ them out very rapidly. If there talking lobbox, lying, being insincere/fake etc. If I try and see through them consciously, it is even easier.

In communication, people intermittently don various psychological masks, by far the most common, is the one to offer total concealment/give cover, or to obscure something. They obviously believe their mask will be ample enough to afford that concealment, yet I can usually see straight through it. From which I infer they only put on a mask as strong as they themselves would find it hard to see through, therefore their mask is ineffectual to me, I must have much better powers of looking/analysing into people than they do. With regard to people deliberately put on a transparent mask, this is less common. The most devious people (often, but not always these are ‘clever’ people in the maniplative sence) adon a semi-transparent mask, a mask of ambiguity.

I more than suspect ‘skepetic-by-default’ people, also have similar X-ray vision like I mention above, dare I say conspiraloons?


Dr Tan, A Singaporean guy of Chinese ethnicity (if you hadn’t already guessed!) who worked for IBM as a technology consultant for East Asia got up to give his replacement for the keynote address. Smartly dressed – black suit, stereotypical ‘young techno geek’ stickky-up hairstyle. He said a few words into the mic when getting ready. The mic levels were quite loud. He then “started”.

I can’t remember the exact sequence of events ‘cos I was having an on-off chat to some Canadian participants (saying things like how Canadians don’t like to be labelled (incorrectly) as USans due to similar accents to the untrained ear – take the opportunity to try and push a little division in there LW  – heh heh heh! ). So Dr. Tan said something like his name and his position, but then said “by the way, can you hear me at the back. If you can’t please put your hand up”

Now normally this is a perfectly valid question BUT he already knew the answer to that question as the mic level was quite loud, having already spoken it. And were weren’t at Old Trafford either! So I raised an eyebrow.

I could see he was following the opening chaper of “presentation methodogy”. Hummmm…

Soon afterwards he almost did a Rumsfeld. He was going on about graduates and that how they are trained to “do things right, but often do things rightly is not as good as doing the right thing”   Oh God! FARTSPEAK! It’s not going to be one of these kinds of tosh-a-munga addresses is it?

With pictures of Donald Bumsfelt now cashiering up in front of my eyes! My inner voice said

No, PLEASE NO! Don’t start going on about known unknowns please!,

Help! He starting to do it. NOOOOO!

“Its not who you know, but you have to know who you don’t know…”


so and it went on for about a minute. End result of the Rumsfeldian? Well, unsurprisingly perhaps,  when trying to explain it to the people who didn’t instantly get what he was saying,  he made an error in his explanation somewhere and ended up contradicting himself and talking lobbox. Not that the audience seemed to care, most of whom I guess gave up shortly after the first neo-Confusesism a minute or so earlier and just happily waited for the guy to stop his waffle and actually state his point.


At this point, I was just waiting for him pull out a cassette recorder, press play and then have the words “Your simply the best” start blaring out. A song sung incidentally by a woman that will surely have to be buried in a Y shaped coffin, and actually, I really did feel like one the new staff in one of the first episodes of “The office” with Ricky Gervais, when he does his motivational speech. Perhaps Mr.Tan has watched at episode and misunderstood it, taking it as some kind of masterclass or something?

An so it went on. A few more personal tales partly designed to impress us with facts that he did some vague “project” with the Chinese Railway authorities who had 20m people working in that sector and contrasted it with 100+ man Google, and if you can’t see any validity in his comparison, don’t worry, there wasn’t one!

I’m not going to tell you that Mr Tan said about YouTube or Google suffice to say it is absolutely stupidity to put forth as something to be repected, a company that makes nothing, could replicated at the drop of a hat on a shoestring budget (like how it started out in the first place),  especially after buying another etherial company which made nothing and didn’t really do anything, and was known to be being sued for $1 bn US. Well,  $1 bn US may well at the end of the court proceedings only cost £4.27, so maybe that’s not such a big deal after all?

But suddenly it very worse bit for a very interesting reason.

Some network connectivity charts showing lines between countries on a global map were shown, which pulled me out from the somewhat indulgence in the self-enacted nightmare I was going through.

 Then up popped the next relationship slide.

Now you, being familiar with my blog and not having your cognitive punch-bowl spiked with Mr Tans ‘interesting’ quips and jokes (which incidentally, he had to explain on more than one occasion, saying the immortal words “that was a joke by the way”) wont have had your eyes seeing the slide in the same manner that the catpured audiece would have done so. We were scanning the latest slide for information about these global relationships and other boring social-science fartspeak concepts that I was forcing myself to hunt out on the projected screen, to which seconds later after realising it was fruitless, I began “see” it. My spidey-loonsence kicked in.


the pic is the barebones of the slide shown.

The blue and white bit was the trigger really.

That’s the star of David I said to myself. What’s that doing there? And look, it’s at the CENTRE of a ball with a cloudy blue outer circle around it. WOAH! Alert Alert! Possible subliminal implantation going on here! Israel is the centre of the earth through which all of the globe must pass through.

I was frowning. Unhappy at that symbol being rudely displated in my eye-scan. A symbol that represents one of the most long-running open wounds on the earth. An open wound whose instigators and parasites inside it, maintained the status quo. To me, the graphic was very much contrived and very unnecessary, suggesting therefore it was intentional.

I should have looked around at the rest of the crowd (many Muslims were there) but I think I only had a quick flick of the eyes towards them before activating “FULL SCAN MODE” on Mr Tan.

He was almost finished and I must admit, now FULLY alert, I didn’t detect any other subtle symbology or wording from Mr Tan. I saw no mal-intention by Me Tan, but it was clear that most graphics were not his, but from IBM corporate slides.

So Mr Tan, and his presentation, got a clean bill of health for the short scan I gave him. He was obviously not conscious of what I regarded yet another instance of the ongoing “beam Israyhell into the back of your brain” campaign.

Continuing with Mr. Tan for a second, actually, I’d say he’s likely a very nice guy and smart enough not to bore you if I quickly add he wasn’t in a non-seminar type situation doing an extended advert for IBM. He did display charisma which was massively begated out by a rather formulaic presentation theory. And I hope someone tell him re his humour that ‘it’s all in the timing.’

Diverting from the core of this post, I just want to let you know there was an IT lecturer there who managed to develop a system of teaching people C++ on a PDA! Can you image how difficult that would be to plan and achieve? I tip my hat many times to that very young smart sharp and articulate lady Riaza Rias who, given an unhindered path, is I am sure will achieve many good things.

There was also a sharp minded presenter from India, Dr. Senthilnathan who really showed how much effort India is putting into driving India forward not only in terms of application of technology but also/in addition to/coupled with the education sector. India is already THE worlds strongest centre for applied computing (my words, not the good doctors). They are the only country in the world to have a satellite totally dedicated to education. Wow! It’s cost is billions of rupees and the satellite wont even last that long, but it shows a fantastic drive for technology use for a worthwhile cause – eduation. In act I don’t think I have ever had any feelings other than strongly positive  ones for delegates from India at a sumber of conferences and Seminars. It’s quite extraordinary.

India and it’s immediate neighbours is the worlds service station. You name it, kidneys, people, polymorphic lethal drugs trials to unfairly name a few of the least savoury of them. What an astounding country. It’s got little or no gas/oil too which raises HUGE questions about India’s future, but becasue they have so many subsistence wokers when the crap hits the fan, thankfully they are least likely to suffer. By consequence of the lack of oil, Indias nuclear sector is going to be MASSIVE and I utterly HATE EVERYTRHING to do with nuclear power. I heard an intelligent man on the radio saying that Uranium may well hit peak in about 50 years, and we are already post peak w.r.t. oil. What on earth is going to happen to nuclear power, nuclear weapon India? What an enigma.

Digression over, returning to unknowing subliminal Isreal propaganda conduit, Mr Tan…

There was no Q&A but I would have deliberately have asked a question in some way including a reference to the symbology. Sitting here and typing out yet another example of my paranoia out for all and sundry to see, I’ve thought of the perfect opener

“Just one point, On that Israeli star of David at the centre of the earth kind of diagram…..”


But next time… I’m ready and waiting.

Moves towards the expanding the borders of Zion continue.

It was a good fiery “Inside Iraq” this week (Al Jazeera English, AJE, Fri 9th Nov 07).

Watch here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

AJE reports that Israel is working/training with the PKK/Peshmerga in Northern Iraq. Which would be a betrayal to turkey its 3rd closest Ally after the US and UK.

 { Note Al Jazeera English reports on Turkey – Israel ties: Turkey one of the first countries to Accept the occupation of Palestine as early as 1949, Diplomatic relations since 1950, signed a joint Military defence agreement in 1996, Did not grant what was left of the destroyed state of Palestine full diplomatic states after Israel protested in 1988, has purchased Israeli aircraft system and held joint military exercises. Since 1997 it has had  a free trade agreement with Israel which in the first half of 2007, saw over 1bn$ worth of traded goods.[2] }

But of course, it’s NOT a betrayal at all. Because Turkey and Israel are just different flavours of the same food: Zionism. Zionism pulls easily manipulated people from ALL the monotheistic faiths. “Jewish” Zionists are well known, “Christian” (evangelical) Zionists have become very visible in the last 10 years or so, and the taboo (because of the association of Israel with Muslims) “Muslim” Zionists, for example the Ruling elite in Turkey and some of it’s population that worship the genocidal Young Turks of yesteryear. All Zionists have to do is cloak their dirty cause in whatever religion it wants to. The idiots in ALL these religions join up and think it’s OK to slaughter and oppress people, economically politically and socially, while believing they are on the side of God.

Zionist Turkey, Zionist  Britain, Zionist US and Zionist Israel are all the same thing. If some Israelis, Turks or Kurds get killed so what? To these scumbags the ends justified the means. See Jassim Al-Azzawi’s fact of Mossad bombing Iraqi synagogues.

You will be very hard pressed to hear any condemnation of Israel by Turkey. Instead you will hear Turkish references to Israel interlaced with generous helpings of wolds like “friend”, “partner” and “Ally”.

In the Inside Iraq program, there are many gems of cheerleading Israeli lies.  I’ll only write a few here, but I must say, the slippery pro-Israel Gissin, in a program about Israeli actions in North Iraq tried constantly to talk about Iran and Syria instead. What a surprize. To see of utter lobbox spoken, please watch his pantomime performance.

Zionist propagandist Raanan Gissin

 Raanan Gissin (Propaganda expert, picture above) [777s]: “Israel like any other country in the world is engaged in gaining intelligence information particularly in areas that are critical to its security and its survival and to the survival to the rest of the middle east, so I’m not, I don’t know about specific operations that we conduct but I can assure you, we don’t conduct any subversive activities, we don’t support terrorist activity like the Iranians do.

Propaganda schmuck Raanan Gissin again [852s]: “We are not involved in Iraq in any way that Iran is involved that Syria is involved. We do respect and support the integrity of Iraq...”

Jassim Al-Azzawi (presenter of Inside Iraq) [811s] :  “Israel conducted operation(s) in Iraq and Egypt in the 50’s, to the extent that Israeli Mossad bombed synagogues in Iraq, that ended in killing Iraqi Jews. You cannot deny that Israel will go to the end of the word in order to achieve its goals.

From what I see, the Kurds are relatively innocent grabbing onto whatever thug they think can opportunely protect them at any one particular time, understandable to some degree.

Well done Fereydun Hilmi for reporting and confirming the physical presence of Israeli by his own eyes, in addition to the numerous historical will-wishing operations of Israeli’s in the past as well as modern reports of their presence by Seymour Hersh {By the way there were reports of an Israeli presence there long before Mr. Hersh reported it recently. Reports could be found on But like so many other things, people only believe it when a mainstream source says it, illustrating the danger and the manipulation the mainstream media has. The capitulating media is the most dangerous thing to liberty. Thankfully Al Jazeera isn’t so willing to follow (and yes, it does have its faults). 

UPDATE: 16th Nov 07. Just found this:

Iraqi Turkmen, Kurds, Turks and Israelis [3] (Tuesday, November 13, 2007)
Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I expect that the ongoing Kurdish (Mossad) assassinations of Iraqi Turkmen will soon escalate into massacres, which will be used as a pretext by the Doenmeh Jews of Turkey to invade Iraq through to the oil fields of Kirkuk so as to rescue their Turkish “brothers” from the Kurds. This is a set up by World Jewry on all sides.and this…

Zionist Media finally admits: US is running death squads in Iraq [4]




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