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Anniversary of the ICJ’s ruling on the illegality of Israel’s Wall

Anniversary of the ICJ’s ruling on the illegality of Israel’s Wall

July 9, 2009 marks the five year anniversary of the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) historic ruling on Israel’s Wall, in which the Court found both the Wall and Israeli settlements to be illegal under international law. Five years later, Israel continues to construct its Wall in contravention of the Court’s ruling, and in direct violation of international law.

“The international community has signaled its intention to play a more active and constructive role in facilitating an end to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and forging a broader Middle East peace,” Dr Erakat said.

“The strength of its involvement resides in the overwhelming international consensus that exists today in support of the two-state solution and a just and lasting peace. The test of its resolve lay in the international community’s willingness to play the role of an even-handed broker.”

“The Wall is not a security measure. Rather, it is a serious breach of international law, and a violation of basic Palestinian rights. The ICJ ruling provides the international community with a clear opportunity to act as an honest and even handed broker, whose commitment to peace ought to coincide with its commitment to upholding the very laws that protect the rights of all states and peoples.”

“Despite the findings of the ICJ, Israel continues to confiscate Palestinian land and continues to build the Wall. The Wall reinforces Israel’s ring of settlements and roads surrounding occupied East Jerusalem, sealing the city off from the rest of the West Bank. Without East Jerusalem as its capital, there can be no viable Palestinian state.”   

“A just and lasting peace must be based on respect for international law and the protection of fundamental rights. As long as Israel is allowed to act as a State above the law, peace will remain illusive.”

“Palestinians remain committed to a negotiated settlement based on international law and UN resolutions, not on facts Israel creates on the ground. For credibility to be restored to the peace process, Israel must fulfill its obligations under existing agreements. This includes a comprehensive and immediate settlement freeze, including all ‘natural growth’ and the construction of Israel’s Wall.”

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P.S. Personally I don’t believe in a two state solution. I believe in a one state solution – a solution where ALL thefts are returned, reparations made, ALL refugees returned, criminal trials for the mudering Zionst scum, a Judaic purge of Zionism (inc. Talmudic distortions and Zohar Cabalism + any black magic, like Golems of Prague etc) to restore Judaism to its former glory. That’s my solution. The solution of justice.

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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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