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MArk Dice and the advanced ‘notification’ of false-flag attacks

I don’t think people would want a false flag at the US Superbowl, in any sense other than perhaps for a tiny ‘channel of thought’ which would allow them to say “See? I was right” should a horrific event actually transpire. I think most ‘conspiracy researchers’ would breathe a sigh of belief that innocent people weren’t killed – coupled with a wee touch of realisation/embarrassment that their warning were incorrect.

But Mark has a very valid point…. There are many conspiracies – without doubt, but NOT EVERYTHING is a conspiracy, and  some of the ‘exposed clues’ are highly convoluted or plainly totally ridiculous. As an example, Google: Parravicini prophecies 2012 London Olympics. You might get something like this coming up. Benjamin Solari Parravicini’s drawings SHOWED there WOULD BE an attack on the London 2012 Olympics. Now that I mention it, The Clash (UK pop band) song “London Calling” etc was the same, as did some manga cartoon – where violence and destruction are never witnessed (!) are they.

It was all rubbish.

I am increasingly annoyed at people who promote things then something that fits their ‘world view’, e.g. Gold bugs predicting $5,000 per troy ounce (31.105g) when it hit a spot price of almost $2,000/oz, but they strangely failed to comment on it’s long decline (relative to fictional debt based fiat) when it lost almost $800 to $1,200 despite massive fiat money printing by the US Federal Reserve. [Actually Gold bugs started saying the same thing when little peaks occured on its general way down!].

If we promote something we like, is it honest to keep silent when things spin off in the opposite direction?

It’s something I’ve seen ‘conspiracy researchers’ fall foul of, and early on, I probably was a bit like this too. But I’ve learned to be a bit more sensible (still learning). But I ALWAYS keep in my mind there could be something in the false-falg claims. But peoples flawed analysis/interpretation/explanations are often too weak to be believed – e.g. actors at the Boston bombings, nobody was really injured – the ‘explosion’ was a fake. 

I won’t nod in agreement with Dice that occult(hidden) information isn’t transmitted via TV programs, music and movies – Dice himself exposes ever growing satanic sexing-up performances in Music videos and the like. Vigilent Citizen exposes a lot of this too and also in the movies, but isn’t it more sensible to appreciate most it will be people contemporary commentaries of what the world is today and where it could be happening, as well as deliberately dumping conspiratorial elements into it to try and make a fast buck (US dollar) as that awful ‘Angels and Demons’ movie. I cringed. I am pretty sure there will be some people doing this – and that there are Luciferians in on the scene etc, however, not every reference to something bad in mainstream media/entertainment will be the posessors of the occult laughing in front of your face.

Conspiracy researchers also need to tolerate difference of opinion.


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