Reasons the conspiracy continues

Lets cut to the chase.

The police FORCE are the primary line of defense for those of greater power/money/influence in society including of course those that operate on the global scale that in many ways causes harm to ordinary people. This is why the police are ALLOWED to abuse their powers because you cannot rely on a force to protect you if you were to hold them to the same standard of the public – the very group you feel you need the police to control as you go about your self rewarding privileged lifestyle without any significant opposition.

You scratch my back (let me do shady things) Mr. policeman and I’ll scratch you back (allow you to feel some of the entitlement and superiority complex enabling you to abuse your powers too). Such a relationships are as old as they get.

This gross abuse of police power is making more and more ordinary people extremely angry and ever more hateful of the police. This of course is pocked up upon by those who believe the greater anger poses a greater risk to their elevated status and so grant police more laws to maintain that protective layer which simple will escalate the whole dynamic, further distancing the police from the people they are supposed to protect.

I urge you to clue yourself up on the appalling situation of policing in the UK before it’s too late.

Some footage by Subject Access (media) of he vigil at Clapham Common for Sarah Everard disrupted by the police:

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