Israyhell and its modus operandi towards completion of its theological objective

It’s this WARPED sense of entertaining Israyhell that is ALWAYS the problem, and as always, it’s the Palestinians that suffer.

Actually when Israyhell decided to BYAC (bomb yet another country) and KYMIP (kill yet more innocent people) – I was reading many reports about what was happening. It was pretty clear then that elements of the Lebanese… govt were in collaboration with Israyhell. One such confirming report wrote of a senior member of the Lebanese army partaking in drinking a pleasent coffee with a commander of the Zionist forces who had crossed into Lebanese terroritory!

I also remember the reports of the soldiers [sic] in the army of Zion experiencing mass panic when their invasion force came under a crushing attack at (I think) the turning point of the attack.
But because these sources of information wasn’t on the pro-Israyhell BBC or CNN, few people accepted it.


I want to read that article again and again and again…

I spotted what I considered to be a serious flaw in the story of the Lebanese army attack on the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp shortly after the Israyhelli invasion failed. This, the article above, and the obnoxious beast Hitlery Clinton’s recent Asian tour where she was pumping out the most ridiculous line that Hezbollah=Iran=Hamas=Egyptian brotherhood=Al Qaida (the fools-lie that I think some may have fallen for) as well as the killing of Rafik Hariri {Clue: Israyhell did it with a precision guided bomb} all have the same signature behind it.

It’s usually at this stage where people kick their donkey brains and say something like so you are pro-Shiaa then or some other similar idiotic statement.

I don’t have to like any of the bipolar ‘sides’ that define the limits of your imagination to see the lies and propaganda of one particularly nasty side and I know damn well it’s the same hand that’s pulling both sides which you can’t see beyond.

That aint no damn car bomb – Rafik Hariri

1 Response to “Israyhell and its modus operandi towards completion of its theological objective”

  1. 1 Omar Zaid, M.D. January 9, 2011 at 4:35 am


    Thank you kindly for the link. I trust we somehow will serve the truth together.


    Dr. Omar Zaid, M.D.

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